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How to Make Your House Look Nice for an Open House

Are you about to organize an open house? Read on for tips that can help you spruce up the property and impress local buyers in the process.
Are you about to organize an open house? Read on for tips that can help you spruce up the property and impress local buyers in the process.

Done right, open houses can instantly have multiple buyers clamoring to make an offer. But before that can happen, you need to have the house looking nice and ready for visitors.

Preparing a house for an open house takes attention to detail and an understanding of what buyers are looking for in your area. Working with an experienced, local real estate agent gives you an advisor who can let you know what to do for buyers in your specific market.

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In the meantime, here's how to make an impact on buyers who show up for an open house.

Maximize Curb Appeal.

What is curb appeal? It's how your house looks from the street and the impact it has on people looking at its exterior. Since the facade is the first thing people will see, it's essential that you invest time in maximizing the curb appeal of your house.

There are many different ways in which you can go about making a great first impression on buyers. A new coat of paint can do wonders to the way your house looks at first glance. Similarly, outdoor lighting is another addition that can make your house really pop when viewed from the street.

It's also important to address functional issues when thinking about curb appeal. You don't want visitors looking at your house and seeing cracks in the walls or damaged windows. Tend to those issues well before you organize an open house.

Clean. And Clean Again.

None of the other things on this list will mean anything if your house isn't clean. It's imperative that homeowners keep their house clean and smelling fresh before an open house.

The easiest way to get a head start while cleaning your house is to first declutter the rooms. The fewer items you have lying around, the fewer things you'll need to clean and arrange. Take some time to audit what is in each room and put away any elements that don't absolutely need to be there.

Don't forget about the bathroom when you're cleaning the house. Serious buyers are sure to step into the bathrooms to take a look. Apart from keeping the floors dry and clean, ensure that the faucets and lights are functional and that elements like the towel rack and other fittings aren't dirty.

Depersonalize Your Home.

An open house isn't just about showcasing your house to interested buyers; it's also about helping them envision living in your house and making it their own. They won't be able to do that if they're constantly met with elements that remind them who the current owners of the home are.

While decluttering, pay attention to items that have your personal stamp on them. Put away any family photos, paintings, and personal souvenirs that you have lying around. The more you can take out of each room, the less crowded it will look to visitors.

Make Necessary Repairs.

The functional aspects of your home matter just as much as the cosmetic ones during an open house. Homeowners should make repairs to fix any obvious issues there are with key home components.

Start by addressing some of the more obvious problems. Loose handles or cracked steps may not seem like a major problem, but they register as shortcomings in the buyer's mind. So make sure you pay attention to details when determining which parts of the home require repairs.

Where you live will also play a part when you decide what kind of repairs to make leading up to an open house. If you live in a part of the country that has harsh winters, for example, buyers are certain to check whether the HVAC is functional.

This is where understanding what buyers are looking for is important so that you can address those issues before an open house.

Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen.

As part of a study on home shopping, asked homeowners which room in the house they considered the most important space. Across age groups, it was the kitchen that was selected as the most important room in the house. 80% of the participants mentioned the kitchen in their list of the top three most important spaces.

The study shows that people give special importance to the kitchen. This is helpful if you're preparing for an open house. Sellers can make a big impact on prospective buyers by presenting a kitchen that is roomy and functional.

Clean your kitchen thoroughly just like you would any other room before an open house. But when cleaning the kitchen, also focus on keeping it odor-free. Clear the kitchen counters of coffee makers, toasters, or anything else that you use personally. Fresh flowers or new cookbooks can add a nice touch to the kitchen without making it seem cluttered.

Hiring a real estate agent can help you decide what you need to do to prepare for an open house. Experienced agents interact with buyers and sellers daily and know what can be done to sell a house for top dollar.

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