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Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your House?

A roofing renovation can be an expensive repair that sellers choose to avoid before listing. However, if your property requires an upgrade, it may be a reason buyers pass on your home or make low offers. Replacing your roof can speed up the sale process and add value to your home?
A roofing renovation can be an expensive repair that sellers choose to avoid before listing. However, if your property requires an upgrade, it may be a reason buyers pass on your home or make low offers. Replacing your roof can speed up the sale process and add value to your home?

Selling a home in need of repairs often leads to extensive negotiations during the sale. A compromised roof is typically put in the spotlight because it can be an expensive renovation.

There is good news for sellers who decide to move forward with the repair before going to market. According to HomeAdvisor, a new roof increases home resale value an average of about $12,000 national. While it can be a sizeable investment, you can expect to regain most of your investment — or even more — after you sell the property.

Before listing your home, ask yourself if the integrity of your roof will hold you back from receiving offers that meet your expectations.

Ask Your Agent

Assistance from a licensed real estate agent is beneficial throughout the entire selling process, even when you need advice before going to market. A professional may recommend hiring an inspector to analyze your roof’s condition and then make your decision depending on the results.

They are well-versed in comparable properties in the area and will determine if there are more attractive homes that don’t require expensive renovations. How you go forward with a repair can be the difference between a home remaining on the market or a quick sale.

You should know that hiring an expert doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Working with a flat-fee realtor in the Clever Partner Network means you receive the full-service experience for only $3,000 or 1% of a property that sells for over $350,000.

When Is It Necessary?

Of course, any sign of interior water damage caused by a leaking roof should be enough cause to perform a repair but there are other reasons that aren’t always so obvious.

Here are a few warning signs that your roof may be to blame for low offers or buyers avoiding the home altogether:

  • Age: Most shingled roofs have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years
  • Granule Loss: Shingles begin losing granules toward the end of their lifespan — a key area to look for these elements is in your gutters
  • Attic Inspection: Inspect the interior structure from the attic and look for troubling signs like damaged boards, daylight intrusion, and insulation moisture

Hiring a Contractor

When you determine that your roof will be a problem during the home selling process, finding a qualified contractor is your best bet. While the renovation can be completed DIY, hiring a licensed roofer who offers a warranty is an attractive benefit to present a buyer.

Get a Few Bids

Invite several repair experts to give you a quote for the renovation. Don’t always jump at the lowest bid, pay attention to factors like warranties, extended-use materials, and how long the repair will take.

Read Reviews

Once you receive a few estimates, perform online research to discover the reputation of the business. Look for comments about their honesty, follow-up to issues, and overall workmanship.

Ask for Proof of License

Many states require roofing contractors to be licensed. Ask for proof from your roofer to avoid delays due to permit issues from your local jurisdiction.

Should You Upgrade?

If you decide to replace your roof before selling, it’s easy to use the cheapest material to make it presentable. However, investing in an upgraded option can make your home stand out to potential buyers.


Metal roofing is an incredibly durable material, with an average lifespan of 60 years. It comes in many colors to provide a beautiful aesthetic to a home. The average cost for most metal roofs ranges from $5-$12 per square foot.

Solar Tiles

Attract energy-conscious buyers with a solar-powered roof that helps generate a home's electricity. Its technical installation may cost between $11,000 to $14,000 but check with local officials in your area to see if you qualify for tax credits from the Department of Energy.

Stone-Coated Steel

This durable material is perfect for regions that experience high winds, hail, and heavy rain. It is resistant to most weather elements and often comes with a warranty that lasts for the lifetime of the home. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other roofing installations, costing an average of $7.50 to $11.50 per square foot.

Ready to Sell?

Once you have repaired a degraded roof, it’s time to contact an expert listing agent to sell your property. You can find a top-rated expert in your area who will offer their full-service expertise at a fraction of the cost of traditional retailers.

If you’re ready to begin the home selling process, fill out this simple form and connect with a professional Clever Partner Agent for a no-obligation consultation.


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