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As an iBuyer operating in several of Ohio’s major cities, FlashHouse purchases homes for cash, offering sellers an alternative to the traditional sale process. It then resells them for a profit on the open market.

However, unlike competing iBuyers, which charge a fee for their service — typically around 5% of the purchase price — FlashHouse doesn't.

Numerous five-star customer reviews show that people who sell to FlashHouse are generally happy with both the offer price and hassle-free sale process. But your offer won’t be as high as you could get on the open market with multiple buyers competing for your home and potentially submitting offers above the asking price.

According to FlashHouse, you can expect to net about 2% less after realtor commissions and other selling costs are factored in. However, in seller’s markets where bidding wars are the norm, the money left on the table could actually be much more.

If you’re looking for an easy home sale and don’t mind sacrificing profit to get it, FlashHouse’s no-fee service model stands out as a viable option.

But, if you're looking to get the highest return on your initial home investment, selling with a low-commission realtor on the open market is a better bet.

Clever can match you with an agent who can provide you with offers from local cash buyers like Flashhouse AND give you an expert opinion on what your home could earn on the open market. Your Clever agent will answer your questions so you can feel confident about your next steps.

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Who should use FlashHouse?

FlashHouse works best for those who want a guaranteed home sale without the hassle of the traditional selling process.

With FlashHouse, you won't have to show your home, negotiate the purchase price, or wait for the buyer to secure a mortgage. You'll even get to choose your own closing date without the risk of a buyer’s financing falling through.

While you’re almost guaranteed to sell your home for less than what you would get in a competitive open market, you avoid the complications that accompany a conventional home sale, such as the following:

  • Making repairs and improvements prior to listing
  • Cleaning, decluttering, and staging your home
  • Having to vacate your home for showings
  • Haggling with buyers over the purchase price
  • Negotiating closing dates, repairs, and concessions
  • Dealing with financing delays or cancellations

Here are some instances when FlashHouse might be a legitimate option:

  • You own a home in Akron, OH, Cleveland, OH, or Columbus, OH
  • You've already bought or need to sell quickly
  • You want to avoid marketing and showing your home
  • You don’t want to pay the 5%+ service fee charged by other iBuyers
  • You don’t mind accepting less profit in exchange for an easier sale

FlashHouse is NOT the best option if you're concerned with getting top dollar for your home.

If your goal is to maximize the profit from your home sale, listing with a discount agent offers a better alternative. You'll get to work with a professional real estate agent without paying full price.

Clever can connect you with top local real estate agents who charge just 1.5% to list your home.

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Selling with FlashHouse vs. a realtor

Selling to an iBuyer like FlashHouse gives you both the predictability of a guaranteed offer and the flexibility to close on your timeline.

The catch is that you're almost guaranteed to sell your home for less than you would working with a realtor whose job it is to get your house in front of multiple competing buyers.

When we tested FlashHouse’s iBuyer platform, the offer and estimated fair market value (FMV) range it provided was significantly lower than either the Redfin Estimate or Zestimate for the same property.

Estimated sale price FMV range
FlashHouse offer $270,000 $275,000–325,000
Zillow Zestimate $344,500 $307,000–386,000
Redfin Estimate $321,269 $315,000–347,000
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Even factoring in typical home prep costs (0–2%) and realtor fees (5–6%), you’ll leave significant money on the table if you sell to FlashHouse vs. listing with an agent.

Here's a breakdown of how selling to FlashHouse compares to selling on the open market. We used the Zestimate to estimate the sale price.

Net proceeds: FlashHouse vs. realtor

FlashHouse Realtor
Estimated offer price $270,000 $344,500
Fees and commissions N/A 5–6% ($17,225–20,670)
Home prep/staging N/A 0–2% ($0–6,890)
Repair costs 1–2% ($2,700–5,400) 1–2% ($3,445–6,890)
Seller closing costs 1–3% ($2,700–8,100) 1–3% ($3,445–10,335)
Total costs 2–5% ($5,400–13,500) 7–13% ($24,115–44,785)
Net proceeds $256,500–264,600 $299,715–320,385
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Selling with a realtor vs. FlashHouse, you can make as much as 14–20% in additional profit — that equates to $63,885 on a moderately priced home, like in the example above.

You can net even more by selling with Clever Real Estate.

Clever's full-service partner agents list and market your home for just 1.5%.

On an average home, that equates to thousands in your pocket.

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FlashHouse vs. the competition

What sets FlashHouse apart from other iBuyers is its no-fee service model.

While most iBuyers charge a 5% fee to help cover the costs of purchasing, holding, and reselling your home, FlashHouse advertises zero fees or commissions.

Even without the typical service fee, reviews show that FlashHouse customers are generally satisfied with both the offer price and level of customer service — earning it higher ratings than larger iBuyers like Offerpad and Opendoor.

Average rating Service fee What makes this company unique?
Opendoor 4.2 5% Available in 45+ markets
Offerpad 4 5% Free local move
FlashHouse 5 0% No service fee
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FlashHouse is currently available in Akron, OH, Cleveland, OH, and Columbus, OH. By contrast, competitors like Opendoor operate in as many as 45 markets across the country.

