Whether you’re trying to sell your house or simply revamping the space you have, remodeling your space may seem like a good idea. But should you complete a living room remodel?

What are some ideas and how much value will they add? We’ll cover all this and more in this post.

Living Room Remodel

Remodeling your living room can be a very costly endeavor. As one of the most prominent rooms in the house, it’s tempting to go overboard and over budget.

It doesn’t have to be costly, though.

There are quite a few ways that you can spruce up the space without dropping a large chunk of change on the project.

Living Room Remodel Ideas

From changing up the paint colors to knocking out walls, there are many ideas out there when you are looking into redesigning your space.

Check out sites like Pinterest and magazines like Better Homes and Gardens for inspiration on paint and furniture ideas. You’ll find many designer-curated spaces, and one is sure to tickle your fancy.

When looking at these ideas, think about how you would go about completing them in your space. Make sure the remodeling features you are planning on implementing in your own home fit your lifestyle and the layout of your house. You may decide to hire an interior designer to help you plan.

Living Room Upgrade Ideas

Upgrade your living room and add new life with these ideas:

Revamp the Fireplace

Do you have a fireplace that needs a bit of love? You can re-tile or paint the bricks to create a new and modern feel. Add a wide mantelpiece for a more rustic feel. You can use reclaimed wood for the mantel to add even more character to the space.

Add Built-ins

Are you a bookworm? Rather than having a free-standing shelf, why not add some built-in bookcases? These are especially charming on either side of a focal point such as a fireplace or large window.

While you’re at it, you could even add some built-in window seating to create a cozy place to enjoy those books.

Install New Flooring and Paint the Walls

Nothing changes up a room like some fresh paint and new carpet.

Consider getting a neutral color of carpet like a beige to add some warmth to the room. Beige is also great for hiding dirt– meaning less scrubbing out stains for you!

For paint colors, consider a blue or light gray. Both of these colors add a comforting feel to the space and help others feel right at home.

How to Upgrade Your Living Room

Upgrading your living room can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. Here’s how to get started.

Ask Questions

Before you jump head first into upgrading your living room, you should sit down and consider your resources. Ask yourself questions such as:

Taking the time to plan before you dive in will ensure you won’t regret the changes you make.

Use Your Resources

Does the work you are doing require skills that you don’t have? If so, you’ll want to check out local contractors, painters, and designers to find the best ones for the job.

Make a Game Plan

Before you begin, choose the color and style of carpet, paint, and other renovations you want to make. Making changes in the middle of the project can be costly and extend the deadline.

Go Time

Complete what you can and hire out what you can’t. While it may be tempting to save a couple of bucks by hiring a newbie, you’ll want to find someone who really knows what they’re doing to keep the timeline and quality on par.

Increase Home Value Living Room

Will a remodeling your living room add value to your home? That depends. Most small remodels add enough value to pay for most of the renovation, but the more costly ones don’t recoup the value.

For a living room remodel, your best bet is to stick to the basics: some paint, new carpet, and maybe an upgrade the focal point of the room, such as a fireplace. If you want to knock out a few walls or restructure anything, consider the value it’ll add to the house when you go to sell.

Living Room Renovation

Remodeling your living room can be a long process, but the value and appeal it can add to your house are phenomenal. Take the time in advance to prepare to make sure the process runs as smooth as possible.

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