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The Ultimate Guide to Homeowners Insurance Washington DC

Life in the national capital is known to be expensive in many ways. One of the ways to cover your bases is by getting the right home insurance. We take a look at the options available to homeowners in Washington, D.C.

Life in the national capital is known to be expensive in many ways. One of the ways to cover your bases is by getting the right home insurance. We take a look at the options available to homeowners in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is known to be one of the costlier parts of America to call home. Despite that, home insurance premiums haven’t ballooned in comparison to other expenses since the rate of claims has been in steady decline.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner in the state or a seasoned one, it pays to do your research on home insurance. Every policy is unique and there are many nuances to consider along with your own needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right home insurance in the national capital.

Top 5 Homeowners Insurance Providers in Washington, D.C.

State Farm

State Farm makes it extremely simple for its customers to get a homeowners insurance policy. You don’t even need to talk to an agent if you don’t want to. The company’s 360Value Online Estimating Tool gives you a quote after having you fill out an online questionnaire. It’s a good way to estimate the kind of rates you can get in general if it’s your first time getting home insurance in Washington, D.C.

The exact value of the quote that you get will depend on your financial standing. There are a few things you can do to save some money on your State Farm homeowners insurance. Taking safety measures like installing deadbolt locks, for example, will get you a more favorable quote. Getting home and auto insurance both from StateFarm is another way to do that.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is another strong option for those seeking out homeowners insurance in Washington D.C. The company is popular among home buyers in the district thanks to its affordable rates relative to some of its competitors.

Liberty Mutual’s home insurance policies come with a feature called Inflation Guard. This is used to adjust your policy limits based on the prevalent rate of inflation. That way, your coverage keeps apace of the larger financial climate.

New homeowners are promised better premiums by Liberty Mutual. You can also get better rates by setting up protective measures like fire alarms and security systems.


Allstate’s homeowner's insurance policies are especially popular among first-time home buyers in Washington, D.C. The company offers a number of resources to educate buyers on the intricacies of home insurance coverage. You can find some of the videos, infographics, and more on their website here.

The rates quoted by Allstate are generally above market averages. At the same time, they also offer a number of discounts that customers can take advantage of to lower their premiums. Among other things, taking certain safety measures and agreeing to autopay can make you eligible for a discount.

Another offering that potential customers can find beneficial is Allstate’s Claim-Free Rewards, which lands you a refund every year that you don’t file a claim.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers consistently offers some of the most affordable homeowners insurance rates. There is also a slew of discounts that customers can benefit from. Standard discounts can be availed for installing protective devices and being a first-time home buyer. You can also get discounts if you’re a non-smoker and for enrolling for electronic document delivery.

Farmers has three levels of home insurance products based on which stage of homeownership you’re in. The Standard package is for first-time owners and combines affordability with key features. The Enhanced and Premier tiers are for established homeowners who need higher policy limits and additional features for older homes.


Nationwide is among the few companies that offer ordinance or law coverage in Washington, D.C. This is coverage for homes that have been destroyed or require an upgrade so that they can meet the latest building codes. So for example, Nationwide’s home insurance will cover HVAC or plumbing systems that have been deemed out-of-date by local authorities.

Apart from the standard coverage for dwelling and contents, Nationwide also covers things like medical expenses for accidents that occur on your property and unauthorized credit card transactions.

The company is also notable for its replacement coverage products. Nationwide offers Better Roof Replacement, which is coverage provided to build a stronger roof with better materials. Not just do you get the money to make the repairs; a sturdy roof can also net you better home insurance rates later on, so it’s an investment that plays out in the long term.

Other Key Considerations When Selecting a Home Insurance Policy in Washington DC

Homeowner claims have been declining in Washington consistently for over a decade now. At the same time, claim severity in the state has been on the rise.

There are a number of reasons why the severity of home insurance claims in the state has gone up. The increasing complexity of new houses is in part to blame. The occurrence of natural disasters like hail storms and hurricanes can also contribute to high-ticket insurance claims.

When getting insurance for your Washington, D.C. home, it’s worth spending time taking a look at how insurers treat wind and hail damage. Most have a standalone deductible for such damage, while some cover it under their all-perils deductible. Making the right choice can help you get the coverage you need in case a natural disaster leads to your home being damaged.

Hiring A Real Estate Agent in Washington, D.C.

Real estate agents can be a great resource when deciding what the best home insurance policy is for you. This is especially true for first-time home buyers, who tend to be flooded with a ton of information about a variety of issues regarding homeownership.

If you’re in the market for a new home in Washington, D.C., consider hiring a Clever Partner Agent to assist you. Our top-rated agents come from some of the most reputed brokerages and real estate companies in each city.

Agents start by understanding what you want out of your new home. Once they have an understanding of the requirements, you will start receiving alerts for homes that match your criteria. Clever Partner Agents will walk you through every step of the buying process and recommend the lowest prices likely to get you the house you want.


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