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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Connecticut

Building a brand new home is a huge commitment that takes a substantial amount of planning. Before jumping into such a sizable investment, it's important to examine all the costs and find an experienced home builder. In this article, we'll let you in on ten of the best home builders in Connecticut.

Building a brand new home is a huge commitment that takes a substantial amount of planning. Before jumping into such a sizable investment, it's important to examine all the costs and find an experienced home builder. In this article, we'll let you in on ten of the best home builders in Connecticut.

While most home buyers are in the market for a pre-owned or newly constructed house, some would-be and current homeowners are in search of something a bit more unique — a home with some pizzazz. For home buyers who want a house that truly reflects their taste and personality, building a custom home can be a fantastic decision.

On average, building a home costs about $480,000, which is significantly more than buying a pre-existing home. This cost is divided into site work, foundations, home framing, exterior finishes, major systems (plumbing, electric, etc.), interior finishes, finishing touches, and the sales price. Yes, you read that right: after your home is built, you'll still need to buy it from the building company. This is the largest expense associated with custom built homes and accounts for approximately 40% of the building costs.

However, it's important to note that these expenses do not include the cost of the land you'll be building your home on. Just like home prices, the amount you'll pay for a plot of land will vary greatly: in some cases you'll be able to find land for as low as $10,000, but prices can exceed $1 million. It's also possible to purchase an existing home with the intention of demolishing it, but you'll need to budget for an additional $14,250 at the very least for the demolition.

As you can tell, building a home is a big decision that requires a lot of planning. Before moving forward with a custom build, it's important to get in touch with an experienced real estate agent who can clearly outline the process, help you sell your current home, and find you great deals on land lots and demolition properties. They'll even be able to utilize their professional networks to help you find expert contractors to aid in your home's construction.

If you're dead set on building the home of your dreams from the ground up, then you'll need to work with a suitable home builder. To help make your life easier, we've made a list of the ten best home builders in Connecticut.

The Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Connecticut

BPC Green Builders

Looking for an eco-friendly home? BPC Green Builders is a four-time winner of the National Housing Innovation Award. They strive to construct beautiful Zero Energy Ready Homes that can easily be converted into Net Zero Energy homes with the addition of solar panels.

Tallman Segerson Builders

If you're looking to live in luxury, Tallman Segerson Builders may be right for you. Specializing in high-end custom homes, the Fairfield-based building company has been constructing beautiful homes for over 40 years. The company provides clients with 24/7 access to a software platform that provides detailed information regarding the current project, as well as a 5 year warranty on all their homes.

Brom Builders, Inc.

If Tallman Segerson is a bit too posh for you, then it may be worthwhile to look into Brom Builders, Inc. This company caters to clients in search of houses that are a bit more modest, although they can carry out luxury builds as well. While higher-end builders tend to only build a few homes per year, Brom Builders, Inc. is a high-volume business and even allows visitors to their site to find homes built by Brom Builders, Inc. in their area.

Milton Development

Based out of Fairfield, Milton Development specializes in building chic, modern homes. Their striking designs exude class and elegance. Creating eye-catching interiors is perhaps the company's strongest point, as the living spaces they construct are a perfect union of art and functionality.

Bluewater Home Builders, LLC

Bluewater Home Builders prides itself on its ability to design and construct luxury homes on a strict timeline and with superior customer service. The company has a fully-referenceable customer base and has collected over 40 HOBI awards throughout the years. If you're looking for a home builder that can create magnificent homes on time and on a budget, Bluewater Home Builders, LLC should be on your shortlist.

LMT Custom Homes LLC

Whether you're looking for a luxury home or an eco-friendly home, LMT Custom Homes LLC has you covered. The company combines classic craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to offer you a home that is truly the best of both worlds. Home buyers that opt for a home with green features will be pleased to find energy-efficient windows, Energy Star, and fiberglass insulation options.

The Corbo Group

With decades of home building experience behind them, The Corbo Group prides itself on a fully collaborative approach to home construction: customers work closely with the Corbo family to design a house that is truly a dream come true. The contracting group prides itself on its ability to construct homes without overspending. They strive to create houses that enhance the areas around them, becoming veritable landmarks in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Hobbs, Inc.

Founded in 1954, Hobbs, Inc. is a family-owned home building company with over five decades of experience behind them. Hobbs, Inc. has a strong commitment to the safety of their subcontractors and workers that is simply not found among most home builders. The company has a dedicated estimating department, so you can rest assured that your quoted price will be fairly accurate.

Altamura Homes

With a focus on contemporary interior design, Altamura Homes will dazzle anyone that steps foot inside one of their homes. When working with this company, you can be sure you'll end up with a home that is up to date with the latest design trends and benefit from the support of a communicative team throughout the building process.

Pecora Brothers, Inc

Pecora Brothers, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years, creating high-quality custom homes and commercial properties. The company has built up a reputation for finishing its projects on time and on budget, which is an extremely important quality for any home building company. The interiors tend to be in a more traditional style, so if you're looking for time-tested elegance, Pecora Brothers, Inc. may fit the bill.

If you need to sell your current home before building a new one, working with a qualified real estate agent is invaluable. Clever Partner Agents can help you sell your home quickly and at a reduced price: only $3,000 or 1% of the closing price for homes that close over $350,000.

To get in touch with a qualified local real estate agent, simply fill out our form and we'll reach out to you shortly. You can use the proceeds from selling your previous home to fund your new build in Connecticut.


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