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Many people are looking for St. Louis County real estate—and for good reasons! The real estate market in St. Louis County has attracted many investors looking to get their hands a little dirty to make a big profit. It's also a great county for families as many of the St. Louis suburbs rank in the top 10 best places to live in the U.S.

Can't beat that, right?!

Where is St. Louis County?

Okay, we may have you convinced to start your real estate search for homes in St. Louis County, but you still may wonder where exactly St. Louis County is.

St. Louis County is on the far eastern section of Missouri and is home to Clayton (the county seat), University City, and Richmond Heights, among other municipalities.

Cost of Living

The average income of St. Louis County is $48,240, which is a bit below the national average. The unemployment rate is a bit below than the national average as well. It's been on a steady decline for the last few years which should bring joy to those looking to move there.

The house prices average out at $182,900 according to Zillow, which is far below the national average of $221,500. This is great news for those looking to invest long-term or live in St. Louis County.


The cost and percentage of taxes depend on several factors, such as are you connected to the sewer, and what school district you're in. You can make an online tax payment on the St. Louis County Department of Revenue website. There you'll also find examples and breakdowns of tax payments to help you make your payment.

The sales tax rate for the year 2018 to be 8.42%. You can see a break down of that here. That's a bit higher than the national average of 6%. Income taxes total to 7.1%, which is also quite a bit higher than the national average of 4.6%.

What to Know About St. Louis County

Beyond the cost of living, taxes, and real estate, St. Louis has a fairly stable economy with highly rated schools and great culture. Let's take a look into it.


998,581 people strong, the economy of St. Louis, MO is doing well. The unemployment rate in St. Louis county is below the national average at 3.8% (the U.S. is at a solid 4%). The average citizen is about 40 years old and the average salary just grew from $61,516 to $62,572, which is a 1.72% increase.

Predominately white (66.4%), other races include Black (23.9%), and Asian (3.98%). Less than 10% speak a non-English language and 96.7% are U.S. citizens.

The poverty rate for St. Louis County is 8.92% compared to the little over 12% of the national average.


Jobs in St. Louis County lean more toward hospitality, education, and administration services. Those with a higher paycheck tend to be in management and administrative and support services.


There is a heavy museum presence in St. Louis County and many of them are free!

There's the St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park, which is full of the rich art history—from ancient to contemporary pieces. There  are also the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis. There are also several other art museums at several local universities.

Also located in Forest Park is the Missouri History Museum. In it, you'll find exhibits from the 1904 World's Fair, which took place in Forest Park. Three are also historical museums such as the Museum of Westward Expansion, the Eugene Field House, and the Campbell House Museum.

St. Louis is also the home of the Fox Theater (located in Grand Center) which often features Broadway favorites as well as concerts and speaking events.

The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra is one of the most notable aspects of St. Louis culture as they have received six Grammy Awards and 56 nominations. They continue to perform in the Powell Symphony Hall in Grand Center as they have since 1968.

St. Louis County Schools

The 2019 best school districts in St. Louis County (as rated by citizens at include:

Best Neighborhoods in St. Louis County

According to, three St. Louis County cities made the best places to live in the U.S. list: Richmond Heights (No. 4), Clayton (No. 7), and Brentwood (No. 8).

Each of these cities ranked high for public safety and did pretty well in diversity. For a complete review profile for each of these cities, visit


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