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Houston, TX Home Values & Real Estate Trends in 2019

Buying or selling a home in Houston can be a long process if you're not sure of the value or when you want to move. Working with a qualified agent can make the process easier. Learn more about the trends in the Houston area.

Buying or selling a home in Houston can be a long process if you're not sure of the value or when you want to move. Working with a qualified agent can make the process easier. Learn more about the trends in the Houston area.

Often called The Lone Star State, there are a lot of options when moving to Texas, but none offer all the benefits that Houston offers. With education and employment opportunities abound, Houston is a place many people choose to live for work, enjoyment, and to raise a family.

Currently, the real estate market in Houston is cool, making this an ideal time for buyers to come in and secure a property at a favorable price. To give a better idea, the average home value of a house in Houston is $186,000, according to Zillow.

These trends aren’t expected to last forever though, since there is expected to be a 1.9% increase in property within the next 12 months (as of May 2019). That means once again, sellers can take advantage of the market and sell houses without worrying about a possible loss.

If you are interested in buying but you’re not local, it’s difficult to know where to start. An experienced real estate agent can help make the process easier and show you the best neighborhoods in Houston to fit your needs. Likewise, if you want to sell, a Clever Partner Agent can ensure you get the best offer, while allowing you to take advantage of flat fee rates at the same time.

Whether buying or selling, here’s important information regarding the Houston home values and real estate trends you’ll see in 2019, and how an experienced and qualified agent can help you.

2019 Home Value Trends for Top 5 Neighborhoods in Houston

Braeswood Place

Known as a diverse and interesting community, Braeswood Place currently has a cold market (as of June 2019). This is ideal for buyers, since it means they can get the home at a low price and make the most of their money. The average value of a home is $446,800, with most homes selling for only slightly more than that, usually $450,000.

The schools here are of good quality and attract many families with small children to the area. There’s plenty of nightlife here, for young people looking to have fun. Finally, the diversity and housing appeal to many families and individuals looking for a variety of people to live alongside.

If you’re looking to move and find a neighborhood that accommodates folks from all walks of life, this offers an ideal solution for the Houston area.

Lazy Brook – Timbergrove

With a population of 18,154, Lazy Brook - Timbergrove isn’t too small or too big for a Houston neighborhood. The market in this area is cool, allowing buyers to have their pick of home at a lower price. The value of the average home is $434,400, although they normally get listed for $449,000. This makes it possible to negotiate for a lower price tag, although if you’re a seller, you can always counteroffer.

Young families and professionals congregate out here, with lots of diversity and nightlife to keep them busy. The average income for the area is $76k. There are coffee shops, restaurants, and plenty of other activities nearby. There is a projected increase of 3.7% within the next 12 months, meaning this will soon be a hot place to live again, so it’s important to get help from a real estate agent if you’re interested in buying or selling.

Spring Branch East

Another cold market in the Houston area means that Spring Branch East will soon be a popular place to live again when people learn how the market is. The median value of homes in this neighborhood is $332,400, although the typical listing price is $525,000, according to Zillow.

Another good area for families with plenty of diversity and fun activities to engage in, this area offers above average public schools, making this ideal for those with young children. The population has about 31,000 people, making this a slightly larger neighborhood.


The neighborhood of Memorial is currently in a slowdown right now, with a cold market. Most homes here are valued at $501,700, but typically get listed for $542,500. There is supposed to be a jump of 4.1% growth within the next year, so it makes sense to buy now if you’re interested or hold off on selling until the market gets warmer.

The population here is a little over 53,000, with a desirable market for families complete with good schools and plenty of activities. If you’re looking to sell a home in Memorial, it’s worth waiting a little longer until demand goes up but once it does, it won’t be difficult to sell.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is currently cool, but it likely won’t take long for this area to heat up again based on the amenities it offers. Exceptional schools, housing, and a safe place for families makes this busy neighborhood an ideal new home for many people from all over the United States.

Most homes here have an average value of $232,300, but commonly get listed for $309,900. The typical selling point is $233,700, meaning it’s an ideal time to buy, since you can avoid paying too steep of a market price. There’s plenty of activities to enjoy, including a busy nightlife, so it’s worth looking if you’re an interested buyer.

The Best Time to Buy a Home in Houston

Buying a home in the Houston area can seem like a challenge, especially if you’ve never lived in the area or have even been to Texas. While summer is the typical time of year for most people to go home shopping and move, it’s not always the best time to make an offer on a home. Generally, fall and winter months are the best time to buy a home anywhere in Texas, since the prices drop the most to entice buyers.

If you’re new to the area and aren’t sure how to get started, a Clever Partner Agent who knows the area can assist you in finding the right home for you.

The Best Time to Sell a Home in Houston

If you’re looking for the best time to sell a house in Houston, most people find it is easier to do so during the summer months. That’s usually because children are out of school, folks find it easier to take time off, and no matter where a person is moving from, it’s usually easier to do so during warm weather.

According to Zillow, most homes in the Houston area sit on the market for an average of 87 days, meaning if you list, you have a good chance of selling in a short amount of time. By choosing to work with a qualified and experienced agent, you can take advantage of someone who knows how to sell your home while helping you get the best price.

How to Find the Perfect Houston Real Estate Agent

There’s no better way to sell or buy a property than by working with a real estate agent who knows the Houston area well. By working with someone local, you have the advantage of someone who knows the market, and can help you buy or sell your home accordingly. Your agent can make the best suggestions from what schools are the best if you’re moving your family to Houston to what improvements could help your home sell for a higher price.

If you’re ready to sell your home, or you want to buy, reach out to Clever, and find out how you can get started with the process.


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