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March 2nd, 2021


FastExpert has an encyclopedia of real estate agents. After filling out an online form, they’ll email you a list of potential agents. From there, you decide who you’d like to work with. The service is 100% free, so if you just want to check it out, the only thing it will cost is your time.

FastExpert is a website that offers a list of the top 5% of producers within certain brokerages in your area. They have an exclusive database of these top performers, and their service is 100% free to use for both homebuyers and sellers.

How helpful is their service?

Here’s everything you need to know about FastExpert.

How Does FastExpert Work?

FastExpert simply lists realtors. First, they start with a basic online form. You fill out whether you're looking to buy or sell, as well as information about your home. Next, they'll compile a list of realtors in your area so that you can compare which ones you'll want to work with. Finally, after sifting through the results, you hire a realtor and get to work.

What Are The Benefits of Using FastExpert?

The best thing about FastExpert is that it’s completely free. You can’t go wrong with checking out a service that you don’t need to pay for. You don’t need to pay a “consultation fee” or anything, you just fill out a form on FastExpert and you receive the names and numbers of real estate professionals.

If you find out that FastExpert wasn’t quite what you were looking for, you only lost out on a little bit of free time.

Also, FastExpert gives you a list of at least three potential real estate agents. You can then dig into their sales data and track records to find the best real estate agent for your particular scenario. This way, you have a lot more control over who you’d like to work with.

What Are The Drawbacks to Using FastExpert?

When you first use FastExpert, you might feel a little underwhelmed. After filling out their online form, FastExpert will email you a list of three agents to start with.

FastExpert shows you some data about those agents, but it isn’t necessarily enough to let you know much about them. You’ll see their profile picture, their company name, the year they were licensed, and their total sales last year. Also, if they have any reviews, you’ll be able to click through and read those.

How much can you really tell about an agent based on their sales volume alone? That’s up to you to decide. You could always set up a phone or in-person interviews with them to further evaluate their credentials.

Also, as we mentioned before, you have to keep in mind that the service is 100% free. If you want to check it out, you have very little to lose.

Why Clever Is The #1 Alternative to FastExpert

Clever has an established network of top-rated, full-service agents in every area of the United States, from Keller Williams, eXp Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, and more.

Also, having a flat-fee agent means more money is coming back to you.

Instead of the usual 6% commission at closing, Clever only charges $3,000 on houses that are valued under $350,000 and 1% on houses that are valued higher than that figure. That works out to about 3-4%, which could mean saving thousands.

When it comes to buying, Clever Partner Agents find and vet prospective properties. They also offer support by giving expert advice, drawing up paperwork, and saving you money through intelligent negotiations. Buyers in participating states may even receive Clever Cash Back.

Instead of interviewing realtor after realtor, we can set you up with one of the best in the business. Schedule an obligation-free interview today.

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