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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Central Ohio

Are you looking to build your dream home but don't know where to start? Building a home is a lot of work and finding the right quality builder that fits your style can be tricky. To make it easy for you, we've done the research on builders. Here are the top 10 custom home builders in Central Ohio.

Are you looking to build your dream home but don't know where to start? Building a home is a lot of work and finding the right quality builder that fits your style can be tricky. To make it easy for you, we've done the research on builders. Here are the top 10 custom home builders in Central Ohio.

At one point or another, you might have thought about what it would be like to design your own custom home. This is often the ultimate dream for homeowners, because they get the chance to build a home with all of their design choices. There are a few ways you can go about building a home. One of the more popular options is to partner with a builder in an existing community — and you go from there. Some homeowners also choose to buy land and then custom build their home on the new land.

Whether you choose to buy land or start in a community, you're still getting the opportunity to design your home. However, it's important to note that they each have their own associated costs. Knowing these costs will help you be more prepared when it comes time for you to sell your current home.

Each builder offers their own unique twist, whether it be they build affordable and sustainable homes or their main selling point is grand and luxurious homes. If you decide to go with a builder's floor plans, keep in mind that there might be a price increase of $80,000-$100,000 if you decide to make upgrades on the base model. If you're deciding to design your own floor plan, you'll need to hire an architect to have your desired plans engineered properly. The national average cost to hire an architect is $4,666.

Another option is to buy an existing home and go through the demolition process in order to rebuild to your liking. For a house ranging from 1,000-1,999 square feet, you're looking at $4,000 - $15,000 for demolition and $40,000 - $175,000 to rebuild. For a house that is 3,000 square feet and up, it'll be about $12,000 - $45,000 for demolition and $120,000 - $525,000 to rebuild. For some, these costs can be the deciding factor on whether or not they choose this option.

For homeowners looking to partner with a custom builder, you want to do research and find a builder who has homes that fit your personality and lifestyle. Building a house is a big decision, and if you are looking to sell your current home to fund the build, you should connect with an experienced, local real estate agent who can walk you through the process.

To make it easy for you, we've listed the top 10 custom home builders in Central Ohio.

America's Home Place

America's Home Place has over 45 years of experience in custom home building and are one of the largest on-your-lot home builders in the nation and build homes all over Ohio. America's Home Place makes the building process as smooth as possible for their customers, which is why they stick to a structured pre-qualification and planning process.

Currently, they have over 150 floor plans that are available to customers all over Ohio. Each house is unique in its own way and will set you apart from your neighbors. They also give each potential homeowner the option to customize features of the house like square footage, expanding rooms, incorporating environmentally friendly building products, and more.

Taylor Homes

Taylor Homes is a builder that has been building quality brick homes for over 60 years. They build in many counties all across Ohio to make sure they can reach any potential homeowner. Taylor Homes also has an A+ rating with various Better Business Bureau offices, as well as hundreds of satisfied customers.

They take pride in offering new homes that are energy smart. ResNet Energy Smart qualified new Taylor homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. Currently, they have over 100 floor plans available, each with various customizable options. You also have the option to build with them in a community or build on land you've purchased.

Charis Homes

Only 1% of builders are currently meeting the strict building standards placed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Fortunately for you, Charis Homes is one of them. Charis Homes is a zero energy ready custom home builder dedicated to change the home building process. They build each home with the idea of reducing indoor pollution and creating a more environmentally friendly life for your family.

They currently have seven beautiful floor plans that are bound to take your breath away. Whether you're looking for your first home to start a family or you want to upgrade to something larger, they have the floor plan for you. If you're looking to further customize a floor plan, they give you the option to change anything in the plan to fit your needs.

VictoryGate Custom Homes

VictoryGate Custom Homes is a first-generation home builder that dedicates their time to building high-quality custom homes that are affordable and unique. They currently build in over 10 counties to help make as many dreams come true as possible. They also just broke ground on a new development they've created called “Rolling Green Estates.”

They have two main options to help narrow down your dream home; ranch style homes and two-story homes. Altogether, this gives you the option to customize 46 different floor plans. Each of their homes come built using local vendors and subcontractors and in the end, are green certified.

Diyanni Homes

Diyanni Homes is a custom home builder who makes it a point to make the building process all about the homeowner. They are continuously updated and making improvements to floor plans, products, technology, and more.

They currently have over 100 floor plans under various styles like ranch plans, multi-generational, and two-story. They also give homeowners the options to make customizations to existing plans as well as bring in their own designs. If you come to them and aren't sure what you're looking for, they provide a team of experts in design that can help you make a plan that works for you.

Hensley Homes

Hensley Homes is a custom home builder in Ohio with over 400 satisfied customers. Hensley homes is a member of the prestigious Builder 20 Club of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

They are building in eight communities and also give clients the option to build on lots they've bought themselves. They have over 10 styles of homes to choose from and under that is a long list of customizable options. Some of their most popular builds are multi-generational homes that are perfect for big families looking for a place to call home.

Schumacher Homes

Schumacher Homes by Paul Schumacher is one of the leading home builders in Ohio. They currently build in over 10 cities in Ohio and build in new developments or lots that homeowners purchase. They have over 100 floor plans ranging from smaller sizes around 1,000 square feet to larger homes with over 5,000 square feet.

Each floor plan has the ability to be fully customizable to meet each homeowners idea of their dream home. Their building process is really simple and can typically take, from start to finish, anywhere from four to nine months.

Ellis Custom Homes

Ellis Custom Homes has been building in Ohio for over 17 years. They understand how important customer communication is during the building process, which is why they've created a web-based communications program that provides their clients with 24/7 access to critical information about their home during construction.

They currently build in five communities and also give homeowners the option to build on a lot of their choice. All of their floor plans are unique and are bound to fit the style and personality of many different homeowners. If you'd rather design your own floor plan, they will help you every step of the way.

P&D Builders

P&D Builders has been perfecting the home building process for the last 57 years. Their goal is to provide unparalleled quality, character, and value that fulfill each homeowner's vision and dreams, without exceeding a budget.

They have built over 1,350 homes and aren't stopping anytime soon. Right now, their homes are being built in over six communities, including a brand new one in Delaware County, as well as lots that homeowners purchased themselves. Their clients have over 600 floor plans to choose from and each is fully customizable and built to be energy efficient.

Ruggiero Custom Homes

Mario and Joe Ruggiero of Ruggiero Custom Homes have been building and renovating homes since the 1980s. All of the homes they build combine the input of their clients with the expertise of their professional designers and their years of building experience.

Unlike most custom home builders, they don't have floor plans for you to select. Instead, they take you through every step of the design process to come up with a completely unique plan. After creating a sketch, that's when you have the option of choosing from any colors and materials that fit your style. Ruggiero Custom Homes gives you the ultimate custom home building experience.

Now that you have an idea of what your options are when building your Central Ohio home, you have decisions to make. If you are selling your current home to fund your new build, consider working with Clever to do so. Clever Partner Agents can not only help you sell quickly for the best possible price, they work for a significantly reduced rate, helping sellers save thousands on commission, which can then be reallocated towards your new build.


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