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Luxury Real Estate Agent Spotlight: Brendan Fitzpatrick

Who is Brendan Fitzpatrick, and what makes him such a great luxury real estate agent? Find out more about Fitzpatrick along with what it takes to successfully sell a luxury home and how you can save on listing commissions.

Who is Brendan Fitzpatrick, and what makes him such a great luxury real estate agent? Find out more about Fitzpatrick along with what it takes to successfully sell a luxury home and how you can save on listing commissions.

If you're going to sell luxury real estate, it pays to have a lot of experience with the lifestyle and the area where luxury homes are bought and sold. Brendan Fitzpatrick, who works with The Agency, grew up in Bel Air and attended the Buckley School and Montclair Prep.

From the beginning, Fitzpatrick loved real estate and architecture. This passion led to him becoming one of the most successful luxury real estate agents in the Los Angeles area. His clients come from all over the country and even from abroad.

Working with an experienced real estate agent is vital when it comes to selling your luxury real estate listing quickly and for top dollar. You have to reach a very specific market, and you need an agent who understands that.

If you're interested in working with an experienced agent who only charges a 1% listing commission on homes over $350,000, reach out to Clever today.

What It Takes to Sell a Luxury Listing

Selling a luxury home is different than selling a regular house. You're not trying to appeal to a first-time home buyer or an average family who wants to raise kids in a safe neighborhood with good schools. Instead, you're dealing with high-net-worth folks who have particular tastes.

You also need a realtor who understands how to price a luxury property. You definitely don't want someone relying on a price per square foot or another one-size-fits-all method. A luxury home has unique features that require a lot of special experience in pricing.

Finally, you have to time the market very precisely. If you choose a month where homes sell for even just 1% less than usual, you can cost yourself $100,000 on a $10 million listing. That's a lot of money!

Those with a high net worth have some of the same considerations as other buyers, such as getting settled before school starts if they have kids. You also want to focus on a time of year when you can fully showcase the grounds, the pool, and other amenities.

Brendan Fitzpatrick understands the luxury market perfectly because he has lived in Southern California for years. He knows how to take advantage of California's beautiful weather and fantastic views to sell great homes at their best.

Why Brendan Fitzpatrick Is One of the Best Luxury Realtors

What makes Fitzpatrick such a great realtor is his love of luxury real estate. He has spent a lot of time studying what makes these properties unique. He knows the architecture and is excited to showcase the unique aspects of a top-end home.

Fitzpatrick also understands the competition in the Los Angeles area. He completed his very first transaction for over $10 million at age 19, which set a record for the highest sale in the history of Brentwood Park. At the time of this writing, Brendan is barely 30 and his pace hasn't slowed at all.

Another thing that sets Fitzpatrick apart is his extensive network. He has connections across Hollywood, the tech industry, fashion, music, and investing. His friends and associates span the globe, and he works hard to be aware of every notable home in his market.

When you work with Brendan, you have a realtor who's preparing to sell luxury real estate every day.

What It Costs When You List Your Luxury Home

All of the help and expertise you get when selling a luxury home doesn't come cheap. The average listing agent charges 3% (and another 3% goes to the buyer's agent), and though luxury agents charge a bit less, it still adds up to a lot of money.

Instead of paying 3% for the listing commission, with a high-quality luxury agent you may be asked to pay 1.5%-2.5% to your listing agent. You'll pay around 2.5% to the buyer's agent. However, because of the higher prices involved, you'll be paying a lot. Let's take a look at how that affects the numbers when you look at your own profit.

Let's say your home sells for $10 million. Your real estate commission could be around 4.5%, or 450,000 and you'll have other expenses at the closing table as well.

Close to half a million dollars in commissions. However, since it gets you the expertise of the very best, it's worth it. But what if you could pay lower commissions?

The truth is, there are great ways to get expert help with a luxury listing that doesn't cost 4.5%. In fact, the listing commission would be 1%, which brings your total to 3.5%.

Is it worth it? Yes — and here's why.

How Clever Helps With Luxury Sales

When you work with a Clever Partner Agent, you get the expert assistance of the top-rated agents in your area. That includes luxury real estate agents who can help you sell homes that need specialized marketing and sales techniques.

These agents work for major brands you've heard of, so you know you're getting the very best. They are experts in the market that you're in, so if you're not selling in Los Angeles, you're still able to get the high-quality full-service assistance you deserve.

Most of all, you pay far, far less for an incredible sales experience. Our Partner Agents get a steady stream of new clients from Clever, so they spend far less time and money on building their business. Then they can pass the savings on to you!

If you're ready to get the expertise you need in selling your luxury home while keeping more of the profit in your own pocket, contact Clever today!


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