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The 5 Best Moving Companies in the Bay Area

Preparing for a move is stressful and time-consuming, which is why a lot of homeowners hire moving companies. Before hiring anybody, you'll want to perform extensive research to make sure they'll do the job right. To help start your search, here are the five best moving companies in the Bay Area.

Preparing for a move is stressful and time-consuming, which is why a lot of homeowners hire moving companies. Before hiring anybody, you'll want to perform extensive research to make sure they'll do the job right. To help start your search, here are the five best moving companies in the Bay Area.

If you're getting ready for an upcoming move, you might be thinking about whether you should hire a moving company or not. There are many reasons why you might want to plan the logistics of the logistics of the move yourself. Maybe you're trying to save money or you just don't trust a group of people to properly move your items.

This is all understandable because moving can be very emotional and you don't want your belongings getting damaged. But, not all moving companiesare created equal. There are so many established and well-respected companies with experience in all aspects of moving, from packing entire houses to transporting fine art.

In fact, hiring a moving company might work out better for you. They typically have an experienced team of people to help make the process run smoother. They will know exactly how to pack your most precious belongings and put them carefully in the moving truck.

To start your research, take a look at these five moving companies in the Bay Area.


Got2Move is a professional moving company founded back in 2006 in San Francisco, CA. Since then, the company has been providing local and long distance moving services for Bay Area residents. Whether you need to move a large three-bedroom house across the Bay Area or a small apartment to Southern California, they will be able to provide professional moving services at affordable prices with no hidden charges.

Their major services include, but are not limited, to packing boxes, truck loading, unloading, local moving, long-distance moving within California, and storage in the Bay Area. They provide trucks of various sizes to maneuver through narrow streets or hills.

If needed, they can send you a Certificate of Insurance (COI) within 24 hours of you submitting your request. To ensure that your relocation process goes flawlessly, they offer professional furniture protection and no additional fees for using moving pads and plastic wrap.

Ontrack Moving

Ontrack Moving company is an established moving service in the Bay Area with over 25,000 satisfied customers, including Google and Facebook. They are licensed to perform moves throughout the state of California as well as licensed to perform moves across states. Their employees are carefully selected through background checks and individually trained to deliver the most trustworthy and efficient moving experience.

All of their trucks are equipped with the right equipment, including GPS tracking, dollies, moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, packing materials, and other tools to get the job done right. Whether you're moving a studio apartment or a four-bedroom house along with a grand piano and a 1,000 pound safe, Ontrack Moving can do it all.

Sweet Lemon Moving Services

Sweet Lemon Moving Services is a professional, licensed, and insured moving company that provides moving services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area as well as the entire state of California. Their movers will move all of your belongings and provide you with a stress-free job from beginning to end. Their number one priority is safety, so they will take any and all precautions necessary to ensure a secure transfer of your possessions to your new home.

For pricing, they offer two separate rates. The first one is a two-man crew with a truck for $130 per hour. Their second rate is a three-man crew with a truck for $175 per hour. There are discounts if you pay in cash, and the time starts when the crew arrives at the first location and ends when the truck is unloading at the last location.

California Loyal Movers

California Loyal Movers is a family-owned Bay Area moving company with many years of experience providing local and long-distance moves. Previous satisfied customers have stated they charge a fair price and treat items with care.

For their local moves, which are categorized as moves under 100 miles, they charge by the hour. For long-distance moves, they make it very easy to quickly request a quote, which is delivered typically in less than 30 minutes.

Golden Bay Relocation

Golden Bay Relocation is a full-service local moving company serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Based in San Francisco, they have been performing professional local moves since 1992. They also provide full packing services along with Pod, rental truck, or container loading and unloading.

They understand that moving can be a stressful time, which is why they make sure that you have one less thing to worry about. Their professional movers have advanced, hands-on moving experience, currently between 7-19 years per employee, which has helped build the good reputation of their company.

Moving companies aren't the only resources you'll need when moving in the Bay Area. An experienced real estate agent can be of great value whether you're buying or selling a house.

By working with Clever, you'll get matched with a Partner Agent in your area who not only can make sure the deal closes on time for your move, but also helps you save thousands of dollars, through reduced commission or a home buyer rebate, which can offset the cost of hiring a moving company.


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