How to Find a Top-Selling Realtor Near You (In-Depth Walkthrough)


Luke Babich


December 1st, 2020


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If one of your New Year’s resolutions in 2019 is selling your home then you’re in luck.

We’ve created a quick tutorial walking you through the process of finding a top selling agent (also known as a listing agent) in your area.

Before diving into the walkthrough, here is what sets top-selling realtors apart from the rest of the pack.

What is a top-selling Realtor?

Obviously, a top-selling Realtor lists and sells more homes in a given area than other agents, but even more importantly, it’s the attention to detail they bring to each listing that earns them this title.

A top-selling agent not only prices your home to sell but brings the required negotiation experience to help you net the most money at the closing table.

In addition to pricing and negotiation, top-selling agents know how to market homes. Your home will be visible on all the online portals that home buyers and buyer’s agents frequent.

Top-selling agents also know how to stage your home to sell, conduct an open house that attracts qualified buyers, and a large network of buyer’s agents that can reach out to about your listing.

Finding A Top-Selling Realtor Near You

Finding a highly experienced listing agent in your area has never been easier.

Using the Agent Finder tool on Zillow, you’ll be able to find top selling agents in seconds.

Below is a walkthrough that will help you navigate the Agent Finder tool and find Top Selling Realtors.

Step 1: Navigate to Zillow’s Agent Finder.

You can find the Agent Finder by going to Zillow, and clicking “Agent Finder” in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2: Enter your location.

Simply put in an address, city, zip code, or neighborhood to get started.

Step 3: Select “Selling a home” under the Service Needed tab.

This filters out agents that that do not specialize in listing and selling homes.

Step 4: Enter a few details about your home.

Although not required, this step helps Zillow narrow their search criteria. This means that you’ll get agents that have the most experience listing homes with both a similar price range and type.

In addition, you can select the agents specialty. In the case of finding a top selling realtor, you’ll want to choose listing agent.

Step 5: Sort through your options.

There are four different options here, each of which mean something a bit different.

“Most active” means that this agent has a high number of listings on the market.

“Most recent sales” means that this agent has sold a high number of homes recently.

“Best local reviews” means that this agent has tons of positive feedback from clients.

“Most listings” means that the agent has a high number of combined active and closed listings.

Step 6: Pick an agent!

If you’ve reached step six you’ll no doubt have a list of highly qualified and top selling agents on your screen to choose from.

In most cases, these agents are traditional agents or full-commission agents, meaning that listing your home will cost on average 6%.

The 6% commission is distributed evenly among both the listing agent (your agent) and the buyer’s agent (the agent that brings the buyer).

If you’re looking to save on listing commission, Clever partners with many of the top selling agents you’ll find in your Zillow search, but for almost half the normal commission.

With Clever you’ll pay just $3,000 or 1% to list your home. Homeowners that list with Clever save an average of $10,000 at the closing table and get the same full-service experience you would normally get paying 6%.

If you’d like to learn more about saving on listing commission, give us a call or reach out in the chat in the bottom right.

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