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Nationwide Homeowners Insurance: Costs, Coverage, & Reviews

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance offers more extensive home coverage than some other companies. Extended replacement coverage, credit card protection and other features are included. See if your home is a good fit for their insurance program.

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance offers more extensive home coverage than some other companies. Extended replacement coverage, credit card protection and other features are included. See if your home is a good fit for their insurance program.

Nationwide is one of the largest and best-rated insurers in the United States. While better known for auto insurance, they are also competitive in homeowner insurance. If you want high quality and comprehensive coverage, this company is one to consider.

Coverage Types

Nationwide's policies all provide coverage that meet HO-3 insurance requirements. While their rates are not as low as some options, their coverage is very comprehensive.

Their standard policy coverage includes dwelling coverage for the cost to rebuild or repair your home in the event of damage. This includes other structures located on the property.

Nationwide offers replacement cost plus insurance. With this, the policy pays up to 20% above your property coverage limit if your home needs to be rebuilt after a loss.

If you have stolen or damaged personal belongings you have coverage. Coverage for these items is based on the replacement cost value. Replacement cost value is the amount it would cost you to replace the item with a comparable item today.

Nationwide offers replacement coverage and calls their coverage, "Brand New Belongings" coverage in their policies. It's not that different from standard extended replacement coverage for personal property.

The twist is that they offer you the depreciated amount up front. And they then reimburse you the difference it takes to buy the new version or repair the original.

"Loss of use" insurance covers your expenses of living somewhere else due to the damage to your home.

Your medical coverage insurance will protect you in the event of lawsuits. Should someone get injured on your property, this provides coverage for damages.

Also included in their standard insurance is credit card coverage. This coverage pays up to a set limit for unauthorized transactions on credit cards and ATM cards. It also covers forged checks and counterfeit money.

More Features

Nationwide offers a Better Roof Replacement option to include in your policy. This option is available if the damage to your roof is severe enough to warrant a whole new replacement. They will reimburse you for the materials and costs to rebuild a stronger roof.

Sewer water backup coverage is an option that is available. It covers damage from sewer or drains that backup into the home. For older homes, this can be very helpful. Older plumbing can have issues at some point.

The company also has a policy called Valuables Plus. This protects coin collections, jewelry and art collections, to name a few, from loss or damage.

Earthquake insurance is not part of the their standard policy. It is an available option to have included in your policy.

They also offers identity theft protection. It's a way to keep your personal data secure from the increasing risks and cybercrimes.

Best Homes for Nationwide Insurance

Not all insurance companies are equal. Finding the right insurance for you and your home is the goal.


  • Nationwide is a good choice to look at if you are looking for extensive, full coverage.
  • Do you need extra endorsements? Nationwide offers standard additions like earthquake, flood and umbrella liability insurance.
  • The company has an "A+" rating by A.M. Best.


If cost is your main focus, Nationwide’s policies may be pricier than some other options.

It can be difficult to understand all the features of homeowners’ insurance. It's even harder to decide what's best for you when looking to buy a home. But one of the most important decisions you make to protect your home is choosing insurance.

If you are thinking about buying a new home, but unsure of how to get started, consider talking to an experienced real estate agent as a first step. A good agent can help you understand your insurance options as well as help you find the best home to buy.

They'll guide you through the entire process, from house hunting and applying for a loan to negotiations and closing. Your agent will help ensure a great outcome while minimizing the stress along the way. Find a great agent today to help make your home buying process as easy as possible.


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