Find An Agent Leads: Reviews, Pros & Cons, Better Alternatives leads promises real estate agents affordable leads that provide reliable business, but it can sometimes cost more than you think. Let’s look at the pros and cons of’s program and discuss the alternatives. leads promises real estate agents affordable leads that provide reliable business, but it can sometimes cost more than you think. Let’s look at the pros and cons of’s program and discuss the alternatives.

Every real estate agent knows that generating qualified leads is one of the most important — and the most time-consuming — part of the job. Without qualified leads, there is no business. But spending hours and days sifting through endless leads, trying to determine whether they’re qualified can mean time lost.

Time is money, and that’s especially true in the real estate industry.

It’s no surprise, then, that to avoid the endless hours of searching for leads, many realtors sign up for programs like’s to get leads. But what have past customers said about the program? What are the pros and cons? And are there better alternatives?

Program Overview has a lead generation program called Connections Plus. It allows realtors to sign up and it promises a steady stream of buyer leads. It’s marketed as a way to save time and it’s very similar to other programs that offer lead generation services.

Realtors who want to save time can sign up with and pay a monthly fee. That monthly fee affords them leads sent to their inbox. You can nurture and close those leads as you see fit.

However, reviews are mixed as to how well this program performs and whether or not it’s the best choice. To help you make an informed decision, we looked at actual reviews by real estate agents who have used the service and came up with the pros and cons of’s program.

Benefits of Leads

The realtors who have found success using’s Connections program said they received a steady flow of leads.

They’ve also like being able to receive leads directly to their inbox to save them time. Most agree the program should be used with your other marketing efforts, not as a replacement for them.

Drawbacks of Leads

Unfortunately, there seem to be far more real estate agents who have had a less-than-favorable experience with’s lead generation program, mainly because of the cost.

The cheapest subscription costs around $200 a month, and if you don’t pay extra for exclusivity, you get significantly fewer leads. Most zip codes are already taken, and buying into more expensive markets is proportionately more expensive.

What’s more, there’s no dedicated representative to help you along the way, so each time you call customer service you’ll be talking to a different person.

In online reviews, many agents stated they went months without a single lead. Additionally, the leads aren’t vetted and you’re required to lock in a one-year commitment. That means even if you’re not getting your money’s worth, you can’t cancel.

Agents who do receive tons of leads and are able to close deals with some are paying thousands of dollars a month, in most cases, which makes it infeasible for many realtors.

Also, it’s worth noting that while sound like they’re affiliated with the National Association of Realtors and the NAR logo is on their site, but they’re not technically affiliated with the NAR anymore. They’re just allowed to use their branding.

Better Alternatives

A better alternative to lead generation programs that require no upfront payment is to work with a company like Clever who allows real estate agents to pay only when a lead converts.

Clever provides Partner Agents with high-quality buyer and seller leads with no upfront costs, saving you time and energy on marketing and client acquisition. Clever’s leads are highly vetted, so they’re far more likely to end in a sale.

All you’re required to do is pay Clever a referral fee when the deal actually closes, which ensures a high ROI. You’ll never spend money on leads that don’t close.

Get in touch with Clever today to find out more information about becoming a Partner Agent.


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