How Much Does Home Staging Cost? Is It Worth It?


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April 15th, 2019


Selling your home is hard enough without the aggravation of home staging. Should you pay to stage your home? Will it net more money? These two questions are probably on a mile-long list of questions you have. There's good news. Selling your house isn't hard and it can net some serious rewards.

When you stage your home, you decorate it with smart accessories, stylish furniture, and other items to “dress it up.” The goal of staging is to show your home at its best. It helps buyers see themselves living in the house. A properly staged house creates a mood. If it's done correctly, it can pay huge dividends. If it's not done properly, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Is it worth it to stage your home? Let's find out.

Home Staging Costs

On average, it can cost $500 to $600 per room on a vacant house each month plus an initial design consultation fee of $150-$600 or more, according to HomeAdvisor. Some professional stagers require a minimum contract of three months. Of course, your exact costs depend on a host of factors such as square feet, your location, and your sales price.

If you want to save money, you can have a professional stage your home with your own furnishings. For a one-time fee of around $800 depending on your home's size, a designer will declutter your house and arrange everything in a manner that is visually appealing to buyers. Or, you could choose to stage just the main rooms with the most foot traffic.

It's no secret it will cost you more if you live in a large metropolitan city or on the coast. Buyers in these locales demand a staged home so they can visualize themselves living in the house. You have to pay careful attention to your final expenses. Here are a few things that can add to your expert's price tag.

If your home is completely vacant, you will pay for every piece of furniture, decor, or other furnishings you need for staging. Conversely, if your home is full of furnishings that your stager can't use, it's going to cost you extra to store the items you want to keep. Obviously, if your home is multistory, it's going to cost to you more.

Does Staging Your Home Net You More Money?

According to the National Association of Realtors, it does. Staging your home not only nets you more money, but it helps you sell your home faster. The statistics back up these claims. Numbers show that a properly staged home can increase the value of your home by 1% to 5%. In some cases, home staging led to a 6% to 10% increase in home values.

For example, if you've listed your home for $200,000, a properly staged home can get you an additional $6,000 to $10,000 on the high end. Here's something else to think about. A survey of seller's agents showed that 21% of these agents reported seeing an 8% to 10% increase in the dollar value of a staged home. 29% saw an increase of 1% to 5%.

An added benefit to staging is homes typically sell faster than vacant houses. The NAR reports a staged home reduces the time it sits on the market significantly. Some agents stated that staging could reduce the time a house sits on the market from 150+ days to less than 20 days. So, If you sell your home faster, you not only net more money from staging but also recoup some of the costs.

The Bottom Line

When a buyer walks into a home, they want to feel welcome and cozy. Professional stagers bring out these emotions by giving your home a soul. A vacant home for sale is lifeless and doesn't give buyers a chance to visualize themselves living in the house. Is it worth the cost? Most indicators say yes.

What If you can't afford to hire someone to stage your home? Well, you can stage your home yourself or ask your Clever Partner Agent to help you. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Remove all clutter and give your house a thorough cleaning. Remove all the little knick-knacks hanging around. However, don't store them in your closets because most buyers will look inside.
  2. Give your home a bright look. If you have dated or dingy lamp shades or light fixtures, replace them.
  3. Give your main rooms top priority. Your living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms should receivemost of your attention in that order.
  4. Add some fresh flowers, a few cookbooks neatly arranged in the kitchen, or freshly-folded towels in the bathrooms.

A top real estate agent can answer all of your home-staging questions. If you're serious about staging your home to get a higher sales price, your agent will direct you to the best designers with reasonable fees in your area. Real estate agents do much more than broker deals. They help you uncover proven ways to help you sell your home faster and for more money.

List your home with a Clever Partner Agent today and discover how much extra money you can make by staging your home. Partner Agents offer you all the services you would expect from a professional at a reduced commission of a flat $3,000 or 1% if your home is over $350,000.

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