Additionally, FlashHouse’s services are limited to iBuying, but larger competitors offer additional incentives such as free moving services and trade-in options allowing sellers to move into a new home before selling their old one.

However, these add-on services may not be available in all markets.

FlashHouse combines strong customer service with lower selling costs

If you’re looking for a convenient way to sell your home in Ohio, FlashHouse offers a compelling alternative to larger iBuyers charging a 5% fee for their service.

In addition to a competitive offer price and no additional service fees, FlashHouse gives sellers a flexible closing window of 14–60 days in line with other iBuyers.

It also offers a leaseback option in case you need to stay in your old home while you wait to close on a new one.

FlashHouse’s five-star rating points to great customer service. By comparison, reviews of other iBuyers are mixed when it comes to the level of customer satisfaction.

Alternatives like Opendoor and Offerpad offer a greater variety of services

While FlashHouse’s service is limited to cash offers, other iBuyers offer additional services to help sellers time their move and make more competitive offers on their next home.

Opendoor, for example, offers a trade-in service called Opendoor Complete, which allows sellers to purchase a new home with their cash before completing the sale of their old one — though it’s not yet available in its Ohio markets.

For those who desire the security of a guaranteed sale while they test the waters on the open market, Offerpad’s Flex option gives sellers the ability to list with one of its agents while keeping a cash offer on the table as backup for up to 60 days.

Offerpad Flex also comes with perks like free deep cleaning and an interest-free cash advance for home improvements to help you get your house show-ready.

Additionally, Offerpad offers free moving services within 50 miles of your previous home.

While sellers who choose Offerpad Flex stand to make significantly more from their home sale, Offerpad charges as much as 7% for its service, canceling out some of those profits.

FlashHouse is only available in Ohio

One limitation with FlashHouse is that it's currently only available in a few markets in Ohio.

However, if you are in one of its markets, FlashHouse offers a distinct advantage over competitors by eliminating the typical 5%+ service fee charged by better-known iBuyers. And considering its recent procurement of new financing, the company seems poised to expand to new markets in the months and years ahead.

Reviews show that customers are generally satisfied with FlashHouse’s offer price, which — according to FlashHouse — is about 2% less than what you might net on the open market, after factoring in real estate commissions (5–6%) and seller concessions (1–3%).

How FlashHouse works

If you’re interested in a FlashHouse offer, you can request one directly on its homepage.

Once you enter your property address, you’ll be prompted to fill in additional information about your home, including:

  • Its condition and features
  • Any recent additions or upgrades
  • Current photos

After submitting your offer request, you’ll receive a preliminary offer within 24–48 hours, with a 72-hour window to either accept or decline.

FlashHouse offers include an estimated fair market value range for your home, as well as what you can expect to net selling with FlashHouse vs. a realtor.

Before accepting your offer, you’ll complete a virtual tour with a FlashHouse representative to verify your home information.

After you accept an offer

If you choose to move forward with the offer, you’ll sign a purchase agreement and select your preferred close date within a window of 14–60 days.

Once the purchase agreement is signed, RealSure will order an inspection and send you a copy of the report noting any needed repairs. Unlike most iBuyers, FlashHouse gives you the option to either complete the repairs yourself or accept a price reduction to cover the costs.

Typical repair costs among iBuyers run 1–2%, though they can be more if your home needs extensive work like a new roof or foundation repair.

If you still wish to move forward after the inspection, you’ll work with FlashHouse’s transaction coordinator and title company to close. Otherwise, FlashHouse will send a mutual release form to free you from the purchase contract.

At closing, you’ll receive a check for your cash offer price, minus closing costs and any repair credits. Closing costs that the seller is responsible for include title insurance, taxes, documents transfers, and HOA transfer fees — usually totally 1–3% of the purchase price.

If you need to extend your close date, FlashHouse offers a lease-back option, charging you a daily occupancy fee based on the sale price.

What is FlashHouse’s cancellation policy?

According to a FlashHouse sales rep, you can back out of the purchase contract anytime before closing without penalty.

While Opendoor has a similar penalty-free cancellation policy, Offerpad charges a 1% cancellation fee.

What kinds of homes does FlashHouse buy?

Typically, the types of homes that FlashHouse purchases include single-family residential properties such as:

  • Detached homes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes

Rather than operating on set purchase criteria, FlashHouse makes purchase offers on a case-by-case basis, depending on how confident it is that it can resell the home for a profit.

Unlike We Buy Houses companies, which purchase properties in any condition for below-market value, FlashHouse focuses on homes in fairly good condition that it can quickly turn around and relist.

Homes that FlashHouse doesn’t buy include:

  • Commercial properties
  • Distressed/teardown properties
  • Homes valued at less than $50,000

How does FlashHouse make money?

Unlike other iBuyers, which charge a flat or variable service fee — usually a percentage of the final sale price — FlashHouse makes money solely from the resale of purchased homes.

Rather than making a huge profit on individual homes, FlashHouse’s strategy relies on volume, allowing it to make reasonable offers to a larger number of homeowners without charging extra fees. The company hopes to be buying and selling as many as 4,000 homes a year by 2023.

