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The Best Places to Live in Indianapolis in 2019

Learn the best places to live in and around Indianapolis. Discover how Broad Ripple, Zionsville, and others compare with each other. Find out the best place to buy a home in Indianapolis based on your income and lifestyle.
Learn the best places to live in and around Indianapolis. Discover how Broad Ripple, Zionsville, and others compare with each other. Find out the best place to buy a home in Indianapolis based on your income and lifestyle.

Indianapolis is a city brimming full of civic pride. Citizens love the family-friendly Canal Walk and world-class children’s museum. They revel in the victories of their Colts and play host to the Indianapolis 500 each year.

Although people aren’t flocking to Indiana, the region has a pretty healthy job market right now. They have a low unemployment rate, and if you work in the healthcare industry, you should have your pick of jobs.

Indianapolis is also known for being a very friendly city. It’s relatively safe, and even though Indianapolis has a population of almost 900,000, the large city has a very small-town feel.

Whether you prefer living in the trendy, downtown neighborhoods or the family-friendly suburbs, you will notice that Indianapolis is exceptionally affordable.

Let’s learn more about some of the best places to live in this midwestern city.

Broad Ripple

Located just a stone’s throw from downtown, Broad Ripple is a popular place for young professionals and families. There are plenty of local dining options in the area as well as convenient grocery stores.

Another popular amenity for living in Broad Ripple is having convenient access to the Monon Trail. This 26-mile trail stretches from Sheridan in the north before intersecting with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail at the east end of Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis. Its flat terrain and scenery make it a popular draw for residents of Broad Ripple, as well as others living along the route.

Besides having quick access to downtown, residents of the village of Broad Ripple love the independently-run shops in the area. There are plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance as well.

Broad Ripple is a desired neighborhood within Indianapolis, and because of this, you may have to pay more to live there. Although you can obviously find homes cheaper in other areas of Indianapolis, (since the median home value in the metropolitan area is $144,000,) houses in Broad Ripple cost around $243,000.

Rent in Broad Ripple is also more expensive than elsewhere in the metro area, but it is close to the national average.


The first thing outsiders learn about living in this sweet-sounding city is that the name is pronounced “Car – mel.” If you grew up adding another syllable to the name, you will need to quickly learn to change your pronunciation, at least when you aren’t ordering dessert.

Carmel often appears on the list of best places to live in the entire country, not just Indiana. This attractive area draws residents for its walkability, free summer events for the kids, excellent public schools, and its upper-middle-class living.

To live in such a desired area, you are going to need to spend some money. The average price of a home in Carmel is around $354,000, and the market is hot right now so you will be competing with lots of other buyers.


If Carmel proves to be a little out of your price range, you could consider looking in Fishers. Located east of Carmel and still north of downtown, Fishers has a population of around 90,000. Like Carmel, Fishers has received plenty of accolades for being an extremely family-friendly community.

Fishers has lots of green space, with over a dozen parks and nature preserves in the surrounding area. They are also known for their two annual festivals: Spark!Fishers and the Fishers Renaissance Faire.

The average price of a home in Fishers is around $265,000, which is more than the average price in the Indianapolis area, but more affordable than nearby Carmel.

Fountain Square

If suburban living isn’t your scene, you may want to look at homes for sale in Fountain Square.

Homes near this downtown area are still going to cost you more than the average Indianapolis property; the average price for a Fountain Square home is $224,000.

Described a quirky, funky, and retro, Fountain Square has plenty of independent restaurants, live music, and a shopping area you can wander through for hours.

If you want to live in an Indianapolis neighborhood with a strong art vibe, you need to check out Fountain Square.


Zionsville is another popular suburb located north of downtown Indianapolis. This tiny, but growing, community has a population of around 26,000. Residents describe it as a safe, quiet community with a small-town feel.

This affluent town has excellent public schools, and the homes are an average of $410,000.

Sure, one of Zionsville’s top attractions is the Fanimation Antique Fan Museum, but they also have a winery and plenty of farm-to-table restaurants. With downtown Indianapolis only 30 minutes away, Zionsville is an excellent choice to raise a family.

There are many reasons you may want to move to one of these Indianapolis neighborhoods. Whether you prefer the suburban lifestyle or downtown living, you will notice that overall, Indianapolis is an affordable place to live.

According to national statistics, you will spend less on housing, utilities, groceries, and healthcare in Indianapolis than the average American.

If you are considering a move to Indianapolis, visit the diverse neighborhoods within the city. Talk with the residents. Visit grocery stores and parks.

Before making any decisions on where to buy a home, reach out to a Clever Partner Agent working in the Indianapolis area. These professionals know the Indianapolis real estate market, and they will be able to direct you to a few neighborhoods that match your income and lifestyle.

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Your Clever Partner Agent will make sure your transition to Indianapolis is smooth and hassle free. Ready to become a Hoosier? Let Clever Real Estate help.


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