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Average Cost of Living in Kansas: An In-Depth Guide

“If only I had the money…” That’s something that even the most financially savvy of us say — right before giving up on something. Home buyers in Kansas don’t have to worry about crazy high home prices. That doesn’t mean the average cost of living in Kansas will work for every budget though, learn more.
“If only I had the money…” That’s something that even the most financially savvy of us say — right before giving up on something. Home buyers in Kansas don’t have to worry about crazy high home prices. That doesn’t mean the average cost of living in Kansas will work for every budget though, learn more.

If breathtaking views, famous barbeque, and a plethora of land to explore sounds like a dream, then you might just be ready to make the move to Kansas. The Midwest stalwart is known for its place in American history, great cuisine, and of course, tons of parks and hiking ground for the nature-lovers.

What isn’t common knowledge is the cost of living in the state of Kansas. Before you get your heart set on moving to the Sunflower State, you’ll have to check your bank account and budget against the average cost of living.

If you want to crunch to numbers and figure out if your wallet is ready to make the move to Kansas, talking to an experienced real estate agent can help to answer your questions. They can also help to make the move more affordable by finding you homes that fit your budget.

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Here’s all you need to know about the average cost of living in Kansas.

Typical Home Prices in Kansas in 2019

Home buyers in the Sunflower State don’t need to worry about paying exorbitant home prices. According to July 2019 data from Zillow, the median sale price of homes listed in Kansas is $199,900, which is a full $94,000 less than the national median.

However, the trade-off is that the median value of homes listed in Kansas is $140,400, which is significantly lower than the median $227,700 across the country. The good news is that home values have risen by 4.3% in the last 12 months and are expected to rise another 1.8% in the next year. If the positive trend continues, home buyers can expect great resale value.

Home prices differ throughout the state, some Kansas neighborhoods have homes that are significantly more expensive than the median throughout the state. For example, a home in Leawood, Kansas, which prides itself as the safest city in the state, will cost you $575,000, the median cost of the city.

Topeka, Kansas, the state capital, features homes with a median value of $112,200. The median price of homes listed in the city is $139,000, which is lower than most of the state.

If you are looking for a bargain on your dream home, search during the months of February and March. Homes in this region sell for less around this time. This reflects national trends and seasonal fluctuations.

How Much Are Kansas Property Taxes?

Sure, no one actually wants to pay real estate taxes, but they’re a natural part of life, which is saying something about their longevity. While homeowners in Kansas enjoy home prices that are lower than the national median, they are tasked with paying the 15th highest tax rate in the country.

July 2019 data from SmartAsset reveals that property taxes in the state of Kansas are relatively low. The average homeowner in Kansas pays around $1,890 in property taxes yearly. The tax rates throughout the state sits at 1.4%. Using the median home value of Kansas of $140,400, a homeowner would be required to pay $1,965 in property taxes annually.

As the home value rises, so does the tax rate.

For example, in Leawood, homeowners would pay significantly more in property taxes, over $5,000 more. The tax rate in Johnson County is 1.28%, which is lower than the state average. If for any reason, a homeowner is unable to pay their property taxes for over 3 years, their home would be subject to tax auction.

Average Homeowners Insurance in Kansas

Homeowners insurance can be a great investment for new homeowners. If you’ve ever had a minor fender-bender, you know the value of insurance coverage. Unexpected expenses, liability for other’s injuries, and helping to pay for the costs of repairs — homeowners insurance can take care of it all.

According to data from, the annual cost of homeowners insurance in Kansas is $1,939. This rate is $711 higher than the national average. Insurance providers charge higher rates because of the state’s proclivity to extreme weather.

Severe thunderstorms, hail, flash flooding, and tornadoes are all common occurrences in Kansas. If you want to offset the cost of paying for any damage from inclement weather, homeowners insurance is a must.

However, it's always a good idea to read the fine print of your insurance policy. Even if you believe that you are fully covered for certain damage to your home because of extreme weather this may not always be the case. You may need to purchase additional and separate homeowners insurance coverage in the event of extreme weather.

Common Home Maintenance and Repair Costs in Kansas

Every homeowner bears the responsibility of ensuring that their home is properly maintained and cared for. Not only will this prevent premature repairs needing to be done on the home, but it also saves the homeowner significant money and headaches in the future.

As Kansas frequently experiences warm and wet weather, it's imperative that a homeowner checks to ensure that their drainage system is working properly.

In addition to annual sump pump maintenance, homeowners will need to keep an eye out for any pooled up rainwater in areas outside of their home. Large stagnant puddles of water on grass or dirt after rain, indicate drainage problems which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

With the state's cool winters and hot summers, HVAC maintenance is also crucial. An annual check-up and cleaning will prevent some problems associated with an unmaintained system. If the HVAC system is compromised, homeowners can expect to pay around $163 - $541 to get it fixed, according to data from HomeAdvisor.

Other Costs of Living in Kansas to Consider

One of the best things that Kansas has to offer is a vast expanse of national parks and outdoor recreation activities such as hiking or swimming. The major cost associated with these activities is transportation. Kansans will likely have to shell out money for the cost of a car its annual maintenance, repairs, gas, and insurance.

However, these costs are avoidable if you live in one of Kansas' major cities like Topeka. Utilizing the public transit system or biking or walking can save you thousands in transportation costs annually.

Entertainment costs can also add up. Whether you sample some of the state's famous barbecue or visit one of its museums, you’ll find your entertainment budget adding up quickly.

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