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The Best Places to Live in Vermont: An In-Depth Guide

Considering a move to Vermont? It's a popular place to live, with excellent schools and beautiful natural scenery. The real estate market throughout the state is red hot, so it's important to know what cities you're considering. This guide can help you get started.

Considering a move to Vermont? It's a popular place to live, with excellent schools and beautiful natural scenery. The real estate market throughout the state is red hot, so it's important to know what cities you're considering. This guide can help you get started.

Vermont is incredibly scenic and a great place to live. With an exciting nightlife and an abundance of quiet getaways, there's always something to do. You'll find everything from incredible beer to fresh maple syrup and farmer's markets galore.

With all of this beauty mixed with incredible restaurants and activities, it challenging to find the best places to live in Vermont. However, there are some cities and communities that stand out from the others.

From easy access to snow sports to the banks of Lake Champlain, here are a few communities to consider in Vermont. Work with an experienced real estate agent to find your ideal home at a great price in these areas.


This small town of 3,341 is one of the most desirable places to live in the entire state. The public schools are among the best in the country, there's little crime, and it's family-friendly. The only drawback? It's an expensive place to live. The cost of living is 17% above the state average, and homes have a median value of $454,500.

Most residents work at the hospitals surrounding the area or at Dartmouth college. Residents consider it an incredible place to raise a family.


Most of the time the capital city of a state is a large city and can be the most expensive place to live. However, that's not the case with Montpelier, Vermont. The city has around 7,500 residents and the median home value is only $235,300.

The schools are highly rated and Montpelier is good for families. There's also good nightlife and other activities. You'll have access to three independent bookstores, an independent theater, and several live music venues. If you have a dog, you'll also love the off-leash public park.

No matter what you love to do, you'll find it in Montpelier. Work with a local agent to find your dream home in a great neighborhood in this city.

South Burlington

For a slightly larger city, you might consider South Burlington. The public schools are excellent, as is the nightlife, family amenities, and safety. There are 18,773 people in the city and the median home value is $280,800.

There are dozens of hiking paths, scenic routes, and mountains. The city is right on Lake Champlain, so there are a lot of parks and activities associated with the lake. It's a very walkable community with a lot of green spaces and trees. The city is also in the process of building a new community center.

If this sounds like a place you'd like to live, connect with an experienced buyer's agent who can help you find the right home in South Burlington.


This city, unlike a lot of Vermont towns, is densely populated. It's surrounded by steep hills so there's not a lot of space for the city to spread out. As a result, it gives you a semi-urban feel in a pastoral state.

Looking for some excitement? Head to Main Street. You'll find the heartbeat of this artistic community and there's a lot of interesting things to do. If you're tired of being “stuck” in a beautiful small city, you're also less than two hours from Boston and only four hours from New York City.

This city is bathed in the natural beauty of Vermont and whether you hike the Pinnacle in Putney in the fall or watch the Harris Hill Ski Jump in February. You won't run out of things to eat, either, with choices that range from Amy's Bakery to Hermit Thrush Brewery and other restaurants.

Essex Junction

If you'd like to live near Burlington without living in the city itself, Essex Junction is a great choice. It's highly rated for schooling and being family friendly. There are just over 10,000 residents and many are families and young professionals.

The median home value is $272,400 and most people own their homes. The median household income is $63,948, so that makes it an affordable place to live for most residents. This connected community is full of friendly, down-to-earth people. It's a safe area with great restaurants and being close to Burlington opens up a lot of opportunities for entertainment.

Work With a Realtor to Find Your Ideal Vermont Home

If you're looking for a home in Vermont, you need to have a buyer's agent to help you. This is especially true in Vermont — because it's such a desirable area to live in, the market is red hot. Homes that go on the market are snapped up quickly and there are often multiple bids.

Having someone who can help you locate homes quickly and negotiate the right price is essential. If you try to go it alone, you'll often be on the outside looking in. Instead, get an experienced agent who can give you the full-service experience you need to find your ideal home.

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