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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Oklahoma City

Finding the best custom home builders in Oklahoma City is no easy feat. There are dozens of highly rated home builders but it's hard to know which is the best to help build your new home and even renovate your current one. Use our guide to find one who prioritizes your needs.

Finding the best custom home builders in Oklahoma City is no easy feat. There are dozens of highly rated home builders but it's hard to know which is the best to help build your new home and even renovate your current one. Use our guide to find one who prioritizes your needs.

Ranked by U.S. News as one of the most affordable places to live in the U.S., building a custom home in Oklahoma City is within reach for most middle-class Americans. With the wide variety of custom home builders in Oklahoma City, finding the right one to help you build your dream home is a challenge. Before you start listing your current home, you need to find a builder who can help you.

Here are the 10 best custom home builders in Oklahoma City to ensure that once you've sold your current home, you're ready to move into the home you've always wanted.

1. J.W. Mashburn Homes

For nearly 60 years, J.W. Mashburn Homes has been creating affordable homes suited to the needs of their customers. They aim to make things affordable while custom-fitting homes to the requirements of homeowners.

They have roots deeply planted in the Oklahoma City region like few other home builders. Now in their second generation of home building, this family-owned business is committed to trust, strong communication, and teamwork and it shows. They've been recognized with awards again and again for their work.

A Central Oklahoma Home Builder of the Year award-winning company, J.W. Mashburn has become well-known because they put their customers first.

2. SWM & Sons Custom Homes

Since 1982, the Malaske family has been working to ensure that unique Oklahoma City residents have homes that reflect their style. With access to great designers like Robert Fillmore and Bill Perry, they can turn your ideas into viable plans. If you've worked to have your own plans drafted, they're happy to work with them as well.

They even have an interior decorator to ensure that the interior of your home looks as good as the exterior. Because of their experience creating light commercial buildings, they can construct any hybrid that you can imagine.

Expect quality craftsmanship with you call up SMW & Sons Custom Homes.

3. Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes

When you're looking for a luxury home builder, you're going to want to find a company that has won awards that you can verify. Christopher Lee & Company has won the Best of Houzz awards nine times and counting, putting them near the top of all of the home builders in Oklahoma City.

The reason that they come so highly recommended is that they pay attention to their customers and listen to every detail that comes up in the initial design conversation. They work hard to prepare plans that exceed the expectations of even the most fickle customers.

Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes is dedicated to ensuring that their customers are always within their budget. To ensure affordability isn't an issue, work with them to help remodel your current home before you jump into your next one.

4. Silver Stone Homes

Silver Stone Homes is like very few other custom home builders in the OKC area. Not only do you get fine exterior craftsmanship, but you also get cabinets created by some of the best joiners around.

They'll work with you to make sure that the design that you're putting together fits what your family is looking for. Rather than ending up with a home riddled with compromises, your home is going to be built perfectly because of the time and attention Silver Stone's staff puts into it.

Silver Stone Homes isn't just about constructing houses. They want to help you build a community, which is why they'll let you know information about the region and local schools before you build. This can guide your decision-making before you choose a plot.

5. Landmark Fine Homes

Landmark Fine Homes is one of the few custom builders that has invested in plots of land all throughout the Oklahoma City region. Because they're so heavily invested in the metro area, they can direct you to a plot of land and recommend a home type that's suited to that space.

They were named America's Best Builder in 2012 by Builder Magazine because they work so hard to please their customers. They create projects from planned neighborhoods to elder communities and commercial properties.

No matter what you're looking for, Landmark Fine Homes can help you meet your goals. =

6. UBuildIt

While some build and design firms take the lead on a project, that doesn't work for every custom homeowner. Some homeowners want to be able to work on the project because not only do they know what they're doing, but they know that they might be one of the best people for the job.

You can be a general contractor when you work with UBuildIt. You'll save on costs when you get to follow instructions to get the job done. You'll have the chance to feel connected to your home in a unique way and even get instant equity in your home.

You can create everything from a log home to a multigenerational modern home with the guidance of UBuildIt.

7. Garrett Maples Homes

One of Oklahoma City's leading home builders, Garrett Maples Homes aims to make your dream home into a real home that you can spend your days in. For more than 15 years, they've been building homes from the ground up in the region with no sign of slowing down.

Garrett Maples Homes also has the talent and expertise to perform upgrades and remodeling work, vital to homeowners who need to sell before buying their next home. They'll even work to create additions that help sell your old home and get you into your dream home.

8. Jeff Click Design Build

For over 20 years, Jeff Click has been a custom home builder in Oklahoma City who works hard to combine style and innovation. Design matters to Jeff Click, but it doesn't mean that homes should be priced out of reach or fail to feel cozy and comfortable.

Jeff Click Design Build creates homes with award-winning landscaping because your feeling about your home begins as soon as you step foot on your property. They've even won awards for COHBA Builder of the Year because of their innovation and creative design.

Because they're not afraid to be unique, don't be afraid to bring them a design based on your wildest dreams.

9. Terry Covey Custom Homes LLC

By working in the Oklahoma region for more than 35 years, Terry Covey Custom Homes has become one of the most sought after designers around. The quality of their homes is based on the details that help make life easier.

They create energy-efficient homes by using green building techniques that emphasize quality over speed. The quality of the homes they build has won them awards from the National Association of Home Builders.

Terry Covey himself is an onsite builder who puts time into every home, whether it's from his own design or based on a custom design.

10. Sun Custom Homes

If you want an affordable custom home builder who has won Builder of the Year from the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association, look no further.

Sun Custom Homes has been working for more than 10 years on creating high-end designs that combine luxury with quality craftsmanship. They start by guiding their customer through the planning and budgeting process to ensure that no detail is left out. Once they have the details of the design, they work to finalize plans with designers while keeping clients in the loop.

Because of their focus on communication, they've quickly become one of the top rated builders in the area. It's no wonder they've also won Best of Houzz in 2015 and 2016.

So You've Found the Best Home Builders in Oklahoma City

After you've found the perfect home builders in Oklahoma City for your project, it's hard to know what to do next. Paying for your custom dream home is your next big challenge, for that, you're going to need an experienced local agent who knows how to market your home and ensure a fast sale.

Contact us today to be paired with a Clever Partner Agent who knows your region well enough to sell your home quickly at the highest price possible to fund your new build.


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