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How Does Walk Score Work and How Can It Help Sell Your Home

Have you ever wondered how walkable your neighborhood or city is? Not surprisingly, home buyers wonder too! Now you can find out a home's walk score quickly and easily. Discover how this score is determined and how it can help you sell your home.

Have you ever wondered how walkable your neighborhood or city is? Not surprisingly, home buyers wonder too! Now you can find out a home's walk score quickly and easily. Discover how this score is determined and how it can help you sell your home.

As you get ready to sell your home, there's a lot to think about. You have to find an experienced, full-service realtor who doesn't cost a fortune, get your home ready to sell, and get potential buyers to focus on the best features of your home.

One feature of your home that you definitely want to look into is your property's walk score. If your home has a high score, it can be a great point to focus on when marketing your house.

What is a walk score? How does it work, and how can you use it to help sell your home? Here are the answers you need.

What Does a Walk Score Mean?

The walk score of your property is designed to measure how close your home is to key amenities on foot. If you have a lot of businesses and restaurants within a five-minute walk (0.25 miles) from your home, you'll have a high score.

Scores go down the further away important services are, with no points being given for a facility that is a 30 minute or more walk from your home. There are also measurements of pedestrian friendliness that are taken into account in the score.

The scale for a walk score is:

  • 90 – 100: Daily errands do not require a car; a walker's paradise
  • 70 – 89: Very walkable, most errands can be done on foot
  • 59 – 69: Somewhat walkable, some errands can be done on foot
  • 49 – 25: Most errands require a car
  • 0 – 24: Almost all errands require a car

Someone who wants to buy a home near important amenities in your neighborhood will be very interested in what your home's walk score is.

How Do You Find a Walk Score?

How do you find out the walk score of your home? The process is simple. You go to the walk score website and enter the address of your property.

You'll immediately see a map and a walk score. Much of the time you'll also see a bike score and even a transit score. Other interesting information on the website includes a map showing where you can walk from your home within 20 minutes.

The map can be updated to show where you can go in up to 1 hour using a car, bus, or bicycle. You can select to show options for rush hour or light traffic.

Once you find your score, you can work with your listing agent to work the information into your marketing for your home.

How a Walk Score Helps Sell Your Home

People love looking at homes that are conveniently located to stores, restaurants, and other services. When you have a home with a moderate or high walk score, you can feature that in the online information, print marketing, and social media posts about your home.

Not everyone likes to walk, of course, but being within walking distance to a variety of amenities is a huge draw, even for those who prefer to drive. You never know when you might not have access to a car for a day, or perhaps you simply love not having to drive far!

A higher walk score can help you get a higher price for your home, which means more money in your pocket. Work with your realtor to ensure that you walk score, bike score, and transit score are all highlighted in your home's marketing.

You may even want to post the maps showing exactly what you can access in 10 minutes. That may draw a lot of extra attention to your property!

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