While FlashHouse’s no-fee model may change as it scales, FlashHouse currently stands apart from other iBuyers charging 5% or more for their service.

Pros and cons of selling to FlashHouse

✅ Pros

  • Zero fees. FlashHouse’s service is completely free to sellers, meaning you won’t pay service fees or commissions.
  • No need to show your home. Avoid having to prep, stage, clean, and vacate your home for showings.
  • Simple, hassle-free close. Choose your own close date — anywhere from 14–60 days past offer acceptance — and avoid negotiations with buyers.

❌ Cons

  • Lower sale price. Your FlashHouse offer will likely be at or below fair market value, meaning you'll likely leave money on the table — especially in a competitive market.
  • Limited availability. FlashHouse currently operates only in the Akron, OH, Columbus, OH, and Cleveland, OH, metros.
  • No additional incentives. While some iBuyers offer additional incentives — such as free local moving or a cash-backed offer to help you purchase your next home, FlashHouse’s services are limited to purchasing homes for cash.

Flashhouse reviews from customers

With an average rating of 5 across 171 reviews, FlashHouse customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Average rating Total reviews
Google 5 66
Reviews.io 4.6 20
Facebook 5 5
Weighted avg. 5 171
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Happy FlashHouse customers mentioned:

  • A fair offer price with no surprise fees
  • An easy, hassle-free transaction

The one or two critical FlashHouse reviews we found cited:

  • A low offer based on old comps
  • Higher-than-anticipated repair costs

For a quick gauge of how well your FlashHouse offer matches up to fair market value (FMV), you can check it against estimates provided by other online home valuation models such as Zillow’s Zestimate. However, online estimates can be prone to error, especially if your property has been off the market for a while.

Instead, we recommend asking an experienced realtor for a comparative market analysis (CMA) that shows you what your home is worth in relation to other recent home sales and current listings in your area.

Most realtors will provide a comparative market analysis for free in the hopes of earning your future business.

👋 Get a free comparative market analysis from an agent!

What FlashHouse customers like

Fair offer price

flashhouse-positive-review"]Easy and hassle-free sale


Along with a competitive offer price — which was right in line with other realtors’ assessments — this seller noted the convenience of not having to stage their home or make it available for multiple showings. They also took advantage of FlashHouse’s extended closing period, which allowed them to move on their own timeline.

What FlashHouse customers didn’t like

Low offer produced by old comps


One review we found stated that FlashHouse’s offer price was significantly below fair market value (FMV).

While this sentiment isn’t the norm among FlashHouse sellers, we did submit an offer request and found that it was significantly below the Zestimate or Redfin estimate for that same house.

When selling to any iBuyer, you’re trading in a higher profit for the convenience of a guaranteed sale without the hassle of having to list your home on the market.

If you value profit over convenience, an iBuyer probably isn’t the way to go.

Higher-than-expected repair costs


While happy with the service overall, this seller noted high repair charges. However, this complaint is fairly common among iBuyers, who typically deduct 1–2% from the initial offer price for repairs following an inspection.

Unlike most iBuyers, FlashHouse gives you the option to complete the repairs yourself in lieu of accepting a price reduction, so you can be sure you’re not being overcharged.

Where is Flashhouse available?

FlashHouse currently buys homes in three Ohio markets:

  • Cleveland, OH
  • Akron, OH
  • Columbus, OH

FlashHouse locations

For comparison, other iBuyers are available in multiple states.

Markets States
Offerpad 25 AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, KS, MO, NV, NC, OH, SC, TN, TX
Opendoor 48 AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, MN, MO, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, DC
FlashHouse 3 OH
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While competitors like Offerpad and Opendoor have a larger national footprint, including operations in Ohio, as of the writing of this piece, neither company is fully up-and-running in Cleveland or Akron.

Opendoor did announce its launch in Cleveland in 2021. However, when attempting to compare offers between Opendoor and FlashHouse on a Cleveland-based property, we received an automated message from Opendoor that it was not yet available in the area.

FlashHouse, on the other hand, has been operating in Cleveland since 2018.

FAQs about FlashHouse

What is FlashHouse?

FlashHouse is an iBuyer operating in several of Ohio’s major cities, including Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus. The company purchases homes for cash and resells them for a profit on the open market, offering sellers an alternative to the traditional sale process.

How does FlashHouse work?

FlashHouse gives home sellers the opportunity to accept a cash offer on their home as a way to avoid a sometimes lengthy and complex conventional sale process. Unlike competing iBuyers, which typically charge a 5% service fee, FlashHouse operates without charging sellers a separate fee for its service.

How does FlashHouse make money?

Unlike most iBuyers, which charge a flat or variable service fee — usually a percentage of the final sale price — FlashHouse makes money solely from the resale of purchased homes.


Before writing this review, our team spent weeks studying various iBuyers to compare each company across multiple axes. Our research process included:

  • Secret shopping each company
  • Combing through hundreds of customers reviews
  • Talking to real estate experts
  • Researching public property records for FlashHouse purchases and sales

Contact FlashHouse

Website flashhouse.com
Email [email protected]
Phone 866-793-0051
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