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March 3rd, 2021


There are dozens on online services that claim to help clients buy and sell homes, but do any of them work? We dive into MyAgentFinder to figure out just how their business model works for clients. Here’s what you need to know when you’re searching for an experienced local agent.

MyAgentFinder is an online service for connecting buyers and sellers with agents from all around the country. By filling out an online form, buyers and sellers are quickly matched up with agents for a no obligation phone consultation. It’s fast and hassle-free, which attracts lots of people who find real estate transactions stressful.

Advertising a quick transaction might seem too good to be true for any homeowners who have gone through the buying and selling cycle before with an agent. But, it’s important to figure out just how much value you get as a consumer in the end. Here’s everything you need to know about MyAgentFinder and what kind of service it provides.

How Does MyAgentFinder Actually Work

MyAgentFinder collects a ton of data from home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents and processes it through their various products. MyAgentFinder is the main hub for buyers and sellers. Meanwhile, they own a subscription service called Agentology that agents pay to get access to.

MyAgentFinder offers free consultations to buyers and sellers. The main goal of their site is to collect information that they sell as real estate leads to the agents who work with them.

To get access to their lead software, subscription fees start at $395 a month, which can be a fraction of a single sale commission for a talented agent. Agents get 24/7 instant responses from staff and live transfers to leads who are ready to buy or to sell. However, each lead after the initial 50 offered costs $5 to get access.

For a premium of $795 a month, a whole team gets access to the software and gets a batch of 150 leads. This allows three team members to get access at once.

For an additional $100, they offer a service called CallConnect. This allows for integrated phone services for realtors with one number connecting the entire operation. CallConnect includes follow up with SMS and phone services.

Find a realtor who's invested in helping you.

Clever can partner you with a top local agent in your area.

What Their Business Model Means for Buyers and Sellers

Because their main service is to sell access to leads, they don’t do a lot of vetting of their agents. Agents willing to pay for access to leads get to work with whatever clients they’re interested in. This can lead to a range of quality between agents that’s unreliable for clients.

MyAgentFinder is a resource to search for agents but doesn’t advertise any of the benefits of other online real estate companies like lower commissions or quick close times. Their main benefit is to offer fast and free consultations.

Why Clever Is the #1 Alternative MyAgentFinder

Instead of charging by the lead, Clever vets each of its agent and pairs agents with buyers and sellers on an individual basis. This means that buyers and sellers only work with the best agents in their region. It also means that agents are paired with people who are ready to make a deal.

Clever has no upfront fees for agents, just a referral fee at the close of the deal, standard in similar real estate transactions. This means that agents will feel less apt to pressure their clients into something that clients aren’t 100% excited about because they lose no money if you decide not to work with them.

Clever Partner Agents also offer financial benefits to both buyers and sellers. Sellers who work with Clever pay a flat fee of just $3,000 for homes over $150,000 or 1% seller’s agent commission for any sale that exceeds $350,000. Buyers working Clever may also qualify for Clever Cash Back: up to 0.5% of the sale price after the sale is final, depending on the sale price and the state you're in.

For buyers and sellers who are looking to save real money on their next real estate transaction, Clever is the best option. Our Partner Agents are local market experts, bringing years of experience to your next transaction. Connect with Clever and we’ll pair you with an agent who knows how to sell a property like yours.

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