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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Idaho

If you are looking to sell your home and build your dream home in Idaho these 10 custom home builders will deliver a home based on your specifications. Connect with an expert, local real estate agents to guide you through the process.

If you are looking to sell your home and build your dream home in Idaho these 10 custom home builders will deliver a home based on your specifications. Connect with an expert, local real estate agents to guide you through the process.

Everyone wants to live in their dream home and at one time or another have thought about what their perfect home would look like. Not everyone though has the opportunity to build a custom home exactly to their specifications, but in Idaho that can be your reality.

If you are dreaming of selling your current home, and moving into a custom build there are few better places than Idaho. It is a quickly growing real estate market and state economy. However, the median home price there is still only $265,000, according to May data from Zillow.

In upscale Coeur d'Alene a high end custom home can still be built for as low as $300,000 and throughout the state, many custom homes can be purchased for as low as $100,000. This makes a custom designed home attainable for many in Idaho.

Keep in mind a custom home is a big undertaking. For many, it may be best to look for an existing home, or rather explore homes that can be expanded or even demoed and rebuilt to custom specifications. Demolitions can cost as little as $9,000 and range up to $20,000, so keep that cost in mind if you decide to go that route.

Contacting an expert, local real estate agent should be your first step if you want to begin exploring a custom home in Idaho. They will best be able to help you find a location that fits your needs and help you evaluate whether purchasing vacant land or a tear down is right for you.

If you do find a great Idaho location there is no shortage of excellent home builders. Many of those listed below are known for building completely custom, luxury homes or something more modest that fits to your exact specifications. Your Idaho real estate agent should be able to help guide you to which of these can best fulfill your needs.

1. Solitude Homes

This Boise based company works throughout the state and works to help you find a location across Idaho that fits your needs and lifestyles. They work with you to customize your floor plan to fit your needs or help you find one of their existing custom-built homes that works for you. Additionally, they will build each home and allow you to purchase it from them just like an existing home sale.

2. Innovative Custom Homes

This woman-owned company is known for expert craftsmanship and a willingness to take on truly custom projects. Not only do they do custom homes to fit your specifications, but they have done unique work restoring and working with historical and unique homes across Idaho.

3. Brighton Homes

Brighton mostly builds in Boise and the surrounding metropolitan area but has done extensive work there over the last 25 years. Their homes tend to be truly customized with a focus on energy efficiency and modern amenities and appliances.

4. Monarch Custom Homes

Many of the luxury homes built in Coeur d'Alene and the surrounding areas are built by Monarch. They do custom detailed work with unique designs and materials that fit the aesthetics of Northern Idaho.

5. Fall Creek Homes

Eastern Idaho is served by this third generation home builder based in Idaho Falls. They're known for custom work that fits your specification and strives to come in on budget and on time. Fall Creek Homes has done over 1000 homes in the last ten years and has earned awards for their custom work.

6. Rosenberger Construction

After 35 years in the custom home building industry, this family-owned company has gained a reputation as having built some of the most beautiful homes in Northern Idaho. Their work truly blends the outdoor custom look many of their clients want with up to date modern amenities.

7. Gardner Homes

Gardner Homes provides custom plans or allows you to choose a home from among their several master planned communities. Additionally, they have many different existing custom build templates and are known for excellent craftsmanship and efficient design.

8. Waltman Homes

This husband and wife run company builds modern homes based on traditional designs. They work closely with customers early on in the design process and guide them through selecting building materials and the specific designs they want to see.

9. TKO Homes

Based in Twin Falls, this Southern Idaho custom home builder provides many different options for customers. TKO has existing custom homes available or is ready to work with you to put together a home that fits perfectly for your family.

10. Canyon Crest Homes

This company has earned their reputation through not just delivering quality custom products, but through customer service. They'll come back and make any changes or update any features you want addressed. After 30 years in business, they still maintain this reputation.

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