Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Austin

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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Austin

May 03, 2019 | by Reuven Shechter

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Are you looking to build your dream home but don’t know where to start? Building a home is a lot of work and finding the right quality builder that fits your style can be tricky. To make it easy for you, we’ve done the research on builders. Here are the top 10 custom home builders in Austin.

Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Austin

At one point or another, you have probably thought about what it’s like to build a custom home. This is the ultimate dream for many homeowners because you get the chance to design your dream home. There are a few ways you can go about building a home. One of the more popular options is partnering with a builder in an existing community — and you go from there. Some homeowners also choose to buy land and then custom build their home on the new land.

Either option is suitable for homeowners who want to have full customization of their home. However, they each have their own associated costs, and it’s important to know these before selling your current home to embark on this new journey. Each builder offers their own unique twist, whether it be they build affordable and sustainable homes or their main selling point is grand and luxurious homes.

You can also expect as much as an $80,000-$100,000 difference in price if you decide to upgrade features of the house that come with the base model. For homeowners who design the actual floor plan and structure, you’ll need to hire an architect to make sure your desired plans are engineered properly. The national average cost to hire an architect is $4,666.

If you would rather demolish an existing house and then rebuild, the cost varies depending on square footage. For a house ranging from 1,000-1,999 square feet, you’re looking at $4,000 - $15,000 for demolition and $40,000 - $175,000 to rebuild. For a house that is 3,000 square feet and up, it’ll be about $12,000 - $45,000 for demolition and $120,000 - $525,000 to rebuild.

For homeowners looking to partner with a custom builder, you want to do research and find a builder who has homes that fit your personality and lifestyle. Building a house is a big decision, and if you are looking to sell your current home to fund the build, you should connect with an experienced, local real estate agent who can walk you through the process.

To make it easy for you, we’ve listed the top 10 custom home builders in Austin.

Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison is a builder in East Austin that is known for their spacious homes in their highly sought after communities. They currently build in 15 communities, with a few of them reaching the last phase of building.

Taylor Morrison sets themselves apart from the competition for their unique exteriors and interiors. Their homes are priced anywhere from the mid $200,000s all the way up to $900,000. There are so many options for homeowners with varying budgets and designs. They were also awarded America’s Most Trusted Builder for the years 2016-2019.

D.R. Horton

D.R. Horton is known for building houses for “every stage of life.” They currently build in six communities in Austin and a few more in the surrounding cities. D.R. Horton knows that each family wants different things from a house and that some people have never owned a home before, let alone built one.

Under D.R. Horton are several brands including Express Homes, Emerald Homes, and Freedom Homes. Express Homes are suited for new families that are smaller and might not have the biggest budget or have ever owned a home. Emerald hHmes are tailored to families that are ready to take the next step into the luxury side of home building. Lastly, Freedom Homes are built with sustainability and low-maintenance in mind.


CastleRock is a Texas builder that is currently building in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. They view building a house as something more than building materials and a group of laborers. You can expect to feel like family with their team through every step of the building process.

Their homes vary in design and style because they know not every homeowner has the same taste. Whether you’re looking for a house with a modern design or with more of a country feel, you can find what you want with CastleRock. Their home prices vary from the low $200,000s to $600,000 depending on house size, exterior design, floor plan, and customizations.


Centex homes focus on exceptional value, high quality, and simplicity. All of their new homes are also built with an energy-efficient design in mind. When you start the building process with Centex, you will be able to adapt existing floor plan options to fit the needs of your family. They also like to promote open floor plans to make the most of the interior of your home.

With Centex, you won’t have to worry about making upgrades to make your home a smart home. All homes are built with smart home features like robust Wi-Fi in your home, heating, and cooling controlled from your smartphone, and garage doors and door locks that can be controlled and monitored from thousands of miles away.

Gehan Homes

Gehan Homes was named Volume Builder of the Year by the Texas Association of Builders, at the annual Star Awards. They take pride in exceptional customer service and are with you every step of the way in the home building process.

Gehan homes are currently building in Austin and the surrounding suburbs. Their homes range from the low $200,000’s to the $400,000s, making them an affordable builder. They also understand that not every homeowner in Texas desires the “range” style home, so they offer Tuscan- and Spanish-style homes as well.

Chesmar Homes

Chesmar Homes has a goal of setting a higher standard for new homes. From the design process all the way to move-in day, you can expect quality care from everyone involved. Their homes start at $270,000 and work their way up to starting at $445,000. Each floor plan is unique and suits a variety of lifestyles.

Chesmar homes have made their process a simple one because they know how busy homeowners can be. Their design studios are on each community site and offer in-house lenders and financing options. The idea is to get it all done in one go to keep the process easy for you.

Pulte Homes

Pulte Homes is a reputable builder in Austin that currently builds in 14 communities. Pulte Homes have unique Life Tested Home Design features that were inspired by homeowner feedback to create the best in livability. They build homes that offer energy-efficient features that help reduce your home’s energy consumption. While energy-efficient features vary, Pulte homes can be up to 30% more energy-efficient than the average existing home

Their homes are also very affordable without lacking a luxurious design. Their lowest-priced homes start at $209,000 and go up to $592,000. All of their floor plans are unique and have maximized customizable opportunities.

William Lyon Homes

William Lyon Homes are built on the idea of building homes to live your dreams. They specialize in luxury designed homes that are bound to take anyone's breath away. Currently, they build in five communities in Austin, and are building in a few more in the surrounding suburbs.

Their homes are moderately priced ranging from the low $200,000s to the upper $400,000s. Despite their competitive price, they are certainly not lacking in design quality. In each of their communities, William Lyon Homes are easily distinguished among the other builders in those areas. They also have floor plans that are bound to suit the design preferences of any homeowner.

Village Builders

Village Builders has been fulfilling Houston homeowners’ dreams of exquisite design, unparalleled luxury and premium craftsmanship for the last few decades. Each of the communities they build in is selected with luxury living in mind. Their homes start at a moderate $350,000 range and go up to the high $800,000s depending on the floor plan and customized designs.

Perry Homes

Perry Homes are committed to providing you with exceptional value, quality and customer service. They are currently building in four communities in Austin and have many more in the suburbs of the lively city. Their homes range in style to fit the needs of the homeowner and all come built with smart home technology at no extra cost to you.

Perry Homes typically start around the mid $300,000s but go as low as high $200,000s and upper $400,000s. The affordability range is high, which means homeowners with varying budgets can experience what Perry Homes have to offer.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect when building your Austin home, you have decisions to make. If you are selling your current home to fund your new build, consider working with Clever to do so. Clever Partner Agents can not only help people sell quickly for the best possible price, they work for a significantly reduced rate, helping sellers save thousands on commission, which can then be reallocated towards your new build.

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