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The Best Places to Live in Utah: An In-Depth Guide

Utah is an excellent option for anyone who prizes affordability and unique adventure opportunities. There are many towns and cities in Utah that fit the lifestyles of anyone — from a born and bred city dweller to a seasoned outdoorsman. Here’s our list of the best places to live in Utah.
Utah is an excellent option for anyone who prizes affordability and unique adventure opportunities. There are many towns and cities in Utah that fit the lifestyles of anyone — from a born and bred city dweller to a seasoned outdoorsman. Here’s our list of the best places to live in Utah.

Utah is the ideal destination for those who love the outdoors. Winters offer powdery snow atop stunning mountains, perfect for winter sports and ski resorts. Summers invite golf-enthusiasts and rock climbing fanatics to indulge in their hobby.

No matter your niche, be it biking, boating, hunting, or fishing, Utah has the ultimate provisions. Besides the state’s natural beauty, Utah is extremely family-friendly and has a great public school system. Employment opportunities are readily available and the housing market is in great shape.

According to data from Zillow, the median home value in Utah is $341,600, as of 2019. Houses spend an average of 17 days on the market, indicating a high demand.

If Utah is piquing your interest, take a look at the following six neighborhoods and towns that really stand out. A Clever Partner Agent can help to get you into the perfect Utah home and save you money.

Best Places to Live in Utah

1. Greater Avenues

Greater Avenues boasts a desirable combination of entertainment and value. The area has a plethora of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The community bustles with young professionals and there is a good variety of homes with excellent interior and exterior qualities and is very affordable.

The area is wonderful for those who love a suburban feel in a bigger city. It is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Salt Lake City and has great public schools nestled among the areas of historic charm.

The economy is booming in this area. New businesses are rapidly opening in the thriving Greater Avenues neighborhood.

2. North Logan

Located in Cache County, North Logan is an oasis high in the mountaintops with a population of 10,140. The town stands out due to the abundance of parks and the incredible affordability. It is a great place to buy a home in Utah.

The employment rates are high and the number of jobs and businesses is growing. The schools in this region are exceptional in quality and safety. North Logan’s community prides itself on its inclusivity, friendliness, and safety.

North Logan may be a bit quiet for some, but for others, it is the perfect combination of affordability, job opportunities, and quality of life.

3. Yalecrest

A Salt Lake City neighborhood that is perfect for future homeowners and growing families. Boasting low crime rates and a high median household income, the prosperous suburb fosters a community that values achievement and involvement.

The walkability is extraordinary and residents appreciate the surrounding beauty and easy access to downtown. The median home value in Yalecrest is $544,091 and about 81% of Yalecrest’s residents are homeowners.

4. Park City

Park City is a town with great public schools and job opportunities for young professionals. Though the cost of living is a bit higher than average, this is met with quality care from the local government. The parks are well-maintained, residents enjoy close proximity to lustrous natural beauty and hiking venues.

The town attracts a steady stream of tourists and is excellent for businesses. Park City’s combination of small town living, excellent education, the availability of winter sports and mountain biking trails, and close proximity to Salt Lake City International Airport tick all the boxes of an excellent place to be.

While this is not the most affordable option on this list, it is very desirable.

5. Orem

Orem is one of the most diverse towns in Utah. The median home value is $229,800. This affordable town welcomes new young professionals. The city is growing at a fast rate and is extremely family friendly.

There’s close access to two great universities, BYU and UVU, in addition to a community recreation center and a library. The town offers activities for all age groups ranging from sporting events to late night outings.

The natural beauty in Orem is astounding. The neighboring canyon and lake are ideal for those who enjoy kayaking and other outdoor activities. You may want to hold off looking at these homes in the winter, as they are in their glory in the summer that’s the best time to buy.

6. Provo

Located at the base of a beautiful set of mountains, Provo is one of the healthiest and outdoors-oriented cities in the United States. To top that off, the relative affordability of homes in the area makes it an attractive choice for young professionals, growing families, and those who appreciate natural beauty.

The city is consistently bolstering environmentally friendly commute options by improving public transportation and cyclist safety. There is a high demand for housing in Provo and investing in property here is beneficial to your own personal quality of life as well as to your future financial forecasts.

Great Real Estate Agents in Utah

Finding a great home requires a great real estate agent. Clever Partner Agents are full-service real estate agents that work hard to find you a home that suits your lifestyle. If you are looking to buy a home in Utah, a local Partner Agent is an invaluable asset.

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