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Atlanta Flat-Fee Realtors (An In-Depth Guide to Your Options)

If you’re planning on selling your home in Atlanta you’ll want to know how you can get the best sales price while saving money on realtor fees. In this guide we’re looking at flat-fee realtors in Atlanta, the services that they offer, and the pros and cons of each one.
Atlanta Flat-Fee Realtors (An In-Depth Guide to Your Options)

The Atlanta real estate market is heating up. According to Zillow data, the average home value increased by 5.2% over the past year alone. If you're thinking about selling your home, but want to net the highest profit possible, consider using a flat-fee realtor to list it.

Flat-fee realtors can save homeowners thousands on realtor fees, while still receiving support and guidance from professional real estate agents.

But not every flat-fee realtor offers the same level of service, or the same amount in savings, so it's crucial sellers do their homework and find the best fit for them.

Reach out for a free, no-obligations consultation about the best way to save money on commissions while selling your Atlanta home.

To help you make your decision, here's your guide to flat-fee realtors and their pros and cons for sellers.

What are flat-fee realtors?

Flat fee real estate agents charge a one-off, flat fee to list your home. Even if your home eventually sells for more than your asking price, the amount you pay will stay the same.

You'll still have to pay a buyer's agent commission, but saving money on your listing agent can help you walk away with more money.

Just know that flat-fee realtors might limit the services they offer sellers; always do your research to ensure you know exactly what support you'll get for your money.

Flat-Fee MLS Options in Atlanta

Flat-fee MLS options are one of the most basic flat-fee real estate services that sellers can use. Cost effective and simple, flat-fee MLS options can be useful for confident sellers who have a good grasp of their local real estate market and a working knowledge of the sales transaction.

How Flat-Fee MLS Works

Flat-fee MLS companies list your home on your local MLS for a set amount of time and a one-off fee. Typically this is anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars, and the service doesn't include much additional sales support.

There are some flat-fee MLS companies that also offer additional services, however, this varies widely depending on the business model and cost. It is also worth noting that most flat-fee MLS companies require payment upfront, whether your home sells or not.

Flat-fee MLS companies are a good option for homeowners who wish to sell their home For Sale By Owner, and who are prepared to handle all of the marketing, showings, negotiations and contracts themselves.


  • Cheaper than traditional, full-service real estate agents
  • Available in most markets


  • Little professional support
  • Sellers pay whether your home sells or not

Flat-Fee Realtors in Atlanta

Flat-fee realtors are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to sell their home, and save money while doing so. Rather than charging sellers a percentage like traditional realtors, flat-fee realtors charge a one-off fee, ensuring that sellers know exactly how much commission they have to pay on closing day.

Flat-fee realtors offer a more personalized and in-depth service than flat-fee MLS services. Where flat-fee MLS services typically list your home on the local MLS only, flat-fee realtors provide many, if not all, of the services you would expect from a traditional real estate agent.

It's important to note that not all flat-fee realtors offer the same level as service, so be sure to ask questions about what services your agent will provide.

Here is a list of flat-fee realtor options in Atlanta:


Redefy is an online-based real estate company that offers sellers discount listing services in various regions across the U.S. When you list with Redefy, they team you up with an in-house agent who acts as your point of contact and support throughout the sales transaction.

Redefy charges a flat-fee of $3,500 (with $500 due upfront) for homes under $1 million. You can also pay $2,500 all upfront, but it's not refundable if your home fails to sell. If your home is over $1 million, you pay 1% of the total sales price.

If you choose to list with Redefy, you can expect all of the services you would receive from a traditional real estate agent, including an in-home pricing consultation, professional photography, marketing, a yard sign, a lock box, and coordinating with buyers. The only service they don't provide is an open house.

How Redefy Works

If you're considering listing your home with Redefy you can start the process by filling out a request form on their website. Redefy will then send one of their in-house agents to visit your home and provide a Comparative Market Analysis to help you decide on your list price.

Once your list price has been determined, your Redefy agent will organize professional photography of your home, have yard signs and lock boxes installed, and begin syndication of your listing to the MLS and other real estate websites. They will also liaise with potential buyers and handle any negotiations.


  • Cheaper than a traditional 6% real estate commission
  • Full-service experience from a licensed real estate professional


  • Redefy does not currently operate in all markets in the U.S. and you must contact them directly to find out if they cover your location
  • Redefy agents do not hold open-houses


Xome is a Dallas based flat-fee real estate company that offers homeowners the opportunity to sell their home for a one-off fee of $599 and 0% realtor commission. As of September 2019, they are currently waving their listing fee for sellers.

Xome connects sellers to a local Xome Partner Agent who handles the sales transaction for them.

How Xome Works

If you decide to list your home with Xome, your local Xome Agent will organize professional photos of your home, and also talk you through the local real estate market and give guidance on your optimal list price. They will also provide professional signage, a lockbox, MLS listing, and manage any showings with potential buyers.

Homeowners who sell with Xome will also have their property featured on the Xome Offer Marketplace, an auction site buyers must pay to enter.


  • Cheaper alternative to traditional real estate agents
  • Seller receive a full-service experience with support throughout the process


  • Sellers have little say in who their designated agent is
  • Buyers have to pay a fee to bid on Xome's auction site or they have to pay their agent's commission, which could deter some people

Clever Real Estate

Clever Real Estate partners sellers with full-service real estate agents from some of the top brokerages in the U.S., including Keller Williams and RE/MAX. These top-performing real estate professionals have agreed to work for a low flat-fee commission, so sellers don't have to worry about negotiating fees.

Sellers pay a flat-fee commission of $3,000, or 1% if your homes value is over $350,000.

How Clever Works

Clever partners with agents who provide sellers with all of the same benefits as a traditional realtor would. From strategically advising sellers on their list price to marketing andnegotiating with potential buyers, the Clever Partner Agent handles all aspects of the sales transaction.


  • Low-commission, full-service agents
  • Clever only partners with top-performing agents from some of the countries leading brokerages, ensuring any agent they work with is highly vetted and experienced.
  • Sellers can interview as many realtors as it takes for them to find the perfect fit for their situation

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FAQs About Flat-Fee Realtors in Atlanta

Can I put my house on MLS without a realtor?

Only licensed real estate agents and real estate brokerages have access to the MLS. However, there are flat-fee MLS listing services that will enter your home into the MLS for a one-off fee.

If you choose to use a service like this, you will be required to pick your list price, provide photography of your home, and handle all buyer inquiries.

How can I lower my realtor commission?

Negotiating with your realtor is one way to lower your realtor commission. If you don't want the hassle of negotiating, you should consider working with a flat-fee realtor who offers real estate services for a reduced commission.

Do flat-fee MLS listings work?

Yes, for some people. However, the success of your flat-fee MLS listing depends on how well you have priced your property for the current market, how effective your property description is, and whether the images of your home market it well.

It is crucial to remember that when listing your home on the MLS, you should still offer a buyer's agent commission to encourage real estate agents to show your home.

Do you need an MLS to sell your home?

Homes are frequently sold without the use of the MLS. However the MLS is the most comprehensive database of real-time real estate inventory, so if you want the best chance of exposing your home to as many buyers as possible, it's an important piece of the puzzle.


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