If you are interested in selling your home for the best price possible, then you really have to put the effort into staging it.

This is because a well-staged home plays on the buyer’s interest and emotions to significantly increase the final sales price. And, as any pro home seller knows, part of any successful staging operation is a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

If you’re thinking about what color to paint your living room, here are the best suggestions for the upcoming season:

White and Off White

Interested in selling your home? Then choosing a nice, neutral color like white for your living room is essential. This is because whites are some of the cleanest colors out there.

When a potential buyer walks into your home and sees white walls, it makes them think of a fresh start. This is exactly the kind of reaction you should be trying to get out of anyone who walks into your home.

Painting magnate Benjamin Moore has a catalog brimming with the perfect whites to suit your needs. So, whether you choose Cloud White, Chantilly Lace, Cotton Ball, or Sea Pearl, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made an excellent choice.


If done correctly, gray doesn’t have to be dreary at all.

You can pair gray walls with the accent colors in decorations like vases, fabrics, and furniture. When done, the overall effect can actually be quite dreamy. You can actually achieve this effect by using bright colors like a coral pink, aqua blue, or maybe even a lemon yellow as your furnishing accents.

If you are looking for the gray of your dreams—your search is over. Grays like Silver Lining, Dior Gray, Englewood Cliffs, or Rock Gray are sure to have the smooth base that you are looking for for your living room to make that stellar sale.


Beige is anything but bland.

In fact, it is often the focal point of a cheerful gathering place. If your living room walls are beige, you can focus more on statement furniture or art without completely worrying about them overwhelming the space.

Beige might even be the best neutral color to paint your living room, especially if it connects with the nearby dining room. This way, there is no chance of sensory overload and guests can always feel at ease.

You might find your fancy in Oakwood Manor, Alpaca, Moccasin, or maybe even Everlasting.

Navy Blue

A deep, strong blue like navy might not seem neutral, but trust us on this one. It is.

When deciding on the best colors to paint your living room, don’t leave it out! When paired with a crisp white for furniture, linens, and vases, navy can give any room a calm, organized feel. This is something buyers totally love! And, unless you decide to include model ships or art featuring anchors, it doesn’t automatically have to make a room feel nautical.

If you are looking for a nice navy blue for your living room, we invite you to consider the likes of Bold Blue, Symphony Blue, Blue, or maybe even Midnight Navy.


Brown is warm and inviting.

That’s why (coupled with the smell of coffee, of course) so many coffee shops seem so cozy. Take a look around: you are going to see lots of brown!

However, too much brown, or too dark of a shade, can make a room feel small and closed in. To avoid this, choose a lighter shade of brown, or stick to only an accent wall for the darker shades.

You might want to pick colors like Sorrell Brown, Maplewood, Lake Shore Trail, Vero Beach Tan, or maybe even Cambridge Riverbed.

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