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Luxury Real Estate Agent Spotlight: James Harris

James Harris is well known for his British charm and his success as a Los Angeles luxury realtor. What does it take to buy and sell luxury real estate, and how can you save money during the process? Find out more below.
James Harris is well known for his British charm and his success as a Los Angeles luxury realtor. What does it take to buy and sell luxury real estate, and how can you save money during the process? Find out more below.

If there’s someone who seemed born to be in business, it was James Harris. Born and raised in London, England, he began in real estate at only 16. He spent several years as a residential insurance agent before trading London for sunny Los Angeles.

Harris is well-known from his work with Bond Street Partners and The Agency, where he works with David Parnes. Harris and Parnes have also been featured on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Harris now sells luxury real estate throughout the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, Sunset Strip, and the Hollywood Hills.

Having an experienced realtor on your side is essential if you plan to sell a luxury home or you’re planning to buy high-end real estate. If you’d like help from a top-rated agent while saving money on the transaction, let Clever help today.

The Skills of a Luxury Realtor

Not just anyone can succeed at selling high-end real estate. They need an extensive network of high-net-worth individuals who are interested in buying or selling multi-million dollar homes.

Great luxury realtors need excellent marketing skills. You can’t expect a property to sell itself at these prices — agents need to point out what’s truly special. Each multi-million dollar home will have unique features that make it hard to sell to just anyone. At the same time, these features will make it stand out from the competition to the right buyer.

Finally, these realtors need to understand the market. You might think in a place like Los Angeles, the market timing wouldn’t matter. After all, it’s nice all year! However, that’s not true. Different months are more favorable than others. A change of just 1% in sales price can mean $200,000 on a $20 million home. That’s a lot of money to lose from poor timing.

Why James Harris Is One of the Best Luxury Realtors

What makes Harris such an excellent luxury agent? The British charm doesn’t hurt, but of course, it goes much deeper than that.

Harris and his business partner have a no-nonsense approach to closing deals that makes them easy for buyers and sellers to deal with. They have extensive connections and have worked with producers, celebrities, agents, and heads of major companies.

Harris has won a variety of awards, including being one of Variety’s Showbiz Real Estate Elite in 2015, 2017, and 2018. The partners are also highly ranked on various lists of top agents and top dealmakers in the country.

There’s no doubt that a high-net-worth individual looking to buy or sell luxury real estate would be well served by working with James Harris.

What Does it Cost to Sell a Luxury Home?

High-profile, celebrity service comes at a price. But, you might be surprised to find that luxury real estate agents often charge a lower percentage commission than their traditional counterparts.

For instance, while you might pay 6% total on a normal home sale, on an average luxury home sale, sellers pay around 4.5%. The listing agent would take 2% and the buyer’s agent 2.5%. While that sounds like a deal, at the price point we’re discussing it’s still a lot of money.

Let’s take a look at a $15 million listing. Paying 4.5% means your commission would be $675,000, which is a significant amount of money. Plus you’ll have other fees to consider as well during the sales process and at closing.

Owning a luxury home doesn’t me you don’t like saving money when you can. When selling your home, there are cost-savings options. You can get a high-quality, full-service experience with a Clever Partner Agent who specializes in luxury for a fraction of the usual cost.

How Clever Helps With Luxury Sales

You need specialized help to sell a luxury home. Fortunately, a Clever Partner Agent can provide the expertise you need at a much lower cost.

Instead of a listing fee of 2%, you’ll pay only 1% to a Partner Agent on homes over $350,000. For a $15 million listing, that will save you $150,000. That’s more profit in your pocket.

Because our Partner Agents get a steady stream of clients, they spend less time and money on marketing themselves and more focused on selling homes. Not only does that improve their expertise, but they’re able to pass the savings on to you.

Interested in buying a luxury home? We have high-end buyer’s agents who partner with us as well. We’ll connect you with an expert in your market who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll benefit from on-demand showings and may even qualify for a Home Buyer Rebate of up to 1% of the sales price if the home sells for more than $500,000.

Regardless of whether you’re selling or buying luxury real estate, Clever can give you the top-level service you deserve while saving you money. Contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation today.


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