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The Best Home Improvement Advice from Reddit

Reddit is a treasure trove of information for homeowners, especially if you’re wondering what home improvements to make when selling. Learn from other homeowners’ experiences in this Reddit round-up of home improvement advice.
Reddit is a treasure trove of information for homeowners, especially if you’re wondering what home improvements to make when selling. Learn from other homeowners’ experiences in this Reddit round-up of home improvement advice.

If you’re looking for real home improvement advice, it’s best to go straight to the source. Reddit’s user-driven forum is full of straightforward, no-nonsense advice on just about any topic, including the best ways to improve your home when selling.

Here’s a look at some top comments based on real user experiences so you can make informed decisions for getting your home sell-ready:

Make Improvements for Better Living, Not for an ROI

Reddit user 1_plastics_ave notes that the best reason to make home improvements is to improve the living environment at large, not just to get a return.

The logic here is that things that will improve the quality of life in the home will automatically have some spike in value, or at the very least a jump in appeal.

Make Improvements that are Necessary

Sometimes, it’s necessary to make home improvements even if there’s no chance of gaining back your investment. Reddit user tekknoschtev mentions that her parents paid $10K to repair their chimney right before they sold the home. This was the only time they were able to use the fireplace because the damage was so severe. They didn’t make their money back on the repair, but they believe it would have been difficult to sell a home without it.

If you have areas of your home that will be major turn offs to buyers, it’s worth it to fix them or else risk not selling your home. Some homeowners decide to wait until the home has been on the market for a few weeks and use the feedback from buyers to decide which improvements to make.

Don’t Overlook the Gutters

Reddit user heyho-offwego notes that the condition of the gutters goes overlooked, even though they can have a major impact on your home’s overall condition. When gutters aren’t properly maintained or correctly positioned, drainage issues and ground erosion can occur.

Gutters should be regularly inspected to ensure they’re secure, positioned correctly, and in good working condition. Otherwise, excess water could create moisture problems, especially in the crawlspace or basement.

Gutter issues are easy to fix and parts are cheap, so there’s no reason why they should go ignored.

Programmable Thermostats Add Instant Value

Switching out your old thermostat for a programmable one might give you an ROI before you even sell the home. Programmable thermostats can significantly reduce energy costs and result in immediate savings.

Reddit user g3ckoNJ mentions that this is one of the first things they did when they purchased a home and couldn’t believe how much the previous owners were spending on fuel. Reddit user Latin4Britain mentions that “Our bill was 95$ [sic] when their average was 170$ [sic] during months of non usage (spring/fall).”

A programmable thermostat costs anywhere between $100 and $250. If you buy a higher end thermostat, you can manage it remotely to increase your energy savings.

Invest in Good Landscaping

Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when they arrive. Some buyers will drive by homes for sale before scheduling a showing and will base their decision to see more on how your home’s curb appeal.

Landscaping can have a lot to do with your home’s first impression. One Reddit user mentions that spending $1,000 on professional landscaping can go a long way in transforming the exterior. Small shrubs and trees, flowers, and a general yard cleanup will make your home look fresh and inviting from the street and set the tone for what’s inside.

Switch to LED Lightbulbs

Reddit user LandLockedPirate replaced all the home’s light bulbs with LED bulbs. Rather than purchasing them from a store, he went to the power company and got a hefty discount.

“To me, if a house was already converted to LED that would be a selling point. I think most people who are aware of LED would be thinking $10-20 per bulb, but if you can get them through the power company[,] it will cost you much less than that.”

LED bulbs use less energy and homeowners won’t have to replace them as often. When multiplying the cost times the number of light fixtures, the value can really add up for buyers.

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