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The 5 Best Moving Companies in New Jersey

If you're moving to New Jersey from out of state or just moving across town, chances are good you'll need a moving company. But who do you choose? There are a number of moving companies available, but we've narrowed down the five best moving companies in New Jersey.

If you're moving to New Jersey from out of state or just moving across town, chances are good you'll need a moving company. But who do you choose? There are a number of moving companies available, but we've narrowed down the five best moving companies in New Jersey.

Moving is one of the most time-consuming, costly, and stressful processes you'll ever undertake. Packing up your entire life, fitting everything into the back of a truck, and transporting it to a new location is quite a task, and most people need help getting it done. That's where moving companies come in.

If you're moving to New Jersey from out of state or you're moving within the state, you're probably going to need a moving company at some point. But with so many options to choose from, how can you be sure you're hiring the best people for the job?

Trusting your every possession to strangers isn't easy, but we've made the process a little less stressful by doing the research for you. While you should still consult with your real estate agent and utilize their professional network if possible, the following five New Jersey moving companies are a good place to start your search.

Clark's Moving and Storage

Clark's Moving and Storage works within New Jersey and nearby states. Their customers routinely give them five-star reviews on sites like Yelp, and it's not hard to find glowing recommendations about their service.

Previous customers have stated that the staff at Clark's is friendly, fast, efficient, and respectful. Everything is well taken care of, and they'll make sure to get your items to your new place in one piece.

What's more, their Better Business Bureau rating is an A+. Additionally, Clark's works in conjunction with out-of-state movers, as well, to facilitate a smooth transition for those moving into New Jersey from states that Clark's doesn't service.

The only drawback that customers or would-be customers expressed was the pricing. Of all the companies on our list, Clark's has the highest prices. Reported service prices ranged from $1,500 to $7,000 for relatively nearby moves. However, since so many of their customers still gave them glowing reviews, despite the pricing, they still deserve to be listed as one of the best moving companies in New Jersey.

Optimum Moving

Another company that has glowing reviews is Optimum Moving. Their customers routinely praise them for their honesty, cleanliness, respectfulness, and an overall job well done.

From what past customers have said in their reviews, it's easy to see this company is willing to go above and beyond in order to meet the needs of their customers. They're honest with their estimates and they treat both their customers and the possessions under their care with the utmost respect.

Their website is easy to navigate, clear in its information, and obtaining a quote is simple and fast. Overall, Optimum Moving is a well-liked, respectable company with a good track record who values its customers' overall moving experience and the integrity of the items under their care.

Vector Moving

Vector Moving is based out of Scotch Plains and has an impressive, spotless reputation is. In their multiple five-star reviews, customers talk about how responsive Vector Moving is, how quickly they schedule appointments, how clean and courteous their movers are, and how reasonable their pricing is.

They've also received several reviews from customers who have touted their ability to handle unique moving situations or large moves that other companies wouldn't help them with. Finally, Vector Moving offers one of the best prices, with most reported service costs coming in under $1,500.

NJ Local Moving

Of all the entries on this list, NJ Local Moving might be the most competitive price wise. Reviews across the internet say their service prices rarely exceed $1,000, which can't be said for most of the other companies.

What's more, NJ Local Moving has received a multitude of praise from people for not only the way they handled the property in their care but also for how much care they treated the customer with, as well. Customers routinely praised the efficiency, respect, and kindness that the movers exhibited throughout the process.

They have a 100% five-star rating on Yelp. Their prices are a little higher, but most reported service prices still came in at under $2,500.

Alpha Moving and Storage

Finally, Alpha Moving and Storage, who's been in the moving business since 1995, has maintained a spotless reputation both among online reviews and with the Better Business Bureau, with whom they have an A+ rating.

The New Jersey Alpha has an excellent rating on Yelp with a large portion of their 99 reviews offering them five stars. You'll find glowing reviews praising everything from the relative cost and efficiency of the move to the care that was taken with the items being moved and the respect shown to customers by the movers themselves.

Alpha's pricing is on par with some of the more competitively priced companies on this list, with most interstate moves in the area (for instance moving to New Jersey from New York) coming in at around $2,500. Most moves within the state of New Jersey came in at anywhere from $600 to $1,000.

These companies top our list of the best moving companies in New Jersey. While having an excellent moving company helps the home buying process go more smoothly, so does having an experienced, local real estate agent who can help you before it's time to move.

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