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How To Choose A Realtor – The Right Way

June 08 2018
by Leisl Bailey

choosing a real estate agent the right way

Advice on choosing a realtor is everywhere. People will tell to select your brother or your friend. Many will tell you how they found their realtor from an advertisement board at the library or a Wednesday Bunco club. They may tell you to go to your local Bunco club to find your realtor. While playing card games are fun as a gathering, it is no place for you to be looking for your realtor. There are many opinions as to choosing your realtor, but we know how to choose a realtor- the right way.

Why use a realtor?

Maybe you’re an expert in all things real estate. If you are, you probably know the neighborhood you are looking to buy or sell in like the back of your hand. You also are most likely well versed in CMAs, market trends, and negotiating sale prices. You also most likely enjoy filling out paperwork and crafting contingencies in your free time.


If you are all of those things, you probably don’t need a realtor.


If you don’t happen to work in the housing market every single day and don’t make it your goal to know every great restaurant in the area, then you would benefit from a realtor. If you don’t keep tabs on great buys in the area, investors looking for a steal of a deal, or know how to file the paperwork for a 1031 exchange , then you would benefit from a realtor. If you just lack the time or don’t especially want to take the time to list your home, market it to the world, schedule open houses, and negotiate sale price– then you would benefit from a realtor. In short, if you are looking for an expert to save you time and money while selling or buying your home, you need a realtor.


What makes a good realtor?

Regular realtors will list your home or send you a weekly list of homes to browse and weed through. Good realtors will spread the word about your home far and wide or will recognize that you love 1930’s woodwork and find homes with it in pristine shape. So what is the difference? What divides your average realtor from the top realtors ? A dedication and passion for service.


A good realtor will put you– not their commission — first. They will show you every home on the block if it means you find the home of your dreams. Good realtors will help you scrape wallpaper off the walls at 11 PM to make the deal go through by the following afternoon. They won’t disappear after the sale, either. You’ll get a holiday card or an email, just checking in to see how you love your new place. A good realtor doesn’t just stay a realtor; they become part of the family.


How to Choose a Realtor to Buy a Home


Hopefully, we’ve established that you want a realtor that treats you right. How do you go about finding this Real Estate Charming? Read on, my friend.


Ask for Recommendations

Reaching out to your network for excellent real estate professionals is a great way to hear about experiences. Don’t just choose a realtor that someone decided to offer up because they’re a friend. Choose a realtor that has a track record of success. That track record could be shooting down a bidding war with one excellent offer the seller couldn’t refuse, and it was still a steal of a deal. It could also be helping your mom find her dream home in the best location for watching the sunset. Listen for realtors who still make their clients smile just remembering the service they gave. Those are the realtors to hunt down and work with. Some other ways to find these top-tier agents is to look at online reviews and to use search sites like Clever.

Service + Price = Value

Everyone can get above and beyond service– for a price. The trick is finding that level of service in YOUR price range. You may be thinking, “Hey, I’m the buyer! I don’t need to pay the realtor anything– the seller will!” Except you are paying the seller for the house which is the money the seller then uses to pay the bill. Beyond that, however, what if you got money back just from using the realtor you love? Yes, it’s possible, and it doubles the value of the realtor. You could find a fantastic realtor if you tried really hard, but could you find a realtor who is amazing and gives you money back anywhere else? Probably not.


How to Choose a Realtor to Sell a Homeinterview realtor

Selling your home is where using a realtor usually gets pricey. Even with the caliber of real estate professional that we’ve been discussing, many still look into listing the home themselves . Often, this results in frustration, time loss, and shelling out more money. So let’s get off that train while we can and dive into choosing a realtor to sell your home.

Choosing a realtor to sell your home is, in many ways, the same as selecting a realtor to help you purchase a home. You go through your network, interview candidates, look up ratings, and eventually decide on “the one.” The difference between deciding on an agent to buy with and locating a realtor to sell with is to take into consideration the price you are paying for the service they are providing. This is where a flat fee realtor comes in.


Selling with a Flat Fee Realtor

Working with a flat fee realtor combines the service of a top agent with the price of a discount agent . Flat fee realtors go the extra mile in listing and selling your house. They don’t make you pay a significant portion of the profits to them, either. You may be wondering how they can afford to work for a flat fee and still provided the level of service they provide. The answer is volume. Many flat fee realtors have no problem getting clients. Therefore, they don’t need to make a quarter of their yearly salary from the sale of your home. This leaves them free to help you in any way they can for a comfortable price.

Now that you’ve learned the right way to choose a realtor, you will never be able to go back to a regular agent without wondering in some space of your brain, “How much money would I be saving if I had chosen a realtor the right way?” Choosing a realtor the wrong way brings frustration and the loss of hard-earned money. Don’t be afraid to speak up and get the realtor that is right for you.


Stumbling over your feet when it comes to choosing a realtor? We’ve done the hard work for you. Clever takes out the guesswork when choosing a real estate agent because we only have agents with great reviews. Bada-bing! Now all you need to do is sit down and choose between them. Call us today at   1-833-2-CLEVER or fill out our online form to get started.

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