2019 Government Shutdown Impact Report

The longest government shutdown in history may be over, but for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who were caught in the crossfire, the fallout is ongoing — and severe. It’s been more than two weeks since U.S. lawmakers reached a temporar

Everything You Need to Know About Low-Income Home Loans

In the current real estate market, affording a home on a low income can seem impossible. With most lenders wanting 20% down payments, it's tough. Finding the right loan program is critical to getting your new home. There are several low-income hom

What Is a Zero-Down Mortgage and When Is It a Good Idea?

Looking to buy that first home? For millennials and first-time home buyers alike, coming up with the down payment can be a huge hurdle to overcome. It can make the difference in whether you buy now or have to wait. The good news is that there are

What to Know Before Buying a House — 5 Pro Tips

Starting the long and complicated process of buying a house can be scary. Taking the time to learn what's involved and get prepared can make all the difference. Here are five things every buyer should know before buying a home. 1. Get Your Finances

What’s the Best Way to Sell a House Online in 2019?

The days of flyers in mailboxes and placing ads in a newspaper to sell your home are long gone. Marketing your home online is now non-negotiable. Over 90% of home buyers have searched online when buying their home. Having your home showcased onlin

Top 5 Divorce and Homeownership Questions

Surveys cite financial and legal complications as one of the top reasons why unhappy couples stay together. The paperwork, arguments, and fights that come with splitting assets can be enough to convince you to stick things out. But if you have had en

Buying a Home With Retirement Savings (2019 Edition)

When you look at what it takes to buy a house, you may be comfortable with taking out a mortgage. A $200,000 30-year mortgage at 4.59% will take out just over $1,000 each month. These payments seem reasonable...until you remember that you have to cou

How to Make Moving Into a New House EASY (2019 Edition)

Moving into a new house? It doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Here are our top tips for making your move almost too easy: Moving into a New House: Get Organized The very first thing you can do to make moving into a new house easy is to get org

Should You Buy A House or Save for Retirement? (2019 Edition)

Maybe you’ve just had a big birthday or hit a milestone in your life. Maybe your parents are asking you what you’re doing with you money. Or you just came into a lot of money from an inheritance. Either way, there comes a point in everyone’s li

First Time Home Buyer? Use This Checklist

Has the time finally come for you to start looking for your first home? As a first-time homebuyer, there’s so much excitement and anticipation in finding that perfect place to call home. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2