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The 5 Best Ways to Find a Realtor to Sell Your House

How do you pick a real estate agent when there are so many to choose from in your area? Learn how to find a full-service, high-quality agent in your neighborhood who will work for a discounted rate.
How do you pick a real estate agent when there are so many to choose from in your area? Learn how to find a full-service, high-quality agent in your neighborhood who will work for a discounted rate.

It seems as if real estate agents are everywhere. You get their ads in the mail. You see their faces on billboards and benches. You are asked to join their Facebook groups. There are three real estate agents in your extended family, including your husband’s cousin’s wife’s aunt who sold three houses last year.

Finding a real estate agent to list your house is not a problem. The problem is that it is hard to find a real estate agent who is a great communicator and negotiator, reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about how to sell your home.

How do you pick out the best listing agent for your home that is ready to sell? Don’t rely on your cousin’s wife’s Aunt Gertrude. In fact, don’t use anyone who is a friend or family member. Instead, pick the best agent who works in your area as your listing agent.

How to Find a Realtor to Sell My House

Look at the Realtor’s Signs in Your Neighborhood

See who the people in your neighborhood have used as their listing agents. If the same agent is represented on signs multiple times, you might consider using the same person. Obviously, that agent knows the area. Since listing agents want to sell their own homes, they might be more likely to show your house to potential buyers if they are already in the area.

Reach Out to Several Popular Realtors

Email, text, or call the realtor that you are considering hiring. A realtor needs to be quickly available. If you don’t hear back from anyone at the realtor’s office within several hours, this may be a problem.

In some metro areas, the real estate markets are so hot that minutes count. You don’t want to miss out on potential offers because your agent is not quick at returning messages.

Ask Key Questions

Once the realtors have returned your messages promptly, ask them critical questions regarding their real estate experience.

Ask how many houses they sold last year. (Try to hire a realtor who had at least 20 or more sales the previous year.)

Ask how long they have been in the business. (Try to find agents with at least two years of experience selling.)

Ask about their sell price ratio. (The sale price ratio is figured by dividing the listing price by the selling price. A good sale price ratio should be 95% or above.) Setting a reasonable price is an essential skill for a realtor to have. If the price is set too high, buyers will wonder why the price had to be reduced to sell the property. Low prices can raise suspicions also.

Look at the Realtor’s Marketing Materials

You want the ad for your home displayed everywhere. Look at every online database of houses for sale. Look at your agent’s social media accounts. Look at the offline materials that are printed.

Make sure all the materials look professionally made. The writing should stand out from the other listings. A professional should take photographs of the homes. The homes should look well staged.

Reach Out to a Clever Partner Agent

Maybe there are several amazing real estate professionals in your area. Perhaps they all seem energetic and likely to sell your home promptly. There’s one other way to determine which realtor you should choose to sell your home.

Go with the full-service, local agent who will work at a discount. Our Clever Partner Agents are from major brands/brokerages who have agreed to offer deep discounts to Clever clients. How much of a discount? That depends on the price of your home, but they may be able to accept a commission as low as 1%.

Fill out the online form, and a representative will reach out to you with the name of the partner agent in your area. Give Clever a chance to sell your house.


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