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The Best Places to Live in Delaware: An In-Depth Guide

Nicknamed the First State, Delaware is a 2,489 square mile state that makes up part of the Atlantic Coast. Known for farming and beach communities, Delaware is a small, influential state. Here is our guide to the best places to live in Delaware.
Nicknamed the First State, Delaware is a 2,489 square mile state that makes up part of the Atlantic Coast. Known for farming and beach communities, Delaware is a small, influential state. Here is our guide to the best places to live in Delaware.

Delaware is a small state with an important role in the history of the United States. Officially nicknamed “The First State” in 2002, Delaware was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787.

With a landscape that consists of rolling hills, watersheds, beaches, and farmland, as well as an economy anchored by agriculture, banking, chemical manufacturing, Delaware is an enticing location for families and young professionals.

For those considering a move to the First State, here is our guide to the best places to live in Delaware.

Forty Acres

Forty Acres is a Wilmington, Delaware neighborhood with a population of approximately 1,318. The neighborhood has an urban feel and a median home value of $365,564 according to, almost double the national average of $184,700. Residents of Forty Acres are predominantly homeowners, with 71% owning a home.

Forty Acres was once a 40-acre parcel of farmland developed in the 19th century into what is now a modern-day Wilmington neighborhood. With an array of bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, Forty Acres offers residents plenty of dining options for a weekend brunch or a night on the town. With a mix of families and young professionals, Forty Acres is the perfect neighborhood for those commuting into Wilmington’s financial district or even into Philadelphia.

Trolley Square

Forty Acres’ next-door neighbor, Trolley Square offers residents the best of Wilmington’s nightlife. Residents will enjoy the quiet atmosphere by day, and bustling nightlife replete with bars and restaurants at night. With its proximity to downtown Wilmington, professionals in the financial and pharmaceutical industries will find Trolley Square’s hip atmosphere to be the perfect place to unwind at the close of business.

Trolley Square’s population is approximately 2,797. Residents of Trolley Square are primarily renters, with 61% of the population renting their homes. Median home values in Trolley Square are $291,289, while the median price of rent is $1,227.


Hockessin is an affluent neighborhood in New Castle County bordering Pennsylvania. The neighborhood is renown for its mushroom farms and abundance of hills with impressive, mansion-style homes. Hockessin’s schools are among the highest ranking in the state of Delaware, with many receiving excellent reviews.

The median home value in Hockessin is $433,400, more than double the national average. 87% of Hockessin residents are homeowners. Hockessin’s median household income is $123,654, and its location 18 minutes northwest of Wilmington makes it a great neighborhood for finance and pharmaceutical executives.


Newark is a New Castle County suburb located west of Wilmington and bordering Maryland. The neighborhood is best known for being the location of the main campus of the University of Delaware. With a mix of families, young professionals, and college students, Newark’s main street is home to a hip array of bars, shops, and cafes.

The median home value in Newark is $274,100, while the median rent is $1,209. The median price of homes currently listed in Newark, Delaware is $258,450, while the median price of homes sold within the past year is $232,200. Newark offers its residents immense value in housing costs coupled with a tight-knit community surrounding a University Campus.


Lewes is a seaside town located on the Delaware Bay. The town’s population is 2,961 and is mainly comprised of families and retirees. Lewes is located next to Cape Henlopen State Park and boasts a downtown area filled with shops and restaurants, giving residents and visitors plenty to do.

The median home value in Lewes is $512,100, almost triple the national average of $184,700. Homeowners comprise the majority of Lewes’ residents at 81%. Lewes public schools are among the highest rated in the state of Delaware.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a beach town that is ranked #1 for places to retire in Delaware by This beach town is a popular vacation destination for families and offers a boardwalk, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and outlet stores. Rehoboth Beach is also a famous LGBT-friendly town with many LGBT-owned businesses situated amongst the town’s award-winning beaches.

The median home value in Rehoboth Beach is among the highest in Delaware at $878,900. While popular with vacationers, 82% of the Rehoboth Beach population are homeowners. While the town’s home values may have decreased by 9% since 2010, Rehoboth Beach still remains a hotbed for real estate activity.

Make the First State Your New Home

Delaware offers residents the best in location and landscape. With close proximity to major cities and a strong financial and pharmaceutical industry presence, Delaware is a great state for families and young professionals.

Residents will enjoy Delaware’s outdoor activities, beaches, and tax-free shopping. If this sounds great to you, why not consider making your home in Delaware?

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