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The Best Places to Live in New Mexico: An In-Depth Guide

New Mexico is home to bustling cities with solid real estate markets, job prospects, and diverse communities. If you crave the mountains, outdoor adventure, and small towns, look no further than these cities in the land of enchantment.
New Mexico is home to bustling cities with solid real estate markets, job prospects, and diverse communities. If you crave the mountains, outdoor adventure, and small towns, look no further than these cities in the land of enchantment.

The land of enchantment didn’t have to try hard in earning this endearing moniker. New Mexico is home to breathtaking sunsets, scorched desert dotted in sagebrush, and historical, squat adobe houses that transport visitors and residents back to a simpler time.

While much of New Mexico escapes man’s exponential progress, certain cities are booming. Contrary to America’s other urban centers, these New Mexican outposts have been able to accept the new trappings of modern society without forgetting their western roots and native heritage. If you seek a loyal community, artistic mindsets, unique culture, and gorgeous topography, check out these five New Mexican cities.

Las Cruces

With a population of just over 100,000, Las Cruces is an approachable take on a big city. It’s a diverse area with a median age of 32. Young adults, recent graduates, and new families will enjoy meeting the locals and exploring its up-and-coming downtown area.

Just outside of El Paso and a short drive from the Mexico border, Las Cruces residents enjoy a different side of the United States. White Sands National Monument is close-by and feels otherworldly. Beautiful mountains provide this city’s stunning backdrop and, if you’re looking for adventure, weekend trips across the border into Mexico aren’t all that unheard of.


While Corrales isn’t known for its nightlife or as a great place for singles, it is home to a fantastic school system and has low crime rates compared to a majority of other New Mexican cities. Residents of Corrales are close to Albuquerque and get the benefit of its airport, shopping, and dining but don’t have to deal with traffic, pollution, and a large population.

Home values are higher, at a median value of $435,200 but are also projected to continue their increase through 2019 into 2020 by 3.3%. The lack of inventory may be to blame for Corrales’ higher-than-average home values, but home buyers win with the tight-knit community, public school system, and low crime.

Los Alamos

Los Alamos earned its notoriety for the part the city and local scientists played in developing the nuclear bomb via The Manhattan Project. This small city still facilitates scientific breakthroughs and is home to world-renowned scientists and researchers. gives the city an A+ rating average. Crime rates are low, schools are great, and livability is affordable. If you’re looking to start a family, Los Alamos couldn’t be a better choice. Housing is affordable, and the city is situated between Santa Fe and Taos, so you won’t run out of things to do.

Santa Fe

The capital city of New Mexico is also one of its most expensive locations and for good reason. Santa Fe is home to many artists, entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts, and history buffs. As the second-oldest city in the US, Santa Fe is a hotbed for tourism.

The median home value in Santa Fe is $390,300, cooling off a little from its 15.2% increase during 2018. Home values are expected to continue their skyward approach throughout 2019 and into 2020, increasing by 6.8%.


This mid-sized city is often overlooked by recent New Mexico transplants. Roswell, well known for the “extraterrestrial” UFO crash in 1947, attracts tourists and has a vibrant downtown. Homes are inexpensive, with a median value of $98,600, which is good because the median income is $38,919.

Roswell has a higher unemployment rate compared to the rest of the United States. Manufacturing, retail, and the education sector are the largest employers in this town. Digital nomads, business owners, and remote workers could make a great life in Roswell as they’ll have easy access to the United States Southwest and enjoy a low cost of living.

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