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The Best Places to Live in New Jersey: An In-Depth Guide

New Jersey is a popular choice for folks who want to work in New York, but enjoy a quiet home life elsewhere. If you've ever considered moving here but don't know where to begin, check out the variety of cities that make an ideal home in the Garden State.
New Jersey is a popular choice for folks who want to work in New York, but enjoy a quiet home life elsewhere. If you've ever considered moving here but don't know where to begin, check out the variety of cities that make an ideal home in the Garden State.

While New Jersey might be smaller than its neighbor, the state has a lot going on for it that causes folks to pick up their lives and move. An easy commute to New York with a home in the quiet suburbs to return home to is enough for many people who want a busy lifestyle without living life in the fast lane. If you’re new to the state, you might not know where the best areas are and why to move there, though.

By choosing to work with an experienced real estate agent, you can find out which communities are the safest, offer the best schools, and provide the life you’re looking for.

Before you start from scratch, we’ve picked out the most popular places to live in the State of New Jersey. Look at these five locations and get ready to plan your move.

Jersey City

Currently, the market in Jersey City is neutral. That makes it the perfect time to move and take advantage of a city that has a lot to offer, including the ability to commute to New York, and neighborhoods walkable to schools, businesses, and entertainment. There’s plenty of art and history in the city to keep your mind active, and if you ever work here instead of New York, the average income is $59,000 a year.

The average prices in Jersey City for a home is $585,000, according to Zillow, although the actual value is $483,900, as of June 2019. There’s a predicted 2.9% increase within the next 12 months, making this an opportune time to jump on the market before it becomes hot again.


Edison, New Jersey, is a hot real estate market right now. Currently, homes here get listed for $410,300, but sell for an average of $345,300. The average home value is $385,400, making this a prime place to call home for folks who want to work in New York, and enjoy the option to commute through public transportation.

Public schools are highly rated out here, along with nightlife. The area is diverse, and overall a good place for families to enjoy. If you’re looking to buy a home out in New Jersey, Edison is a good choice for those wanting a quiet and relaxed life.


If you’re still not sure where to live and worry about the current state of the real estate market in New Jersey, Lakewood makes it easy to get started when finding the house of your dreams. The current real estate market here is cold, making it friendly for buyers. The average value of homes is $322,600, but many of them get listed for $249,500 and sell for even less at $236,800, according to Zillow.

Although many people view New Jersey as a crowded place to live, the population here is just 55,135, which can feel like a refreshing change of pace. There’s plenty of nightlife to enjoy in Lakewood, and a diverse population, making this a fun place for young couples and individuals looking to get started in their first home.


A popular place to live, the city of Elizabeth is expected to grow 7.3% over the next 12 months. Homes here have an average listing price of $299,000, with a median value of $293,100. If you’re thinking of moving to New Jersey soon, it’s important to look before the market becomes more difficult to move to for Elizabeth.

There are plenty of activities, including coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. This is another city that might be popular with young people and individuals.


Rounding out the best places to live in New Jersey is Woodbridge. Currently, the market here is hot, and it’s easy to see why. Woodbridge offers quality schooling, plenty of nightlife and diversity, and is considered a safe area for families, with a low crime rate.

Homes here are expected to increase 1.2% in value over the next 12 months. The average median value is $288,000, with most homes being listed for $319,900. When all is said and done, the homes sell for $285,200, so it’s important to find an experienced agent who can help you locate a home for the best price if you’re interested.

If you’re considering moving to New Jersey, there’s a lot the state has to offer depending on where you want to live. Your stand the best chance of securing the home you want by working with a Clever Partner Agent, who can help you get a home buyer rebate to make your move a little more affordable. By picking someone who knows the area and can advise you which city and neighborhood is best to meet your needs, you can feel confident knowing you’re in good hands.

Get started today, and contact Clever to begin the search for your new home in New Jersey.


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