Retirement Crisis in America: Baby Boomer Savings Come Up Short

Retirement has always been part of the American Dream – after years of hard work, everyone deserves to kick up their feet and enjoy the golden years. Unfortunately, retirement ain't cheap. On average, adults 65 and older spend between $36,000 a

Homeownership Delayed: Unforeseen Consequences of Rising Student Debt

Graduate. Get a job. Buy a home. Start a family. For decades, that was the commonly accepted progression of life for young American. But in recent years, a new financial hurdle has forced young people to adapt their life plan: student debt.

Top 20 Cities for Young Home Buyers: Introducing the Millennial Metric

As millennials gain more buying power, homeownership is becoming a top priority – in fact, 84% of millennials believe owning a home is part of the "American Dream." Millennial home buyers are becoming the driving force in the residential rea

Reality Check: Exploring Unrealistic Undergraduate Salary Expectations

It’s that time of year: graduation caps are flying high and optimistic twenty-somethings are entering the workforce, ready to take on living the “real world.” Unfortunately, it seems the next generation of college graduates might be in

Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Maine

Building a custom home is an increasingly popular aspiration for both renters and homeowners in Maine. However, before you can build, don’t forget to plan out a basic budget for purchasing land, constructing a home, and/or demolishing existing stru

Airbnb’s Impact on the Hotel Industry: Insights From 1000 Travelers Who Use Both

More than two million people[1] stay in an Airbnb every night, making it a disruptive force in the travel industry that can’t be ignored. What started out as two roommates trying to earn some extra cash to pay their high, San Francisco rent has

Millennial Homeowners: More Renovations, More Debt, More Stress

Homeownership is like a fine wine — it tends to get better with age. We recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. homeowners and discovered that, generally speaking, the vast majority feel good about owning their homes. Most respondents reported a s

The True Cost of Homeownership: Expectation vs. Reality

While many rent vs. buy calculators give a brief overview of costs, most don’t consider all of the monthly expenses involved in purchasing a home. From repairs and renovations to HOA fees and landscaping, a true cost analysis of homeownership s

New Study: Marketing to Millennials in 2019

Ah, the elusive millennial. Hailed as the killers of countless, well-established companies – from Applebee’s to napkin manufacturers – marketers just can’t seem to figure this generation out. They're highly opinionated, tech-savvy,

A Better Alternative to We Buy Houses for Cash in Nebraska

If you currently have a requirement to sell your Nebraska house in the quickest time possible, you might be considering options outside of the traditional real estate agent space. One such option that you might have come across is the “We Buy House