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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Gilbert, AZ

Finding the best home builders in Gilbert, AZ is hard for most homeowners as it's something you only look up once. Finding the right one is vital to moving into the home of your dreams. Make the wrong choice and you risk making the effort of selling your home and building a new one a waste of time.

Finding the best home builders in Gilbert, AZ is hard for most homeowners as it's something you only look up once. Finding the right one is vital to moving into the home of your dreams. Make the wrong choice and you risk making the effort of selling your home and building a new one a waste of time.

When you're looking to build a custom home in Gilbert AZ, you can find a few acres at a time for under $100,000, but with developers paying millions for just over 20 acres, land can be pricey. With land costs amounting to about a third of the cost of a home, the money that you spend on land will clue you into how much your custom home will cost you.

Expect to pay around $400 per square foot for your new custom home, including labor, materials, and design costs. If you're selling your current home with an experienced local realtor, ask if they can help you find land or a property you could demolish. With their help, you'll find a property that can lay the foundation of the type of home that you're looking to build.

Once you've found the perfect spot, check out the top 10 custom home builders in Gilbert who can help you build your dream home.

1. Bellago Homes

If you're looking for a custom home builder who is going to pour their focus into your project, look no further. Bellago Homes brags that they work on just one home at a time in the Gilbert region.

Owner Wayne Funk takes a hands-on approach to what he does. While they're located mainly in Phoenix, they've been serving Gilbert for years. They create communities in Arizona with subdivisions ranging from 1,300 to more than 2,000 square feet of livable space.

This Energy Star Certified builder takes painstaking efforts to inspect their homes to seek out maximum energy efficiency.

2. Reef Builders

For a full-service design-build firm that also has the skills to handle remodeling, Reef Builders is the smart choice. They can take a fixer-upper or a frame and turn it into a custom home. If you'd prefer to build your home from the ground up, you can expect artistic design that meets high-quality craftsmanship standards.

Reef Builders is committed to good communication with their clients to ensure that they deliver exactly what's in the heads of homeowners.

Reef will build anything from a barn or a carport to your dream home. They've won multiple awards from Houzz for their work in the Phoenix and Gilbert areas.

3. Nu Wavz Homes

Nu Wavz Homes LLC is a business that's been family-owned and operated for more than 15 years. The owners have been in construction and design for more than 30 years and have the knowledge to handle any custom home job you can come up with.

They can help you with everything from demolition to site preparation and the planning of your custom home. They serve the region with experience and knowledge to help solve any challenges along the way.

If you need a hand to hold through the process, Nu Wavz is happy to help walk you through the process at your own pace.

4. Desert Star Homes

Desert Star Homes is a company that offers more than 40 years of building experience. They can help you to design and build your home to completion or even just brainstorm an expansion.

They have access to many of the best architects in the valley and can ensure that you get the design that you're looking for built to your demands. They value craftsmanship and aim to be the premier custom home builder in Arizona with the help of their knowledgeable and talented staff.

Even if you just need some remodeling or renovation done in advance of selling your current home, they can help you to get started. Building a relationship with a custom home builder like Desert Star Homes is vital to ensuring you end up in the home that you've been wanting to build.

5. Arizona Elite Builders

One of the great things about working with a company like Arizona Elite Builders is that you get to work with people who really love what they do. With decades of combined construction experience, they work with people who they've built trusting relationships with over the course of their years together.

Because they've built these longstanding relationships, they offer the best in construction and design at a reasonable price. Arizona Elite Builders provide attention to detail in everything from attic conversions to energy-efficiency work to designing and building from the ground up.

If you're listing your current home, any listing agent worth their salt would recommend you make small repairs to important areas like your roof and the exterior. They can help with that as well.

6. Temac Development

Temac Development has the skills to wow their clients whether they're working on a big commercial project or on your custom home building project.

They've been building in the valley since 2003 and are well-known for working hard and delivering jobs quickly. They work on everything from unique designs to complex and interesting commercial complexes. The staff at Termac Development knows that no two projects are alike and perfectly predictable, so they work to give every project the attention it needs.

They don't believe in generic frames or cookie cutter fabrications. They aim to deliver custom additions, extensions, remodeling, and fully customized homes.

7. Stonecreek Building Company

Stonecreek is one of the most prolific builders in the Southwest. Since 1993, Joe Costello has been directing the family business, already 25 years into the industry, in creating custom projects for homeowners.

Before forming the company, he worked on multi-million dollar projects all across the region. Now working hard to build custom homes in Gilbert, Stonecreek's team solves all kinds of challenges by working with the best architectural firms around. They build one of a kind projects that have ended up winning awards from the American Institute of Architects.

Whether you're looking for something that extends a home or a fully customized energy-efficient house, Stonecreek Building Company has the skills to get the job done.

8. Halo Development, Inc.

Halo has become one of the preeminent custom builders in the Phoenix Valley. They're focused on customer service and providing high-end custom homes to people throughout the region and in Gilbert especially.

They take pride in putting their name on the custom homes that they build. While there are several projects underway at any given point, they work hard to give time and attention to each client. What Halo Developers offers better than many other custom home builders comes through in their customer service.

Halo Development works hard to answer every question and concern that clients have before their shovels hit the dirt. This ensures that they win over the trust of their clients and has led to the strong reputation that they've built. They can handle projects from extensions to porch design and to complete design and construction of custom homes.

9. Fulton Homes

There are few family-owned home builders in Arizona that have done as much work as Fulton homes in the last four decades. They've created 25,000 homes in this period and now have a massive design center that helps home buyers personalize their homes in the style of their choice.

If you're looking for an energy-efficient home that's custom built to your specifications, look no further than Fulton Homes. Their Gibson, AZ projects use sustainable designs and building techniques that help them to stand out from other builders in the region. They've been named by the EPA as an Indoor airPLUS leader four consecutive times and have even been called Energy Star's Partner of the Year.

10. Tils Construction

After 10 years of experience in the industry, Mark Skousen and his company Tils Construction has only gotten better at delivering superior customer experience. They aim to meet the expectations of custom home buyers by listening to customers and exceeding their goals.

They serve all over the valley, have created custom homes, and designed projects all over Gilbert. They can help you create the home of your dreams from start to finish.

After You Find the Right Custom Home Builder in Gilbert, AZ

Finding the right home builder is only part of the process of getting into the home you've always wanted to move to in Gilbert. Most custom home buyers will need to sell their current home to help finance their new one. If this is the case, you need help from an experienced local agent to get the ball rolling.

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