Find An Agent Reviews — How Does It Compare to Clever?

How does work? How does their service compare with Clever's? Find out how to make the most money off the sale of your home. Reach out to a top-notch agent in your local area who will walk you through the sale of your home.

How does work? How does their service compare with Clever's? Find out how to make the most money off the sale of your home. Reach out to a top-notch agent in your local area who will walk you through the sale of your home.

You are ready to sell your home, but you aren’t sure who to turn to for help.

Perhaps you have only been in your home for three years, and you want to make sure you can squeeze out enough equity from the sale of your current home to use as a healthy down payment on your dream house. If you need to make a lot of money on your home, how do you find a realtor to provide full-service support for a low rate?

If you have spent any time looking for real estate agents online, you may have stumbled across a website called Effective Agent’s goal is to connect you with a realtor working in your area who will help you sell your home.

How Does Effective Agents Work?

Homeowners (or home buyers) fill out a simple form describing their real estate needs. The website says that this information triggers an algorithm that works to identify realtors who are a good match for the client. The client receives a list of the realtors. From there, the homeowner can schedule meetings with the agents right from the Effective Agents’ system.

The real estate agent pays no fee to be a part of the Effect Agents’ network of realtors, but they share part of their commission with the company should the contact conclude with a sale.

How does working with Effective Agents benefit you, a client concerned with making a high profit on the sale of your home? According to the website, the data from two years ago says that sellers working through the Effective Agents’ service beat the national average selling price of existing homes by $16,349. There is no other specific information to say how this data was collected.

The realtors who sign up to receive leads through Effective Agents do not agree to work for a discounted rate. In fact, there is no guarantee that customers will save any money by finding an agent through this website.

If your top priority is to receive the most substantial profit on the sale of your house, who should you turn to for help? Talk with the realtors who you connect with through Effective Agents. There’s no obligation to work with any of them. After you discuss terms with those realtors, reach out to Clever agents to see what pricing structure they follow.

Alternatives to Consider

While working through an Effective Agents realtor MAY save you money, working with Clever Partner Agent WILL save you money.

Our full-service agents will sell your home for a flat rate of $3,000 if your home is valued below $350,000. If your home is valued above that amount, you will pay your agent a 1% commission to sell your home.

Let’s inspect how the numbers work.

The average home in the U.S. sells for $226,800.

If you work with full-service Clever Partner Agent, this agent will receive $3,000 at the closing of your home. That’s it. Our Partner Agents agree to work at this discounted rate because they know that they will receive an increased number of quality clients to balance out the fact that they are working for a lower fee.

If you work with a realtor you found through Effective Agents, you will negotiate an acceptable rate with the agent. Keep in mind, real estate agents are usually persuasive negotiators. That is part of their job.

To match the fee of our Clever Partner Agent in the above scenario, your Effective Agents’ realtor will have to agree to a commission rate of 1.3227%. When the typical realtor would make $6,804 on a sale, do you think they would willingly accept to earning $3,804 less on the transaction? Why would they? Effective Agents’ does not ask their realtors to work at a discounted rate.

Your home is probably a large part of your investment portfolio. Make sure you do your homework before agreeing to work with any agent. You have choices. Why not work with a Clever Partner Agent in your area to make sure you make the most substantial profit on the sale of your home?


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