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The 5 Best Moving Companies in Dallas

Moving is one of the worst parts about changing homes. No one likes to pack and unpack. Hiring the right moving company takes away much of the frustration. Here’s our guide to the best moving companies in Dallas.
Moving is one of the worst parts about changing homes. No one likes to pack and unpack. Hiring the right moving company takes away much of the frustration. Here’s our guide to the best moving companies in Dallas.

Here’s a surprising statistic: 1 in 10 Americans would rather spend a week in jail than suffer the ordeals of moving.

Life Storage asked 2,000 people for their thoughts on moving, and found that some people would actually throw themselves behind bars before going through a move.

You may not whole heartedly agree, but most people who have endured a move know it’s one of the most stressful events in life. People lose sleep and endure endless stress. It can also lead to arguments with partners and family members.

Hiring the right movers can relieve much of the stress. They can simplify the entire process from packing to bringing your furniture to its final destination in your home.

Working with a good moving company in Dallas is as crucial as finding the right realtor. In fact, a professional real estate agent is one of the first people you should consult when trying to find good movers. Luckily for people moving into or out of Dallas, there are several excellent movers to choose from.

Whether you are moving because you bought a home or sold one, there are some key things to remember about hiring a good moving company. Make sure they have good local reviews on and off line.

But make sure you don’t make a final decision based on one or two bad reviews. Judge the company based on many reviews over an extended period of time.

Also, never use a moving company that is not insured or licensed. There are countless fly-by-night movers. Do not entrust your most valuable possessions to operators who don’t have solid experience in your area. Your possessions could end up lost, stolen, or damaged.

You will also want to work with a moving company that offers transparent rates. Whatever the costs are, you want to ensure they are outlined beforehand. This way you will not end up with a surprise bill when you’re finally in your new home.

Here is our list of the best moving companies in Dallas:

Midnight Hour Moving

Midnight Hour Moving serves Dallas and surrounding areas. It offers a wide range of moving services including full service moving and labor only moves. Labor only is when you already have a truck or transportation for your furniture and belongings, the company just loads and unloads it.

With their full service option, all you need to do is point and tell their crew what to do. They estimate that a two-man crew can move a 1,000 square foot home in about four hours.

Phoenix Express

One of the first things you notice when you go to the website of Phoenix Express is their pledge to transparency and honesty. The site goes on to state that they will go over every detail of the move with you.

This is extremely important so that you do not wind up with unforeseen costs by their moving company.

This is a full-service mover that also provides packing services. Phoenix Express is not limited to just residential moves but also provides commercial services. While they specialize in moves in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, the company notes that their team has made its share of cross country road trips.

King Moving

King Moving Company has been around for nearly a quarter of a century. It began as “The Antique Movers” in 1995 but has since moved beyond its speciality. But it still is known for its great care of delicate or oversized furniture. In fact, if you have a big piano to move, they’re the right mover for you.

You can get a free quote by calling them or sending an email with information about the specifics of your move. This is mainly an instate mover, but they promise a dependable crew at a fair price.

IMS Relocation

IMS Relocation is an agent for Mayflower, the national moving company. It provides an array of residential and commercial moving services locally, within the state, and across the country.

Because it works with Mayflower, IMS Relocation offers international moves, as well. And if you need, it also provides short-term and long-term storage.

Make the Move With Clever

A Clever Partner Agent can help you through the entire real estate transaction. And that means moving. Whether you’re buying or selling our agents know that the process can be stressful and even frustrating.

The last thing you want is more frustration with your moving experience. They are familiar with local moving firms and can help guide you to reputable and reliable movers.

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