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How to Fire a Real Estate Agent: 5 Thing Buyers Need to Know

Firing a real estate agent may be a reality you’ll have to deal with if your home search or buying journey has been littered with complications. Find out everything you need to know about when and how to fire your real estate agent if they’re not living up to your expectations.
How to Fire a Real Estate Agent: 5 Thing Buyers Need to Know

While real estate agents are often considered a valuable part of the buying process, sometimes you'll find yourself with an agent who doesn't seem to understand you or what you're hoping to accomplish.

The good news is, you're not stuck with an agent just because you've been working with them for a while, and it is possible to fire your real estate agent and find another agent better suited to your needs.

Before jumping the gun, however, there are a few things buyers should consider when planning to fire their agent.

1. Talk to Your Agent

While you might be fed up with your agent, it never hurts to vocalize your frustration before deciding on a course of action. Are you not getting the results you hoped for? Are you tired of waiting days to weeks to view homes you love, only to have other buyers make an offer before you have a chance to? Let your agent know what your frustrations are so they can work to make them better.

If you were casually looking to find a home, your agent might not be rushing to get you in at your top choices. Or, if the home is out of your budget, your agent might be spending their time searching for homes that meet your financial needs. Having an open discussion might help you realize what your real estate agent is doing on your behalf, and could improve your overall communication.

2. Understand Your Rights

Many buyers agents will work with a buyer without an official agreement. This means if things head south and you decide they're not the right agent for you, you can generally hit the brakes or fire them altogether without needing to submit any official forms or requests.

If you are asked to sign any paperwork, it's best to protect yourself and ask if the other party will agree to a mutual release policy. This allows both of you to withdraw from the agreement with mutual consent. If you're unhappy with your agent, chances are they also sense the friction and will likely step down, rather than deal with a client who doesn't want to work with them.

If you've already signed an agreement and your agent won't easily back away, it's best to talk to an attorney about your options.

3. Make Your Expectations Clear

It can be hard to achieve a buyer's expectations if they aren't well known. Be sure to research your agreement (if one exists) so you can clearly show your agent the areas you think aren't being addressed.

For instance, maybe the actual home search is going well, but you're frustrated by your agent's lack of communication. Voice these concerns and let your real estate agent know your expectations before kicking them to the curb.

4. Fill Out a Termination Agreement

I you've filled out a Buyer's Agency Agreement and decide there's no way you can continue working with your current agent, it's best to ask to be released from this agreement by requesting a Termination of Buyer Agency.

Be sure to fill out this termination form promptly and thoroughly and be professional with your responses, so they can more effectively look into the agent's shortcomings. Bad-mouthing an agent won't help anyone in the matter, but offering constructive feedback can help them learn from their mistakes and grow in the future.

5. Find a New Agent

If you're buying a home, you'll want to find a talented agent who can help you view new listings quickly, offer financial advice, and help you navigate through the entire buying process. When searching for a new agent, be sure to mention the issues you had with your previous agent, so the new representative can be sure not to repeat those mistakes.

Let your new agent know what's most important to you during the buying process, so they'll be prepared to fulfill your expectations.

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Kristen Klempert
Kristen Klempert

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