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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Pennsylvania

Building a custom home in Pennsylvania can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t have the right builder on your team. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing who to trust with your new home in this roundup of 10 amazing custom home builders in Pennsylvania.
Building a custom home in Pennsylvania can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t have the right builder on your team. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing who to trust with your new home in this roundup of 10 amazing custom home builders in Pennsylvania.

Are you struggling to find your dream home in the Pennsylvania market? Your best option might be to build it yourself!

Deciding to build is a major undertaking, starting with choosing the right location. You can either purchase land for your home or move a home from its land and use it for yourself. The cost of each of these can vary greatly should be included in your custom home budget.

Undeveloped acreage in Pennsylvania costs about $6,500 per acre on average. This cost can vary by area, and will be even higher if the land has structures on it.

If you already own a home or purchase land with a home on it, you can use the land by removing the existing home from the land. A complete demolition is about $18,000, but can be as high as $25,000 depending on the project. However, getting rid of your home means you’re basically starting from zero and are $18,000 in the hole before you start building.

You could also transport your home, but this can cost as much as $100,000. Some homeowners will sell the home for $1 with the agreement that the buyer will pay for relocation costs. This saves you from having to pay to demolish the home AND it gives you access to the land for your new custom home.

You’ve got plenty of options to consider, and no matter which approach you take, it’s prudent to partner with an experienced local real estate agent who can walk you through the process, help you set the right expectations, and even help you find the right location for your home. Even better, your agent can help you find local contractors and builders that best reflect your unique goals and budget.

Start your custom home journey by exploring these 10 best custom home builders in Pennsylvania that can help you become house proud:

1. Farinelli Construction, Inc.

With 30 years of experience in home building, family-owned Farinelli Construction, Inc. has a gift for making home dreams come true. They’ve created a powerful suite of services that handle every aspect of the home building process at large, including interior design, pool house design and construction, and green building techniques.

Clients rave about the ease and frequency of communication, dedication to the project timeline and budget, and attention to even the smallest details. Simply put, they’re the total package when it comes to custom Pennsylvania homes.

2. Keystone Custom Homes

Keystone Custom Homes has several offices throughout Pennsylvania, including York, Lancaster, and Manchester. They’re one of the largest custom home building companies in the state with a reputation to match. They’ve been ranked as one of the 100 best home builders in the country by Builder Magazine and offer everything from lot-finding services to kitchen design to guidance on financing options.

3. Green Robin Homes

Green Robin Homes is green in every sense of the word. They’re one of the top choices in Pennsylvania for an eco-friendly home, from energy-efficient windows, doors, and appliances to green building materials and even the construction process at large. The end result isn’t a home you can be proud of, but also a home that can give you peace of mind that it’s safe, environmentally friendly, and less expensive to use and maintain.

4. McKee Builders

McKee Builders has earned its name in Pennsylvania as the go-to builder for custom homes in active adult communities. Their custom homes can accommodate any lifestyle, from handicap accessibility to gourmet kitchens to maintenance-free fixtures and amenities. They also specialize in add-ons, such as luxury courtyards, garages, and other features.

5. Mancini Design Build LLC

You won’t find better craftsmanship than what Mancini Design Build LLC provides. Clients love having a dedicated design-builder that sees to their every wish and need from start to finish, so there’s zero gap in communication. The quality of their work speaks for itself, from custom brick or block work to all the fine details that make your home special.

6. Metzler Home Builders

One of the most tenured home builders in the Lancaster area, Metzler Home Builders has been filling the community with quality homes since 1953. They take a truly custom approach that builds your home from the ground up so that every detail is as unique as you are.

7. Worthington & Shagen Custom Builder, Inc.

Now in its fourth generation of home builders, this family-oriented business has a list of accolades and awards about as long as its history. Worthington & Shagen Custom Builder, Inc. is big on tradition, which is why they’re meticulous about details and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. They’re well-versed in many home styles, from historic farmhouses to European-style chateaus, so you can rest assured they’ll help you design a home that suits your tastes.

8. Costa Homebuilders

Pittsburgh-based Costa Homebuilders has been ranked as the #1 luxury home builder on Houzz, and for good reason. Their homes are simply breathtaking, but their secret lies in the process. They work with you at every step, from choosing a lot to designing your dream home. They’ve partnered with the best contractors and subcontractors in the area to ensure you get nothing but perfection in your new home.

9. Porter Construction

Porter Construction has more than 20 years of experience building custom homes in Pennsylvania. They’ve made remarkable remodels to some of the area’s historic homes and properties, and also provide fully custom homes from the ground up. They excel in cost control and helping your home project to stay on track and budget.

10. Earl Weaver Contractors LLC

If you’re looking for the best combination of custom and excellence, Earl Weaver Contractors LLC is an ideal choice. When they say custom, they truly mean it, giving you as much input as you need to leave your signature on the final product. They make the process easy for the buyer by taking out much of the guesswork and helping you get exactly what you want without compromise.

How a Clever Partner Agent Can Help

The first step in building your custom dream home is to partner with a reliable local real estate agent that can help you explore financing options, sell your existing house, and find the best new location to call home.

Clever Partner Agents are full-service real estate agents that can help you save money on your home sale. Our Partner Agents work for a reduced commission of just 1%, so that you can maximize your profits and have more to put toward your new custom home.

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