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The Average Cost of Living In Louisiana: An In-Depth Guide

Home buyers are drawn to the warm climate and amazing culture that Louisiana offers. Not to mention, incredible local food. If you are looking to move to the Bayou State it’s important to know just how much it’ll cost you. Check out our guide on the cost of living in Louisiana.
Home buyers are drawn to the warm climate and amazing culture that Louisiana offers. Not to mention, incredible local food. If you are looking to move to the Bayou State it’s important to know just how much it’ll cost you. Check out our guide on the cost of living in Louisiana.

Is a new home in a state with southern heat and rolling beaches calling your name? Louisiana boasts many swamps and bayous, the Mississippi River, and the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you find yourself longing for the thrill of live music or the kick of cajun spice on your seafood, Louisiana is the place for you.

An impressive mix of French, African, Spanish, Haitian, and Native American populations make the state a cultural melting pot. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more unique region blustering jazz music, international cuisine, and cultural traditions are celebrated throughout the state.

The Pelican State has a lot to offer any prospective home buyer including a low cost of living. Don’t go packing your bags just yet, before you catch the first plane to Louisiana you’ll need to ensure that you can afford to make the move.

An experienced local real estate agent is your best bet to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. A Clever Partner Agent can get you into the home of your dreams in the Bayou State without breaking the bank. They’re excellent resources when it comes to breaking down the costs of living in Louisiana.

Typical Home Prices in Louisiana in 2019

While housing is one of the major expenses of residents in Louisiana, the costs are significantly lower than that of the rest of the United States. Both the median value and the median sale price of homes in Louisiana are lower than the national rates.

According to data from Zillow, the median home value throughout the state of Louisiana is $145,900 and the median sale price is a low $219,900. Home values in the state went up 0.6% in the past 12 months and are expected to drop the same amount in 2019, making the rise negligible. The housing market across the state is relatively cool and currently favors buyers.

In terms of affordability, Louisiana is one of the cheaper places to live in the United States. The median home sale price of homes in Louisiana is $15,000 cheaper than that of the rest of the nation. If you are looking for a deal on a home, you’ll find one in Louisiana.

How Much Are Louisiana Property Taxes?

Louisiana property taxes are some of the lowest in the nation. According to data from SmartAsset, the average homeowner pays just 0.51% of the home’s value in property taxes. As the rates vary by county this number can change, but still remains on the low end of the average across the U.S.

Homes in the Metairie, Louisiana, which lie within Jefferson Parish county, have a median value of $232,800. The effective tax rate in this county is 0.492, using this rate the average homeowner in the county should expect to pay $1,145 in property taxes annually.

Louisiana gives homeowners a big break when it comes to their property taxes. The state’s Homestead Exemption law allows homeowners a single exemption of up to $75,000 on the value of their home. If your home is assessed at a value that is less than or equal to $75,000, you can avoid paying property taxes.

Using the home in the previous example, a homeowner would be able to deduct $75,000 from their home’s assessed value of $232,800 for an adjusted value of $157,800. The adjusted property taxes on the home would be just $776 for savings of just $369.

To qualify for Homestead Exemption, you must both own and occupy the home that you intend to deduct from. You may apply for the exemption at any time but must have owned the home prior to December 31st in the year that you are applying for. For more information on Homestead Exemption, contact your local government offices.

Average Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana

Homeowners insurance is a great idea for homeowners in the Pelican State. Homeowners insurance helps to cover the costs of repairs to structures of the home, the replacement costs of personal property, and liability coverage.

Louisiana is vulnerable to tropical cyclones and hurricanes due to its location and climate. The state has experienced major flooding and hurricane damage from these events in the past 20 years. Homeowners in Louisiana should heavily consider adding flood insurance to their homes.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in the state of Louisiana is $2,979 annually, according to rates from This is double the national average rate of $1,228.

Common Home Maintenance and Repair Costs in Louisiana

HVAC maintenance is essential to Louisiana homeowners with central air. Maintenance will include a number of functionality checks and cleaning that should be done by a professional. The median cost of HVAC maintenance can range from $163 to $539, according to data from HomeAdvisor, but will vary by project.

Louisiana homeowners will need to ensure that their home remains dry and drains properly. Sump pump maintenance will help to guarantee that you don’t end up with a situation where your home is flooded with backed-up groundwater in the event of heavy precipitation. Maintenance should be done annually and the service costs can range from $294 to $689.

The average homeowner spends $2,676 annually on home repair and maintenance costs. Of course, ensuring that you make maintenance your priority, you’ll end up spending less on repairs. Homeowners should have funds saved in order to pay for any unexpected costs that aren’t covered by insurance.

Other Costs of Living in Louisiana to Consider

Unless you plan to live under a rock, you’ll have to consider entertainment costs in your budget as the state boasts both an NFL and an NBA team. If you want to catch a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, you’ll need to pay around $250 for a mid-level seat according to prices listed on StubHub. Tickets to see the New Orleans Pelicans are priced similarly.

Transportation costs can also add up. Luckily the largest city in Louisiana, New Orleans, has an expansive public transportation system. Tickets to ride are aptly named Jazzy Passes, day passes can be purchased for just $3.00 for unlimited rides.

Cooling costs should also be considered. While the warm temperatures of Louisiana are ideal for those who hate the cold, they aren’t ideal for your bank account.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that the average American home spends 14% of pre-tax income on heating and cooling costs annually. Investing in a good fan might be ideal, as electricity costs in Louisiana are less expensive than the average across the U.S.

Find a Top Louisiana Real Estate Agent

The journey to buying the perfect home in Louisiana starts with finding the best real estate agent. A great realtor will understand your wants and budget and work to find you the home of your dreams. Clever Partner Agents are full-service real estate agents who will work with you from home showings to closing contracts while helping you save money.

Clever Partner Agents can help you get showings on demand and help you to understand local neighborhoods. Partner Agents are local and experienced, they know the market like the back of their hand and will pass on their knowledge to you.


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