4 Property Investing Secrets from Self-Made Real Estate Moguls

There are stories galore of self-made millionaires in real estate — ambitious individuals scrabbling together cash for their first property, working hard, hustling, staying sharp, and winding up with an expansive portfolio of properties and persona

Home Down Payment Calculator: How Much Should You Put Down?

When buying a house, your down payment is the money you pay directly to a seller to lock in the deal. And unless you’re paying cash in full — i.e., a down payment of 100% — the rest of the sales price will be covered by a mortgage lender. Be

Property Investment Advice from a Millennial Real Estate Mogul

You’ve heard all about the benefits of being a real estate mogul — how you can start from nothing, build your way up to a profitable portfolio, and generate passive wealth in order to achieve financial freedom. Now you want to break into the game

Here’s How to Buy a Home With Student Loan Debt

You’re not alone if student loans are weighing down your ability to qualify for a mortgage and buy your first home. Americans carry more student loan debt than they do credit card debt — more than $1.5 trillion of it. That’s a significant bu

How To Get a New Home Equity Loan for Your Property

If you’re a homeowner, a significant portion of your wealth is in the form of home equity — how much of your home’s value you own. If you want to access that value, your options are fairly limited. You can sell your house, seek a cash-out refin

Investing in Property Abroad: Is It a Good Idea?

The world of real estate is as big as the world itself, and the strategies and opportunities available to investors is endless. For those with ambition and a willingness to step outside their comfort zone, investing in properties abroad can be an

Is Investing in a Vacation Rental Property a Good Idea?

You’ve probably heard the arguments in favor of real estate investments: property is a tangible asset with inherent value, prone to significant appreciation, and a great way to generate passive income. And if you rent, your tenants will cover your

Is Buying a House an “Investment?” It’s Complicated

Simply speaking, an investment means putting money or capital down now in order to generate profit or income later. Stocks are investments because you buy them now, receive dividends, and sell them later when their price has gone up. Bonds are inv

The 3 Best Ways to Invest Money When You’re Young

One of the most powerful tools for investors is time: time to allow interest to compound, time to allow market peaks and valleys to balance out, and time to allow recovery when making higher-risk, higher-reward investments. When you’re young you

The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Hawaii

Originally settled by canoeing Polynesians around 400 C.E., Hawaii was granted U.S. statehood in 1959. This makes it not only the most recent star on the flag but the only American state located outside North America. The Aloha State — aloha bei