Are you a Michigan fan, or an alum of another Big Ten university, stuck in Columbus? If so, you may be wondering how to sell your home fast.

The good news is that Columbus is a thriving metro area and you should be able to sell quick. Zillow describes the housing market there as hot, with home values increasing 8.3% over the past year.

The strong housing market is certainly buoyed by Ohio State University and the economic engine it provides. In fact, as much of the Midwest has lost population and industries have declined, Columbus has done the opposite. From 1960 to 2017 the population of Columbus has actually doubled.

Income growth in Columbus has also been strong. Rising at a 25% clip since 2010, it has outpaced all other large metros in Ohio and the country as a whole. This growth, along with the steady production of Buckeye graduates, and in-state migration, leads Zillow to predict housing prices will continue to grow by 6% or more over the coming year.

All of this success and economic growth will help you sell your home fast if you are looking to get out of Columbus. If you are planning to move, or just sell your current home and upgrade to a new one, partnering with an experienced, local real estate agent is crucial to selling your home fast.

Three Factors to Help Sell Your Home Fast in Columbus

Take advantage of The Ohio State University. With over 65,000 students, the demand for student or teacher housing is high. Homes that can easily be marketed to students, professors, researchers, or faculty will always be in demand here.

Can you walk to campus from your home? Is it close enough for a professor or faculty member to commute? If your home has multiple bedrooms, it may also make a great investment property. Investors are always looking for off-market opportunities that they can close fast.

Know who your most likely buyers are. If you are further away from obvious employment centers: downtown, the university, hospitals, or other large businesses, take the time to know your target market. Just like an obvious property near campus would make great student housing, something farther away may be a perfect starter home for a young family.

Conversely, young professionals may be looking for a townhouse or condo as a first home. They will want to be in trendier neighborhoods with access to entertainment and dining. Take advantage of these factors and use them to market to specific buyers.

Don’t hesitate to make the necessary improvements. Yes, you are trying to sell your home fast and get as much value out of it as possible. But simple, cost-effective improvements will create value with little effort. A fresh coat of paint can instantly make your home more attractive. Removing any clutter and opening up living spaces will make it easy for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Make it easy for buyers to see the potential of your home by making initial improvements.

An experienced real estate agent will also know whether you should take the time to make those repairs and improve your home or if it is best to accept a quick all-cash offer. The local market dynamics and characteristics of your home will largely determine how quickly you can sell.

Beware of “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies and iBuyers

If you spend enough time researching how to sell your home fast, you will undoubtedly come across offers to buy your home unseen for all cash. Beware of these buyers. They utilize a number of online resources and exist simply to make a profit. Their goal is almost always to take advantage of desperate buyers and acquire homes for bargain prices.

While this may seem like a convenient and quick option, the reality is you are leaving too much value on the table. In a market like Columbus, an all-cash buyer will purchase your home, and with minimal investment, flip it at an average listing price of 6% higher than purchase.

By going with this quick and fast option you are potentially leaving $10,000 or more on the table simply for convenience. A Clever Partner Agent will have the network and experience to get you a quick turnaround while saving you money without leaving any on the table.

Importance of Partnering with an Expert, Local Real Estate Agent

It may be tempting to list your home as “For Sale By Owner,” but the odds are you are still missing out on profit from your home sale. Not only is losing value likely, but the process of dealing with inspections, title documents, and other details of the transaction are also overwhelming for many. Let an expert take care of that for you.

A Clever Partner Agent is a local expert who can guide you through the current market conditions and educate you on the necessary steps to prepare your home for a quick sale. They’ll know if there is currently a lot of homes listed on the market or if inventory is low. Pricing your home and how quickly it will sell are largely determined by these factors.

Clever partners with top-rated real estate agents from major brands and regional brokerages (Keller Williams, Century 21, RE/MAX, etc.) in Columbus who are experts at selling home quickly — and for top dollar. More importantly, you’ll get considerable cost savings as well.

Clever can help you sell your house quickly without losing you a fortune in fees. A Clever Partner Agent will help you get a proper valuation and fair market price, all for a flat fee of $3,000 or 1% if the home sells for more than $350,000. Not only is that a lot better than an iBuyer’s cut, but it comes with the expert guidance and sales ability of a top-performing, full-service seller’s agent.