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Hacks For Agents: How to Get Free Real Estate Seller Leads

Real estate agents can have it rough. They have to serve as their own marketing agency to generate leads and increase their revenue. There are several ways to do this, but we’ve outlined some of the best agent hacks.
Real estate agents can have it rough. They have to serve as their own marketing agency to generate leads and increase their revenue. There are several ways to do this, but we’ve outlined some of the best agent hacks.

Real estate agents can struggle in a cold market or against competing agents. While it seems like many factors out of your control, there are hacks to sustaining your business. You just need to find affordable ways to generate leads and find sellers.

A successful real estate agent needs high-quality leads. If you dread the time-consuming chore of finding them, you should consider revamping your strategies. An update to your techniques can minimize the time that you spend generating leads.

Not only will this free up time that you can dedicate to other tasks, but it can also mean an increased stream of income for your business. If you are a realtor who is looking to get free real estate seller leads, don’t worry, there are tons of opportunities for you.

Network, Network, Network

With the advent of social media and new communication technology, it is easier than ever to meet new people. What’s most important is being strategic about meeting people who can help your business.

Local businesses are a great place to start when looking for seller leads. You should look for insurance companies, personal bankers, commercial lenders, and lawyers. All of these businesses relate to times when home sales are possible. For example, befriending an life insurance company could lead to a recommendation for selling a deceased relative’s home.

You’ll also need to be sure that your network consists of businesses whose services you can recommend. Landscapers, cleaning companies, and title companies are some of the most important contacts that a real estate agent can have. It’s always handy to have some that you can call on to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Build an Online Presence

Today, it’s imperative for businesses to have an online presence where potential and current customers can communicate with and learn about your business. An online presence can mean a single social media account or a full-service website.

Websites can utilize sales funnels to get visitors to become customers. An effective web presence should reinforce your personal brand, display an impressive portfolio, and share client reviews.

A successful strategy for those who are interested in generating leads is to build out a blog on your website. A blog serves to share your expert knowledge of real estate, increase your website’s traffic, and increase your search rankings. These changes will result in an increase in potential customers.

If you have a specific niche that you are experienced in, it’s a good idea to advertise it online. Realtor niches include historic homes, mid-century modern homes, luxury homes, specific neighborhoods, student rentals, vacation homes, and more. By including your niche on your website, you’ll increase your chances of being found through Google searches on those terms,

Bring Treats to a House-Warming Party

If you have sold a home, ask the buyers if they would be interested in throwing a house-warming party. These parties are excellent places to find new leads, especially if your current customers were pleased with their experience. Friends and family members of the buyers may be looking to move into the neighboorhood.

Bringing treats from your local bakery can also be a clever marketing tactic. Befriending your local bakery owner can generate leads. Your baker can recommend your services to couples that have recently gotten married and are looking for a home. Every time you get a referral, be sure to write a handwritten thank-you note, this will emphasize your gratitude.

Increase Your Lead Generation with Clever

Lead generation doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. Real estate referral companies like Clever can help you get high-quality leads for your business. While some companies sell leads, these leads don’t often convert to actual sales.

Clever’s seller leads are vetted and can help you to increase your revenue. As a local Clever Partner Agent, you will be matched with both buyers and sellers who are ready to make the move. Plus, there are no upfront costs. You only pay a realtor referral fee if the deal closes.



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