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The 5 Best Mortgage Companies in Philadelphia

The mortgage company you decide to work with has a huge impact on the home buying process. If you’re hoping to get a home for a great value, make sure you’re working with the right lender. Here are five mortgage companies in Philadelphia to consider.
The 5 Best Mortgage Companies in Philadelphia

Choosing the wrong lender not only changes the kind of terms that you have for repayment, but it can have dire consequences that last the life of the loan. More than just the numbers, the lender's customer service and what they require from you to apply can all influence your home buying experience.

Having an experienced Philadelphia agent to bounce details off of ensures you process all the information you need to before choosing a mortgage lender.

Start by looking into these five companies when seeking financing in Philadelphia.

1. Direct Mortgage Loan Company

For more than 50 years, Direct Mortgage Loan Company has been serving the Philadelphia home market. In recent years, they've expanded their offerings to suit the needs of home buyers who are getting their start in the flipping and rehab market. The can help current homeowners get a cash-out refinance loans to start businesses or expand their investments.

Borrowers who are seeking fixed-rate bridge financing should turn to the Direct Mortgage Loan Company. Their team has decades of experience delivering results to home buyers struggling with short term borrowing.

For investors investing in commercial properties, Direct Mortgage Loan Company is a reliable choice in Philadelphia. Their team is the perfect size for offering client personalized attention on their loans.

2. BOE Mortgage

Bank of England — first started in England, Arkansas — has been offering personalized mortgage advice since 1898. Not to be confused with the Bank of England in the U.K., this small town bank has been a leader in lending for more than a century. They now offer nationwide mortgage loans and have local offices in the Philadelphia area.

Because of their experience, they are able to offer competitive rates, stress-free closings, and the knowledge to match their clients with the right product each and every time.

While some nationwide lenders might make decisions remotely, Bank of England makes decisions in their Philadelphia area offices. This gives applicants a more personalized experience.

3. Alpha II Mortgage

Borrowers looking for a mortgage company that specializes in family real estate need to look no further. For more than 20 years, this FHA-approved company has been helping buyers find the perfect family home to grow in.

Alpha II Mortgage is owned and operated by James Vincent Seisser, a mortgage industry professional with the highest rating for closing rates in the region. His company aims to create a worry-free process by offering attention to clients any time of day or night. He works hard to meet the needs of borrowers of all budget sizes.

4. Approval Plus Mortgage

If you're looking for an independently owned and operated company, this Collegeville company is renowned for helping new home buyers and existing homeowners find a mortgage. They operate throughout the Philadelphia region, helping buyers get conventional, FHA, VA, and even jumbo loans. Their trained staff works to match home buyers with a loan that fits their budget.

This small company has been heralded for being responsive, communicative, and knowledgeable. As they have their own families based in the region, mortgage officers with Approval Plus Mortgage know the financial benefits of offering a competitive rate.

5. Capital Funding Mortgage

Another small-town lender that is one of the most highly rated lenders operating in Philadelphia is Capital Funding Mortgage. Located between Trenton, NJ and Philadelphia, this lender knows all about the wide ranging of needs in a metropolitan region. That's why they use advanced technology to offer fixed-rate and adjustable mortgages.

As the industry changes, this small office has worked hard to stay competitive. They offer a fast and easy process along with personalized service to all of their clients. That's just one of the reasons why they have an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

They make even complicated refinancing a breeze thanks to the decades of combined experienced their staff holds.

The Best Agents Work With the Best Mortgage Companies in Philadelphia

The great thing about working with an experienced local real estate agent is that they'll have worked with plenty of home buyers who have sought out mortgages in the past. Working with a Clever Partner Agent gives you access to a top-rated agent who knows where the top-rated lenders in Philadelphia can be found. Our Partner Agents know how to help home buyers find a home that meets the requirements of their mortgage.

Connect with Clever and we'll pair you up with an agent who can help you save money all along the home buying journey.


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