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How to Get Dog Smell Out of Your House Before You Sell

Figuring out how to get the dog smell out of your house before you sell is an essential step to listing your home. It's vital to put a home on the market that feels welcoming to both buyers and their pets. Follow our guide to fix the smell and get your home sold fast.

Figuring out how to get the dog smell out of your house before you sell is an essential step to listing your home. It's vital to put a home on the market that feels welcoming to both buyers and their pets. Follow our guide to fix the smell and get your home sold fast.

When your family and your favorite canine are moving into a new home, it's important that you leave no trace of yourself behind.

First, new homeowners want to move into a place that smells like nothing in particular. Secondly, dogs have powerful noses that can pick up the presence of another pet, their fur, and dander even if the other animal has been out of the house for a while. This can prevent buyers' pets from feeling at home.

Make sure you follow this guide for getting the dog smell out of your house before your real estate agent starts bringing people by.

Wash the Linens and Fabrics

If you're staging your home with your own current furniture, you need to make sure that you scrub everything in the home clean. A piece of furniture can quickly pick up scents from pets, so you'll need to wash all of the fabric in your home.

This includes curtains, pillows, or anything that your dog has had contact with. Everything that's machine washable should go through the laundry at least once.

Even your clothing can pick up dog scents that you don't notice. It's best to wash everything that you can. Some dogs smell more strongly than others, even if they're given baths often.

Take the time to clean all the fabric to ensure that you don't turn off any potential home buyers with the smell of your dog.

Steam Your Carpets

Even if your carpets are a little worn down, you might not want to deal with tearing them up before you sell your home. It can be stressful and labor-intensive. Vacuuming might seem like it picks up a lot but it can leave a lot behind.

Steam cleaners have the power to take out odors that are deep in the fibers of your carpet. If you're not using the power of a steamer to clean your carpet, you're never going to truly get the scent of your pets out of your home.

One thing to remember is that you should be using pet-friendly chemicals when you clean. This can be challenging if your pet is still living in the home. Put them in the garage or into a single room rather than letting them get onto the wet carpet.

If your dog starts walking around the carpet while it's still wet, the scent might come back.

Wash Pet Bedding

If your dog spends hours on its bed each day, it could be the source of a lot of smelliness. In fact, even a small pet bed that isn't washed frequently can end up becoming the source of a powerful odor. The saliva, dirt, and dander that come off your pet when it's sleeping can all contribute to a smelly home.

Wash the core and the exterior of your dog's bed if possible. You should also start bathing your pet as often as your vet suggest to keep your dog from bringing the smell back to your home.

For sellers who haven't listed their house on the market yet, it could be a good time to toss out old bedding and replace it. If you're buying a new bed, try using a stain repellent. This can make it easier to keep the scent off when your dog is on its bed.

Replace HVAC Filters

The filters in your home take in air and filter out debris. But they can also contribute to strange smells as they take in and collect your dog's hair, dander, and the debris they drag into the house.

Changing your air filters is thankfully one of the easiest tasks for homeowners to take on. Go to the areas where your air intake starts and look at the current rating of the air filters you have. They usually have a make and model prominently listed on the filter to help you find a new one at your local hardware store.

Let Some Air in

Stale air can be toxic for your home sale, both literally and figuratively. Even if the most volatile thing in the air is your pet's fur, keeping the windows closed all year can leave your home smelling strange.

After you've done some cleaning, let fresh air in. For homes that have an attic fan, this is the time to run it. Taking this effort to freshen the air can make your realtor's job easier and get them working harder for you.

Obviously, this can be hard if you have a dog that's likely to run off on you. Make sure you keep a pet gate closed and keep your pet from running out into the street.

After You've Figured Out How to Get The Dog Smell Out of Your House

Getting the dog smell out of your house is a real challenge but it helps your home sell faster and for more money. When you've cleaned and renovated everything from top to bottom, it's time to call an experienced local agent who can ensure that you get every penny that your home is worth. Clever Partner Agents offer their full services for a flat-fee commission or just 1% of any home that sells over $350,000.


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