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How to Find a Probate Real Estate Agent: An Ultimate Guide

Dealing with the loss of friends and family is hard enough without the complexity of what follows. Transferring property and assets involve long and drawn-out legal processes. Having an experienced local agent in your corner ensures that your probate process is quick and stress-free.
Dealing with the loss of friends and family is hard enough without the complexity of what follows. Transferring property and assets involve long and drawn-out legal processes. Having an experienced local agent in your corner ensures that your probate process is quick and stress-free.

When a house is in probate, the court supervises a transaction to transfer the home’s rights and responsibilities to the decedent’s heirs. Given how complicated probate laws are, those who inherit property get overwhelmed during an already trying time.

An experienced local probate agent will ensure that you or your family struggle with any of the possible snags of the probate process. Connect with one now to avoid the headache of probate.

Here’s how you find a probate real estate agent you can trust.

Consider Their Specialty

In every corner of real estate, different agents have their specialties. The best residential real estate agent in your region might market and sell homes well, but without experience in probate law, they aren’t the right fit for your situation.

Find out how many transactions they’ve performed. If they don’t give you details on the situations they’ve been through, it’s hard to know if they can handle your transaction.

More than likely, agents will advertise that they can handle probate real estate, but that doesn’t mean that they understand the complexity of these transactions. Using the wrong forms or not completing the procedure correctly will keep the judge from closing out the probate.

Ask Them to Help You Understand the Differences

If you’ve already looked into the differences between traditional sales and probate sales, you don’t need to quiz your agent. It could come off as rude. However, if you’re going through this process for the first time, they should be able to walk you through the nuances. This will give you a chance to see how clearly they communicate.

Selling real estate during probate requires jumping through more hoops than a standard real estate transaction. Making the process easy for you to understand now means you won’t be inundating them with questions later. It also means you can make decisions that help facilitate the process.

Difficulties arise during probate transactions all the time. If your agent can’t communicate clearly now, they won’t be able to communicate during moments of stress or legal challenges.

Ask About Certifications

As alluded to above, the knowledge that your agent has about probate can be just a passing knowledge of the law. Having certifications and qualifications can ensure that they’ll file everything within the timeline that probate transactions require.

There are probate specific services and specialized training in probate that teach agents about dealing with the complexity of probate sales. Agents who’ve received the CPRES training are qualified to handle court confirmation procedures to ensure the sale goes through.

There are a few states that offer their own state-specific training. Find out if your state has a unique process that has unique requirements. While they don’t need to walk you through all of the training and education they have, agents who’ve made probate their specialty will offer some insight into their education.

References Matter

Whether you look them up on LinkedIn or ask them directly, finding the references can help you make your decision. An agent who has a specialty in probate sales should be able to offer names of attorneys or administrators that they’ve done business with in the past.

Contact references and ask lots of specific questions about the type of transaction you’re looking for help with.

Marketing Is a Challenge

It should be clear by now that probate sales are different from traditional real estate sales, so it’s easy to imagine that marketing can be very different. Marketing a home in probate requires a fairly aggressive approach.

Agents who’ve marketed a home in probate before should have some materials on hand to present. Even just a few examples of posts can give you insight. However, seeing hard data on when a home was posted, how long it took to get an offer, what the asking price was, and what it sold for helps you make a better decision.

This is especially important in cases where the seller doesn’t live in the region where the home is located. You need an agent who can help you understand the local market.

How Do You Find an Experienced Local Probate Agent?

Finding an experienced local probate real estate agent is hard when you’re trying to complete a probate transaction remotely. However, when you work with Clever, you get access to our network of experienced local agents who know how to sell a home in every market. Whether you’re going through probate in your community or halfway across the country, Clever Partner Agents have the knowledge and experience to ensure to sell your home.

Contact us today to be linked with an agent who has years of experience and who will guarantee a hassle-free, full-service sale for a fraction of the cost.


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