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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Columbia, SC

Finding the top custom home builders in Columbia, SC is easy with so many good candidates. However, if you're not sure how much you can afford, you also need an experienced local agent to work with you. With the help of both a builder and a realtor, you can create a budget for your dream home.

Finding the top custom home builders in Columbia, SC is easy with so many good candidates. However, if you're not sure how much you can afford, you also need an experienced local agent to work with you. With the help of both a builder and a realtor, you can create a budget for your dream home.

When you're looking to build your dream home in Columbia, South Carolina you're probably going to want to find custom home builders in your region. They'll ensure that your new home is built within budget and to the specifications that you want. With the help of an experienced local realtor, you can pay for your new custom home without going deep into debt.

Here are the top 10 custom home builders in Columbia, SC that you should check out.

1. Callaway Construction

When seeking out the top custom home builders in Columbia, SC, most people are going to look for a company that has talent as well as vision. While home buyers have a list of wants and needs for their next home, very few home buyers are up to the task of designing a floor plan on their own.

That's where the new home construction and universal design expertise of Callaway Construction comes in handy. Whether you're renovating your current home before you sell it or looking for someone to design and build a custom home, Callaway does it all.

They focus heavily on client communication to make sure that everyone they work with is well-informed and educated on the possibilities in front of them.

2. Southland Log Homes

Log homes are becoming a popular design selection for new home builds. Whether you're looking to do an all log cabin exterior or also want an interior to match, Southland has been building these custom homes for 40 years.

They sell log cabin kits or can help you design one from scratch. Having a company in your corner who wants to help you make your dreams come true is vital to custom home buildings. That's why they were given the NAHB Excellence in Home Design award.

3. Circle H Builders

For years, Circle H Builders have been creating custom homes throughout the Carolinas. It takes knowledge of communities and an understanding of the country settings that homeowners in the area love to build as many homes that have. Owners Randy and Deborah Humphries are committed to building dream homes for their clients.

Each home reflects the tastes of their clients and the builders learn home buyers' preferences through a process of interviews and meetings. Before the pen hits the paper, they learn about clients' personalities and ideas. Circle H Builders are open to discussing custom homes of any budget because they've built a seasoned understanding of materials and project scheduling.

Their network of expert craft and trade partners in the region helps to ensure that every detail of your new home is going to be exact to client specifications.

4. Blythe Building Company

Blythe Building Company specializes not in just custom homes but also energy-efficient homes. They specialize in building homes that are perfect for homeowners who want to lower their carbon footprint.

They start with classic designs and the finest materials to create the foundation of each home. They also spend time talking to their clients to ensure that the work they do is customized to the specific needs of each client. They've built a network of the best crafting and design professionals to handle all of your unique needs.

Blythe Building Company operates all throughout Richland County and the region surrounding Columbia.

5. Vesta Builders, Inc.

Joe and Tammy Jur, owners of Vesta Builders for the last 20 years, have worked hard to build a reputation for creating high-quality custom homes. They're regarded highly by both their peers and their clients for the kind of services they provide.

Vesta Builders creates new custom homes based on the specifications of each client. They see their client relationships as more than just simple transactions. In their own words, they're “not just building a home, [they're] building a partnership that lasts a lifetime.”

They operate in Cayce, Gaston, Gilbert, Lexington, Pineridge, South Congaree, Springdale, West Columbia, Hopkins, Eastover, Forest Acres, Arcadia Lakes, Chapin, Pelton, and Swansea.

6. Craftsman Builders

Craftsman Builders' design-build houses create historically crafted houses that feel familiar, even if they're brand new. From the bedroom to the garage, their talent in restoration shines through even in new construction.

They rely on a network of suppliers and subcontractors that they've built over the course of many years in business. They're experienced in building multigenerational homes to help meet the needs of expanding and unique family structures.

If you need to sell your home, they can help you restore it or finish an extension that never got done. Craftsman Builders can remodel any room of your home to make it easier to sell and fund your new custom home.

7. J.C. Holston Construction, Co.

J.C. Holston began as a simple home improvement company in 1972. They specialized in small remodeling and construction projects. After a generation in the home building and restoration industry, J.C. Holston has expanded.

In the last 30 years, the network of contractors that they work with has created complete design and construction projects. J.C. Holston is a trusted name in Columbia's home building world because they only work with the best contractors in the industry.

Before you spend your savings on a new home building, sit down with a staffer for a free estimate on what it'll cost to build your new home. J.C. Holston knows that their clients might be making one of the biggest investments of their lives on a custom home. They don't take this lightly.

8. Celtic Works

Started by two Dubliners who expatriated from Ireland in 1994, Celtic Works's John and David brought something new to Columbia's home building scene. Their fine woodworking skills and construction knowledge helped them to offer bespoke quality on a budget.

Rather than working with just large custom buildings that require massive budgets, Celtic Works takes on smaller projects with smaller budgets. They offer quality building no matter what the price of the project they're working on.

The company has now grown and expanded to take on major design-build projects, implement sustainable design, and ensure energy-efficient homes to clients. They even build spec homes based on their own designs to show off a few of their more impressive techniques to clients.

9. Dawol Homes

Dawol Homes offers more than just design and build services. They also allow home buyers to shop for house-and-lot packages that include the land that the home is going to be built on. Rather than having to seek out their own land and deal with what's underneath, Dawol knows how to offer their clients a good space with all of the essential considerations worked out.

If you're considering expanding your new custom home on a wide plot of land and including a barn or planning for extensions, Dawol can help you. They'll help you plan for a pool house or guesthouse that matches the design of your custom home.

Dawol Homes even specializes in unique builds for handicap-accessible design.

10. Sawgrass Builders

Sawgrass Builders is a new design-build company on the scene. They prioritize taking the time to get to know their clients and working with them to build homes that meet their exact needs.

They win their clients' trust by promising to oversee every element of the building process from the first pour to the final coat of paint on the trim. Sawgrass Builders is an exciting new company in the world of custom home builders in Columbia, SC.

After Choosing a Custom Home Builder in Columbia, SC

After you've picked out the custom home builder that works best for you, you'll need to sell your current home. Working with an experienced local agent can ensure that you sell quickly and at the asking price you need to fund your new custom home. Working with one of our Clever Partner Agents ensures that you'll get a full-service low-commission realtor who can save you thousands along the way.


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