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How to Add Value to Your Home with a Backyard Pergola

Looking for ways to enjoy your backyard as much as you enjoy your home? The good news is that a backyard pergola can make your property more enjoyable for you and add value for any potential buyers when you sell. Here are the details on adding value with a pergola.

Looking for ways to enjoy your backyard as much as you enjoy your home? The good news is that a backyard pergola can make your property more enjoyable for you and add value for any potential buyers when you sell. Here are the details on adding value with a pergola.

There's a lot you can do to make entertain there at home more enjoyable. While a lot of people focus on adding value by renovating inside, why stop there? Adding to your outdoor living experience can be a great way to liven up your yard, make entertaining easier, and even add value to your home.

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Ready to add a pergola? Here's what you need to know.

Create an Attractive Structure

If you want your backyard pergola to add value to your home, be sure it's attractive. You don't want to rush up a cheap-looking structure or try to DIY your own design. If you do, you might end up with a pergola you like, but it's unlikely to add value to your home.

Instead, find a pergola plan online if you're excellent at building, or hire professionals to help you install one. If you do it yourself, be sure to check on what permits you need and to follow all local and safety requirements.

With a beautiful pergola, your listing agent will have an easy time getting you top dollar for your home — and when you work with the right agent, you'll keep more of that profit as well!

Add Beautiful Lighting

If you want your pergola to be a place you truly love spending time — and a place that prospective home buyers will get excited about — you need great lighting.

You can use built-in lights where you have larger lights at the corners and smaller lights along the beams of the ceiling. Or, you can use simple string lights to create a dreamy and cozy atmosphere. You can put string lights around beams, plants, or pillars.

Another idea for lights is to use mounted light fixtures. Place them on posts that support the pergola or on pillars you've installed inside or nearby. Lamps can fit a wide variety of styles, so be sure to look around before making your decision.

Create Privacy

To make your pergola truly special, look for ways to add privacy as well as beauty. That may seem challenging considering that a pergola is an open structure, but it's easier than you think.

All you need to do is add a privacy barrier on one or two sides of the structure. You can use a trellis, drapes, a screen, or latticework. If you want to make the barrier especially beautiful, you can add greenery or vining plants. This can increase the seclusion of your space while keeping it natural and making it easy to enjoy.

Even better, when you create privacy you also help make the pergola space more comfortable as well. The same screens that keep prying eyes away will also help protect you and your guests from the sun. That adds a lot of value right away, and a great low-cost realtor can help buyers see it.

Bring the Outside In

Your backyard pergola isn't just a place to spend time and entertain, it's also a way to enjoy nature. Your yard may not have the natural wonder you're looking for, so why not bring the plants into the pergola instead?

If you love roses, consider putting a climbing rose up on a trellis. You might also enjoy a beautiful clematis, honeysuckle, or jasmine. These vining plants are perfect for growing and wrapping around the structure of your pergola while also making the space one anyone would want to be in.

When you create easy ways to enjoy nature on your own property, it's easier to have fun without ever leaving home. It's also extremely attractive to people who are looking to buy a home.

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